Sunday, October 29, 2006

selamat hari raya..

a very long break since i've started working..finally can breathe again..spent the whole break at 1st thinking off going back to sungai bakap but then we have to consider about our cats (sporty+gucci+polo+chibi+savvy+leo+shine)soo..tak jd lee balik kg..nway i'm much more prefer to raya at my own home (can eat+watch tv+sleep the whole day)..cakap pasal makan..agak bersusun menu..from 1st day raya to the 5th raya..1st(ketupat pulut+ketupat nasi+rendang ayam), 2nd(bihun sup tulang, my fave!), 3rd(mee rebus), 4th(laksa), 5th(nasi ayam+bihun goreng) relatives plak..pandai susun hari nak dtg umah..sume mcm take turns dtg umah..hahah..nway..tahun nie buat kuih cornflakes crunchy je..for my mum, my lil sis n lil bro je..choc cake? the rest kuih tunjuk..

dikesempatan nie..tuan punye blog nak mengucapkan "salam aidilfitri & maaf zahir batin"

p/s: tadeklaa enjoy sgt..bcoz job b4 raye tak siap lagi..makanye asik terpk kan bile nak siap..

Thursday, October 26, 2006

b4 raya...

few things that happened b4 raya...

1.Buka puasa@royal selangor golf club (office)
-the same day that i bought the new hp, the food was quite nice, but the place was great.

2.Buka puasa@the hawker(lot10)
-went out for 2nd round of shopping wif dad+auntie+lil sis n bro(this time memborong at the body shop plak),as i always love eating at the food court, i would say, not bad laa (got myself a sizzling mee..yummy)

3.Buka puasa@maju junction
-got a hair job done at derek's(wash+blow+cut), bought pearl earrings, last round of shopping (mahfuz jeans n shirt onli)and ate lamb chop there (very small portion though)

4.Buka puasa@little penang cafe(klcc)
-small gath wif my uni frens, the rojak was good but the char kuew teow was a bit dry (i miss taman maju char kuew teow!)n then lepaking at the burger king chit chatting..

5. Buka puasa@Saloma Theater
-RM50 per person, the food was just nice but lack of variety, sumhow really enjoyed myself coz get to hang out wif family..:p at pasar borong selayang..
-nothing much to comment..but again..i hate to go the wet market..its crowded and i always getting hard time to decide which good or not..miahahhaa..

p/s: finally i had successfully made a kelonsong for ketupat nasi..kihkihkih

Sunday, October 08, 2006

new member to my stuff..

last friday..while waiting for my frens to pick me up at the kl sentral b4 going to our office for buka puasa function..i managed to buy a new hp for cut long story is my new baby:

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