Friday, September 22, 2006

lesson learnt..

what a bad day I had yesterday..sampai balik umah..i was too tired to watch my fave show "Las Vegas" and slept very early that day..let summarized what i've been through yesterday:

1. Witnessed to a ragut-tak-jadi scene..the main reason why the thief managed to snatch the notebook was lack of awareness..
Lesson learnt: Ladies n gentleman..before heading to ur car or motors..or wherever you want to go..always look around and be concious..once you reach ur destination, ie; car, straight away get into the car and lock the door.Once again..never ever leave your notebook or electronic device unattended.

2. Waited for the 21C bus for almost 1and1/2hrs (tp bile dah sampai tak naik pun sbb penuh..ended up naik feeder bus yg dah dtg 3 kali)
Lesson learnt: next time..when the feeder bus come just get on the bus..

3. Talked to a stranger (who try to flirt with u)who looks like a malay but sounded like non local(nie kes dah bosan tggu dlm bas sbb jam)
Lesson learnt: bile org tanye sepatah ..jawab sepatah je..jgn nak memanjang2kan plak..

4. In the lrt, saw ppl wearing exactly the same blouse as i am..
Lesson learnt: Always bring a cardigan or jacket or sweater..very useful bile jd that boleh pakai straight away..n nobody will realize it..

5. Break fast in the bus..
Lesson learnt: ganti posa awal2..

Monday, September 18, 2006

membeli belah di hujung minggu ~

damn tired this morning..mane taknye..last class from 9.30 am till 4.30 pm..n then from the tuition place..straight away to got a warehouse clearance sale there..only for sogocard holder jek..bought one blouse+pants+shirt+baju kurung at rm120..tapau nandos for org kecik tp makan byk kat umah was usual..n upon reached home..gile penat..makan a bit n then sleep..

pastu yesterday..went out to meet my dad+auntie(stepmom)+n adik2 tiri..from maju junction..naik monorel to bukit bintang..n sambung shopping sane..had lunch at destination..ampang point..sambung shopping lg kat situ..before we went to KLCC (fuhh...our last destination)shopping skit2 n had dinner at a& mum as usual marah2 bile kitorg sampai umah..not her fault then..but still terasa the end of the day..i got for myself > a pearl necklace+two handbags+a shoe for office+a sandal for jalan2+a blouse + jlo glow lotion..:)

Friday, September 15, 2006

korean drama series 04

My giRL - currently is aired at 8tv..the storyline lebih kurang the kim sam soon and full house..the hero hiring the heroin to be his order to fulfill his granpa's wish of seeing his grandchild..itu je leh cakap..if i continue with the rest..soo it would be a spoiler rite? overall..4 out of 5 star..lee da hae (green rose & sweet 18) looks very cute eventhough sumtimes her acting wasnt real enough in sum of the scene..the hero? hahah..agak sgt hensem gak laaa..:p try to check it out at 8tv 8.30 pm..

p/s: i'd already watched the whole series..can promise u the ending is quite good laaa..n now cant wait for Princess Hours to be aired at 8tv!

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