Thursday, December 23, 2004

cuti lg..

hoeee...apekah..dah dekat 3 minggu aku bercuti..akhirnyaa dpt aku online balik..heheh..mmg rindu gile kat blog ku..alkisahnye..bil tepon mencecah 1500..salah sape?? salah org yg tak paham ape kegunaan tepon..n org yg tak reti nak gune be much more's aput's fault..gosh...bilelaa die nak berubah...rasanye ngan hal2 die je..dah boleh buat my mom susah nak bayar skaligus..bayar skit2..n mum dah setelkan sume..whoaa..seronok rasanyee..kalo dulu..tak senang duduk sbb tak dpt gune tepon..but la nie..dah jd len..rase tak keruan takleh online..miahhahah..

anyway..for that 3 i couldn't blogging decided to do it on ade wat proses pemindahan tomorrow..sumenye setel..n leh konsentret kat fyp pulak..

p/s: rindu tu ape??

Monday, December 13, 2004

selamat pagi kuala lumpur

i spent my morning at fren tak bape biasa ngan aku rasa cam perlu utk teman die dr umah sampai lrt bandaraya..woke up at 6.30 p.m..mandi dgn air yg sgt 7.30..kitorg dah dlm metro bus..8.15..kami sampai kat kl..hurm..dah lame tak rasa cam nie..hehe..since my internship end..:p

feeling a lil bit dizzy..(dah biasa tido balik after subuh prayer..) + asap2 yg berkeliaran kat ruang atmosfera kl nie..n later after drawing some maps..n explain to her 'how to get to my home from kl'..aku terus gi bus stand..bought a newspaper..n bace sambil tunggu bas 55D yg mcm haram pagi ni..arrghh..dekat sejam aku menunggu bas tu..geram betul laaaaa...sampai je umah..aku tertido..seb baik my mum mak yg prepare lunch ari nie..petang td..i was worried that my fren tak sangka of the participant happened to stay sumwhere near to my die tumpangkan Nor sampai kat depan umah petang td..fuhh..alhamdulillah..Allah dah permudahkan hariku..

p/s: hurmm..expect the unexpected??

Sunday, December 12, 2004

after 9 years..

a brand new day with very tight schedule..mum is the Staff-On-Duty today..meaning she will be working from 3pm to 11pm. As i've been invited to attend a kenduri at bukit botak..selayang mum is relieved coz she dun have to prepare lunch for us..nway..i met my ex classmate today..Edham..kawan satu kelas since i was in standard one untill standard six..kalo tak silaplaa..bile dah jumpe ngan die..teringat kisah2 masa kat sek rendah dulu..he used to be one of my 'enemy' masa kat kelas..ske sakat n cari gaduh ngan aku..tah pape tah..sumtimes sampai aku menangis..after 9 i asking it first..he told me..the reason why he loved to make me cry.."aku ske tgk ko nangis..comel"..whoa..ade jugak org camtu..

nway..camne kitorg leh jumpe? kenduri that i been mentioned earlier..actually kenduri abg die..hurm..though rase cam malas nak kuar..n my sis die tak ske pakai baju kurung naik memandangkan org dah willing nak dtg amik depan umah..kuar juga kami akhirnya..pas kenduri..Edham belanje sis..mawar, n dua org lg kawan die minum kat BBS..if i wasn't in rush that evening..(i was supposed to pick up my fren at SOGO)..sure dpt konsentret borak2 ngan diorg..after sending my sis home..i rushed to kl..not by bus..but by cab..arrived at kl at 6.05 p.m and pas dah jumpe my fren..we took a quick dinner at the maju junction food court..later tapau some pastry..and two slices of cake at Secret Recipe..actually..nak lepak lame skit..but both of us mmg dah serender..penat gile..n kami agak tak bernasib baik td..sbb ramai pulak org queue tunggu cab..adelah dlm 20 minit menunggu..baru dpt teksi..whoaa..penatnyee saya ari nie..tido dulu..chow..

p/s: how can u smile..when i'm crying ?

Friday, December 10, 2004


it's been a week..but it seems like a month had past..Aiya, how i'm gonna survive for another 6 weeks..dgn keadaan kewangan yg tak stabil skang..+ most of my fren still struggling with their internship..the least that i can reading all the malay novels..hahah..till today dah abiskan about 10 titles..among the novels are: Nota Hati Luka n Ombak Rindu..layan jiwangg..:P

sumhow..i was very glad that sumone had kept his promise by calling me a few hours before his flight..actually..lately..he was too bz with his preparation for his first trip to oversea..n eventually..i felt like being ignored for a while(hahahah..patut ke tak patut?) ..

the rest of the day..i spent by doing small gotong royong kat n fren will be staying at my home next week..katenye ade seminar kat kl..kepenatan dibuatnye after that gotong royong..almaklumlah..i had to do all by myself..however..puas rasanya sbb buat keja sendri..else sure byk yang tak kena..a lil bit fussy about this..heheh..

p/s: 'Not all promises are meant to be broken'

Monday, December 06, 2004

lame lagi rupenye

Erm..baru ari ke 4 cuti..yet aku dah start berkira2..bilelaa cuti nak abis..lama laa plak rasanya..dahlaa lately I’ve been having nightmare..which causing me having hard time to get good sleep..might be sbb I kept thinking about the probability of failing the RAD paper..(mintak jauhlaaa)..hopefully..i managed to pass that for the moment..i don’t want to extend another sem..pk2 balik..if for the past 3 sem..i managed to maintain..sampai leh kejar my batch..(tukar kos..n for 3 sem berturut..taking 21 credit hrs) sure it means sumthing..

Nway..till today I haven’t decided on what should I do during this break..ape yg aku nampak biasalaa..jd part time surirumah..n tgk tv. Rasenye, by the end of this month, I’ll have my own “Semester-Break-Tv-Special”. Hahaha..currently being attached wif Perla..Mi Gorda Bella n Jewel In Palace.. body clock pun dah lari..mane taknye..though I slept by midnight..i hardly could close my eyes..n kat kul 3 pagi..baru tertido..bangun tuk subuh..n later..sambung tido sampai kul 10..rutin baru utk cuti sem ni..nvm laa..b4 balik utp nanti..try repair balik..:P

p/s: ‘don’t think how things work…but let things do all the thinking’

Thursday, December 02, 2004

saye dah pulang..

Today..the semester had officially ended. Yet for me..pelik pulak rasanya..sbb tadek rasa nak balik umah pun. Sumhow, I was very glad that for this time..packing seemed like the easiest thing ever. Hahaha..belaja dr pengalaman..n my ex rumet..barang pun tak byk mana..tu yg cepat aje kemas. Nway, my dad n auntie who were supposed to pick me up at 11 a.m..arrived 1 hour later, which is when I had agreed to have lunch wif my fren. Nasib baik, auntie managed to handle my my dad bertegas nak balik long I can meet my fren b4 the break start. Papepun..the quick lunch goin on well except for the food..tak sedap..huhu..

Alhamdulillah..dekat kul 4 aku selamat sampai kat umah..i decided not to unpack my things except for my computer..coz..i’ve been thinking of going back to utp 3-4 weeks earlier b4 the final sem start..heheh..hopefully..this break..would be much more better than the last sem..

p/s: “Do not plan..just keep prepare..”

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

lesson learnt exam july 2004 dah setel..though merdeka yg tak sempurna>> the reason is..i managed to answer about 70 percent out of 100 ..for paper shud i do now?? tawakal target >>tanak fail..kalo fail..byk gile consequence die>>extend one more semester..cgpa drop..this could kill me...sumhow..hopefully my lecturer will help me..cuakknyeee...rase nak meraung..rite now..imbasan july 2004...episode 1

july 2004..prac setel..balik awal 4 ari..sbb baru tukar ngan blok ngan dak setel pape damage awal2..managed to setel internship final report on time..

august 2004..treasure hunt 2004..first time team ngan kabi n mas..overnight kat sgt memenatkan..first time dpt hadiah duit..thanx to mas..kabi n others yg tolong carikan jawapan..convofair 2004..held kat depan v4 je..ermm..the worst that i've ever had..tak cukup meriah banding ngan b4 this..hopefully next year lg best drp frens teruk sgt..hehe..artis jemputan>>KRU..tahun depan sape pulak??

september kali aku sambung..aku tk mandi agi..kang bapak aku sampai nak amik aku..seb baik dah pack barang..kaylaa UTP..kite jumpe januari 2005..

p/s: countdown to 22..34 days more...waaaa..cepatnyee masa berlalu..........