Thursday, February 19, 2009

LoVe song - Simply SunDay ft Lee Soo Young

>>will upload the song later. . .

How could it be like this?
The love reflecting in the mirror.

That would be me.
Even if I try to hold it in, laughter comes out.

You don't know do you? You probably wouldn't know.
Of the person that lingers around you.

Or that they hide like a child who might get caught
and watch you for a long time.

That's right. You've come to me now, right?
This shaking, it's love right?

When the wind blows, all I can smell is your fragrance.
and I, like a fool, just stand in that place.

Lately, there's a person that lingers around me
and hides.

When I come home and think of that person
I try to hold it in but laugther comes out.

That's right. You've come to me now right?
This shaking, it's love right?

The wind blows and everything is my own scent.
I hope that you will tell me that you love me.

That's right. I've got to tell you now.
That I'm going to protect you.

That I hope that that person would
fill the place that's been empty for so long.
That you'd recognize me.

Love makes the whole world smile.

Please tell me today.

My steps that I take to go and give my love, are
entering that person's heart.

I pray that the world will be filled with our song

terkunci di umah sendri. . .

kejadiaan berlaku pagi td. since i've been robbed, my mum had changed the whole set of the keys. so we're using new padlock. she insist on using a special padlock formore security. then it turned out that the padlock jam when we're trying to unlock it this morning. so as we're already late, we had no choice to go out through the master bedroom window.hahaha..mcm pencuri kan?? soo..i told my mum to buy another solex je..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Muslim Travel Package to Korea

I'm looking for anybody who interested in joining the trip to korea (either in spring 2010/autumn 2010) this trip is under muslim package and will be handled by a reliable travel agent. (my sis MIL) . the range price is around rm3900 to RM4000++ (depends on the air ticket and other costs). the muslim package is a bit pricey as the halal food at korean are a bit pricey too (as there were not so many restaurant served halal food unlike China). This is 6d 4n trip. soo anybody who want to join can start ur saving from now. nway here is the highlight of the itenary:

1st day: everland theme park/yangju theme park (jewel in the palace)
2nd day: nami island/winter sonata scene/seoul
3rd day: seoul: local attractions
4th day: shopping tour
5th day: free leisure

for more can email me at

geng jom

this morning ajak a fren to watch the local animation 'geng' after office hour. but he's unavailable. anybody yg free? teman aku tgk cite tu? kat kul 6.45pm..kalo tadek..i dun mind watching it tgk ramai2 lg seronok..betul tak? (betul3 << tiru gaya upin ipin)

p/s: yey dah ade geng..sooo..mari menyapot animation malaysia..tak sabar nak tgk upin ipin..:p

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

musim kawin dtg lagi!!

last week, i received a wedding invitation from my ex-colleagues. it will be sumwhere in march. rite now, i had been informally invited to another 2 weddings. the first one in march@teluk intan while the other one in april@park royal. my besfren since high school, fidah will be tying the knot in july(and guess what..i'll be the bridesmaid!). seems like i have to start another tabung >> "tabung hadiah n baju for kenduri". ade sape2 lg nak kawin?? might as well put ur name that i leh budget beli hadiah utk u all too..:p

i'm overwhelmed..

yesterday, i received a phone call from a bank mentioning that i've been selected as the winner for a contest. the prize is cash rebate. dunno whether this is a scam (no worries..i didnt give my ic/bankcard/bank a/c or any related info to them) or not. but i did entered in the contest. just wait n see. n this morning i found out that i'd passed my exam. heheh..marginal pass though..but i'm soo grateful to Allah for giving me all of this. hopefully there will be more good things to come in the future..amin!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

what's wrong?

what's wrong with me for being:

- a bit overweight?
- have shorter tounge?

hurm..frankly speaking..nak buat lawak pun ade hadnye..esp kalo dah lame tak jumpe is there such need to make such joke to me..yes i'm a sensitive gal..n i love the way i am now..