Friday, January 30, 2009

Featured song. .

i'm getting ready for another round of karaoke session with my bro-in-law+ sis and mum..nway..there is no title for the i want u all to guess the title itself..enjoy!

pai le huai le zou le cuo
le ku le dong le lei le juan le kun le
fan de luan de meng de dou shi zhen de

* feng de xiang de nian de bu an
de jiao luu de fu zao de meng guo de
yong yuan de shi qu de zen mo wang ne /

ni zuo guo de sha fa
kun le ni ai de yin yue
ting le wo deng zhe
ni deng cheng le ai shang

wo de ni de ta de hao de huai
de nan de hui de lan de huang de suan
de tian de ku de dou huan ji de

fei chang xiang yao wang de jue
dui bu neng wang de
wo xiang yao huan ni le zhen de
bu xiang yao le zhi de fang le

huan dao de huo che
zai zhe wo di ji tian le
hu ran fa xian zhe yi ke
wo bu xiang ni le

** wo de kuai le hui hui lai de
zhi yao qing chu ceng ai de na mo shen ke
bu zhun wen zhi bu zhi de
wo de kuai le hui hui lai de
li kai bu shi shei gei le shei de xuan ze //

(Repeat **)

wo de kuai le hui hui lai de
zhi yao qing chu ceng ai de na mo shen ke
bu zhun wen zhi de bu zhi de
wo de kuai le hui hui lai de
li kai bu shi ni gei le wo de xuan ze

(Repeat *)

fei chang xiang yao wang de jue
dui bu neng wang de
wo xiang yao huan ni le zhen de
bu xiang yao le zhi de zhi de feng le
feng le

the translation:

I’ve loved, I’ve been broken, I’ve walked
I’ve been wrong, I’ve cried, I’ve hurt, I’ve been tired, I’ve cried
All these agitation, confusion and loneliness were real

I’ve gone mad, I’ve longed for, I’ve been insecure, I’ve been anxious
I’ve been blundered, I’ve dreamed, I’ve owned, I’ve lost
How am I to forget?

The couch you once sat on has closed its eyes
The music you loved to hear has stopped
I’ve waited for you ‘till I’ve lost myself

Mine, yours, hers, the good, the bad, the difficult times,
I’ve been disheartened, I’ve gone through the sorrow, I’ve had my golden days
All the aches, the sweetness, the bitterness
Still clear in my mind

The things I really wanted to forget were absolutely unforgettable
I wish to start anew; I really no longer yearn for you
I must close this chapter

The train to Jade Island has carried me for so many days now
Suddenly I’ve realized at this moment, I no longer think of you

My happiness will return
So long as I understand how profound our love was
I will not seek to wonder if it was worthy or unworthy

My happiness will return
Leaving was not a matter of one giving a choice to another

I’ve gone mad, I’ve longed for, I’ve been insecure, I’ve been anxious
I’ve been blundered, I’ve dreamed, I’ve owned, I’ve lost
How am I to forget?

The things I really wanted to forget were absolutely unforgettable
I wish to start anew; I really no longer yearn for you
I must close this chapter

Must be closed…Must be forgotten…

Almost Vegetarian VermiCelli. . .


Cooking oil
Vermicelli (as usual, u had to pre cook this 1st in boiling water + a pinch of salt + a tablespoon of oil)
onion (diced)
garlic (chopped/blended)
tomato (diced)
prawn (optional)
pepper aka capsicum
dried chili
maggi cukup rasa (for seasoning)
cheese (optional)

Cooking instruction:
1. Stir fry the onion, garlic, pepper and dried chilies until it become brownish.
2. By using medium heat, add in prawns, corn, mushroom and tomatoes
3. Add in the maggi cukup rasa and oregano and mixed well
4. Finally throw in the broccoli and the vermicelli. Add cheese to enhance the flavour.

Selamat mencuba

the fateful day. . .

It must be that the snatchers had been aiming me for sometime. I was not really dressed up in fancy and expensive clothes, but I’m the kind of ppl who loves to well dress up b4 going out. Plus with the routine of leaving the house sharp at 8, shud be easier for them to target for me too. I don’t want to recall how it happened and how the culprit looks like. I lost my handbag, pendrive, purse and my precious hp. Mmg perit.but at least I learnt so many things from that (actually kalo dr awal dr amalkan..maybe leh dielakkan) Papehal pun. Few reminders for all of us:

- always keep ur hp and purse separately

- armed urself with the alarm or pepper spray or umbrella?

- avoid having a same routine everyday; use different route/ leave the house at different time

- avoid walking alone, but u have to always look around..esp. when there’s a motorbike or car approaching.

If things still happen. Don’t give much fight as the snatcher might bring along a parang or knife. The next thing to do is:

- Call the bank to freeze ur account.

- to report to the police (ensured that u had mentioned every single thing that is important to u; i.e, ic, atm card, student card)

- replace the ic (make sure u make a photocopy of the police report so that u wont be charged for the ic)

- replace atm card and credit card. Ask for advice if u’re in doubt whether u had taken adequate security measure.

- go to the nearest hp service provider to block ur phone. U can always use the same number again by applying for a new sim card.

bday celebration >> backdated entry

The main celebration was during the birthday itself. As usual, me+rina+azhar+mawar+ella+miru, but with tiny new addition >> fatin. Nway fatin being a bit naughty today. Asik nangis jek. This time around we had our treats at the Italliannies 1U. We ordered slightly more than we managed to eat, so I had to tapau back some of the barely touched leftovers. Hehe. Me n Mawar had the Milanese grilled chicken (grilled chicken meat topped with cherry tomatoes with spinach and cream sauce) and bowl of pasta(4 bowls of much smaller portion of different kind of pasta). Ella n Miru ordered the filet mignon (sebut dgn betul k) and also bowls of pasta. Rina and azhar ordered spageti meatballs and Caesar salads. Pastu makan laa kami sampai menyesal. (menyesal sbb order byk sgt) And b4 that ade sesi bg hadiah. Ella n Miru gave me a pair of brooch (baguslaa..sbb all this while I’ve been having difficulties on getting a nice brooch). Rina and azhar gave me one my bday wish list Anastasia Movie and Ost. Mawar plak, mengsponsor partial price for a tunic from the parkson (I really loved the tunic..up to today dh pakai 2 kali k). Outing harini tak lame sgt..sbb kesian kat mama n papa fatin. Lg being had overspent the money for trip to Melaka and others, tk terase nak stay lame2. hehe..thanx gals n guys for the great bday outing!

2nd celebration was at home with mum and bro and a bday cake. It turned out that I had totally forgotten about the cake part. Hehe, thanx mum! Blew out the candles and made a few important bday wishes. (Mom had gave me early bday presents> estee lauder make up set)

3rd celebration was at klcc with mum n sis, ana. Kebetulan on that day (10th jan) was her bday. So we had a really great time there. Had our lunch at little penang kafe and also shared another bday cake with lots lots of strawberry on top (if my trainer found out about this..abislaaa)

4th celebration was at the office. It had been a tradition. For sure one of the day akan ade surprise party. As for this month ade 3 org sambut bday, so the event took place sumwhere in the middle of jan. we had dominoes pizza and secret recipe strawberry choc cake.. mmg havoc. just imagine 3 org rebut nak tiup lilin and potong kek. Plus the cake was a challenge for us to cut it.sampai hancur kek tu dikerjakan kitorg.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

tq! tq!

tq for all the bday wishes + bday presents - make-up set + anastasia cd+ost + blouse + brooch + it! .. tp yg paling best adelah brunch@italiannies on my bday (with rina+azhar+fatin, mawar, ella+miru) sbb gambar tak release lagi..soo malas laa nak bercerite ade pending celebration with my family..coming soon this sat...kemudian2 saje dicompilekan segala cerite..:)
just a short bday wish list..maybe can assist u all..(hint!)

- a new handbag!
- a new shoes
- a usb tv card
- sony camera
- a dress that can be wear wif jeans
- shopping voucher
- fitness first membership
- him?

nie bday wish list brought forward to alhamdulillah..byk gak brg yg diwishkan berjaya dimiliki...hopefully leh dpt sume brg nie b4 year end..except the last item..tu cam susah sket..:P

Pre bday celebration - 3rd jan

Whereto: Alor gajah @ Melaka
Main objective: Attend Faris@ cheCkmate 's kenduri
Supplementary objectives: Checking out the Jonker's Street in baju kurung..hahahah

we all thought that from ayer keroh toll it would only took less than 30 minutes to reach his house..but eventually we only reached there 1 hr had been hujan renyai2 all the way..had our lunch at the kenduri and watch the 'havoc'ness of the photography session..Faris's mum was sooo sporting and cool..watching all their relatives berebut2 posing mmg priceless and a bit heartwarming too..from there..we headed to jonker street..and as usual as 1st timer..we got lost..but not for so long..we managed to find the place..take note on this..we reached there around 2.30 kot..we were really enjoying our jln2 at jonker's street till the extend..we singgah at most of the shop there except for the shop selling antiques(takut)..bought 2 sequin t-shirt for RM20+bought 2 cute lanyard for RM5+bought a slipper for RM5(pas jln for more than 2 hrs in heel, i really cannot take it anymore)..then..we had our tea break at hawker 88..sedapnyeeee ice kacang n cendol ade extra gula melaka for those who wanted to add more sweetness in their desserts..continue our jalan2 until 6.30 pm..wahhhhh..almost 4 hrs @ jonker street..
on the way back..drop by at masjid al-azim..cantik masjid nie..persekitaran pun sgt mengalu2kan jemaah..facility pun bagus..had our dinner at a&w (ikut bday girl punye wishes..tq gals!)..smpt last minute shopping at al-ikhsan..grabbed a reebok pink jersey @rm25..yeah..we really had a big blast pre bday celebration..tq mawar and shon!!

p/s 1: next time g mane2 bawak baju spare ok!
p/s 2: next trip to jonker street kena bawak duit lebih skit..
p/s 3: next trip kena gak beli printed blouse tu..tak kira!!
p/s 4: next trip..where to??

Last trip of 2008 - KL - Kulim - Penang - KL

Tourists: me(co-driver separuh jln)+amira(cik pemandu comel)+jamie (penumpang separuh jln)+berg(part time pemandu) p/s: arfah n beau + jamie's fren pun join tp kat kulim sana

Departure time : 26th Dec sumwhere around 11.30 ..(bajet kul pepaham jelaa..ade yg terkuar lmbt..ade yg kena jemput kat umah laa..ade mcm2 laaa)

R&R : Tapah..agak ramai org..almaklumlaa cuti panjang..but good thing is that..toilet byk n still in clean makann agak mahal laaa..

Arrival time: around 4.10 p.m@Kulim..cepat2 check in kat seri malaysia..(gara2 tersilap info..kitorg terketuk salah bilik..sib baik tadek org bukak)..siap2 ke...

1st Destination: nikah pn. sarah(yg dh sgt kurus drp dulu..nie nak kena mintak petua nie) n en. fariz@masjid yg berdekatan dgn umah die..skali lafaz..not mak aihhhh..photographernye lebih dr 10 org..berflash2 dkt masjid..sah2laa kami pun join bergamba

2nd destination: umah pn sarah..mkn petang..yummynye kuih seri muka n rojak n apam gula hangus..kalo awal skit sure dpt makan pulut panggang..heheh :p

3rd destination: malam tu..menuju ke pulau pinang..teringin nak tgk view pulau kala malam..sempat sesat ok! (bukan sesat..bersiar2 ditpt yg tak sepatutnya)..akhirnye pas puas pusing2..kami jumpe jambatan..sampai je..padang kota laaaa..mengadap sotong 2 rasa(2 rasa = 1 sotong basah ngan kangkung n petis , 1 sotong kering yg berbau kuat tu), kerang bakar, char kuew teow (tq mat lan!), and pasembur (tq berg!)..burp..alhamdulillah..rezeki murah..

4th destination: pasar mlm bt feringhi..agak jauh dr padang kota..kami jalan2 tgk beraneka barang murah+pirated..n i'm so happy sbb dh dpt brg yg dicari berbulan2..kul 12 lebih kot br balik hotel

5th destination: breakfast at mamak ape tah..boleh tahan nampak damai je makan kat situ..nway time nie..sume sibuk testing2 camera..sampai ade camera slmt makan dalca..seb baik berjaya diselamatkan..

6th destination: check out..all dressep up..took few pictures(bukti yg kitorg g kulim)..n headed to sarah's house..timing ok punye..pengantin in blue dah smp..tadek makan tu yg lame..then amik gamba..cheese!

7th destination: on the way back to kl..sggh solat kat rnr simpang pulai..makan ptg..pastu tapau jambu..

finally..we had safely reached estimated expenses (toll+petrol: RM83 + accomodation:RM37.50) cuti2 malaysia!


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

terkilan . . .

mmg betul..depan sume org ..aku leh deny yg aku tak walhalnye..aku mmg amik peduli..dah 2 hari pas my mmg langsung tak wish satu ape pun..di kala aku rase happy sambut bday dgn still ade rase sedih bcoz of him..hurm..nak buat camne kan? benda dah jadi kelam kabut camnie..dah tak terpk camne nak rectify lagi...