Thursday, December 28, 2006

blog update

It’s been toooooo long already since the last entry..sorry gals..pepaham jelah..towards the end of the year..sume co. nak close account..n maka bersepah2 laa.auditor..keja bagai nak rak mengaudit akaun..

Eventually, recently I upgrade this blog to the blogger beta..n till today I’m still trying to adapt myself with the new system..(actually dunno how to put the shoutbox as everything now is drag n drop only) n I must admit html and other coding language had becoming like a weird terms to me..hehe..

No worries..i’ll try to find time to fix few updates on what’s happening..

p/s: refer to the respective entry plss…tq!

Monday, December 25, 2006

annual dinner

this was my 1st annual dinner…soo no wonder I’m sooo teruja..hahah..the dinner was held at Hilton kl wearing blouse with handbag or clutch sponsored by ms rina (arigato!) make up by my step mom..the dishes quite nice..but the performance not soo nice..a bit boring…nway..i didn’t stay back after the dinner ended..i’m tired..i’m bored and I feel he didn’t attend the dinner though I’d been constantly hinting him to go to the dinner..

to my colleagues ..sorry for going back early..the thing is..i tot u all already go back home..soo..i just waited for my brother at the lobby for more than an hour..but then when I saw the pix..rupenye sume still ade kat sane..haha..tetibe terasa..aku ni cam outsiders je..sengal sungguh..

p/s: tak berbaloi..

Monday, December 18, 2006

sumone got married last week

what a year..first my so called pet brother kawin..n then..the one that I care sooo much..also got married..though I thought that I’d already cleaned him up from my system..but then I could not help it..the week b4 he got married..i was having a hard time to concentrate on the constrain myself from crying…still I cant stop the tears..why it is sooo hard to love somebody…and to let him go…

Saturday, December 09, 2006

ACCA exam

Been on quite long study break..coz I’m takin ACCA maa..which paper? Beginner paper only..1.1 and 1.2..glad that I’d went to most of the class, at least, I can find sumthing to goring for the theory question..btw..sempat join the sunway student study last minute b4 exam..n finally I got to meet with kak sar..sumone that nabil had been talking about since the luncheon at chilis with mr veera..

1.1 is quite tough and I was a bit disappointed with the paper as I’d worked really hard for that paper..nevertheless I hoped that I will pass the paper..amin..

1.2 not too hard n not too easy ..okla compared to 1.1..a bit confident I’ll pass the paper..papehal pun kite tgk bulan 2 nie…J

p/s: terubat rindu di hati..

Monday, November 20, 2006


ini adalah suatu pelarian yg aku ciptakan..
pelarian yg mengaburi jati diriku yg sebenar..
pelarian yg cuba menafikan sesuatu..
tatkala hatiku makin hilang arah..

kelaraan dlm pelarian..
aku makin hanyut..
pelarian yg hanya penuh penafian..
enggan merelakan yg pasti jd nyata..

aku ingin terus dlm pelarian..
hidup dgn penafian..
pelarian ini membuat hatiku jaga..
kalaupun adanya garis penamat..
tidak mahu hati ini tertewas lagi..

Saturday, November 18, 2006

cara2 menghilangkan stress dgn berkesan..

bile terpaksa berhadapan dgn bermacam ragam perangai manusia..aku tetibe jadi stress..sbnrnye mmg dah stress..stress ngan keja yg tak penah nak abis..stress dgn exam..stress dgn hal family yg kekadang tanak cube memahami stress kali ini..dah over the limit..mcm mane aku tau? well..utk mereka yg masih tak tau..this are among the symptoms that u're stress..

- excessive hair loss..
- sleepless night..
- shopping when u dont have the budget..
- can easily cried anytime or anywhere ..
- loss of appetite or overeating..

i'd double check and it's confirmed that i got all the symptomps stated above..any suggestion on how can i overcome this stress? i still have one more week to go..if i can tolerate for the first two weeks..hopefully i could go through all of this for one more week...fortunately..i've very understanding besfren..yg berjaya mengurangkan skit sakit pale n sakit hati nie..

depending on the stress symptomps, i got unique treatment for each of it..(kalo tak..mustahil plak rasenye nak bertahan for another one week)

- excessive hair loss..
went to a saloon, had my hair wash and cut into new that leh cover rambut yg makin menipis..

- sleepless night..
alang2 balik lambat dr opis, i asked my father and his wife to fetch me and belanje makan n jejalan at the park sampai kaki rase dah takleh jalan..sampai je umah..i just put my head on the pillow n tanpa disedari dah tertido pun...

- shopping when u dont have the budget..
this one..after having 2in1 meal (lunch&dinner) at the kl sentral..jejalan with rina, n without planning, i bought a new blouse which cost me about rm70 (walhal duit dlm bank was less than rm300)..when reached home..kinda regret for spending that much for just one blouse, however, no worry as i still have my duit raya well kept in my closet..just nice~

- can easily cried anytime or anywhere ..
there's one night when i cant take it anymore, i just cried it all out, so that i wont be accidentally jd drama queen plak as i already let it go..but then..kinda miss my uni's life..coz dulu kalo nak nangis i got my besfren shoulder..but now..nangis dlm bilik sorang2..(i'm not that closed wif my mum n sis)

- loss of appetite
i did nothing with it..let it be the way it is laa..sbb if loss appetite, cam benefited my body too..but if i started to crave for sumthing that sweets or $$$..that one..had to watch out..

Thursday, November 16, 2006

the day when i became an org kaya sementara..

I woke up a bit late today (though i aware that today i would have to go back to the office..sigh~) A bit rushing as I’d to iron my clothes n tudung..packed up my laptop..n I’d cut down my time in the shower to 20 minutes(wondering how long it would take for me to get my shower?) sumhow, i'm still late..had a fight with my lil bro who commenting me for being so slow to get ready for work..hello my lil bro..please think carefully before u want to say sumthing bad to me..esp..when i'm in the mood $$ for you this week..i'm not that desperate either to ask you to send me to the bus stop (sesi meluahkan perasaan)

n as i'm already late..i think it should be ok if i just took a cab from my home to the office..yeah..i really need to pamper myself after I’d stressed myself badly last week..lucky there's no jam n i managed to reach office by 7.10 a.m but i've to fork out almost rm15..hahah..

as the day passed by..we had our lunch at this nasi 'ayam kampung' restaurant..nyum2..the fried 'ayam kampung' taste veryyy nice...n the price is also nice..mine is about rm6..from the client..went back to home with one of my officemate..dunno why suddenly the silent treatment started again..maybe he thinks that i'm a bored person..which means there is no interesting topic that we can chit chat on..or maybe he's too tired to talk..or maybe he try to figure out why the fed highway always jam..or maybe he was mad at me bcoz of sumthing that i've said? maybe this..maybe the time i reached the lrt cempaka station..i felt very tired already..tired becoz i'm trying so hard to figure out how could i overcome this silent treatment..

n as usual i failed to close the door properly again n this make him frown..but today i dont give a damn..i'm sooo tired..the train to sentul had just left me..have to wait for another 10 minutes..when i reached ttwangsa the bus also had left wait for another means another 15-20 minutes to be wasted..not today..i'm not in the mood to wait..soo..i took cab..pampering myself again..but this time it cost me rm10..soo..the immaterial..i'd safely reached home..n spent rm25 just for transport today (that is where org kaya sementara took place)..with that..good nite..

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


as i've been stuck in the silent treatment today (again?? Sounds like it had becoming a routine to us now)..i had spent the time by doing some mind talking..i’ve been probing my brain..thinking what i've done wrong till i've to live with this silent treatment (though I hate crowd..but I cant tolerate the sound of quietness) soo..slowly i rewind..was it happened when one day, i decided to change my career path..from tech girl to the acct savvy..but then..i rewind to 2001..when i decided to change my course from chemical eng. to Information system..still a not a wise decision that i've made..i'm not satisfied..rewind to 2000..if only my mum allowed me to further my study to aussies..but still..if only i became the top scorer in the spm then i could have more choices..all of this are regrettable..but then i opt not to regret what i've done or without challenge would be very boring..n without having going thru all of that..i would not got the chance to meet so many great ppl around me..soo..thats how i end up my mind talking..when i'm about to start a new ‘hot’ topic for my mind talking..i heard sumone asking me sumthin 'lagu sape nie?' n the silent treatment had stop for the day..n it will be regrettable if it happens again tmr..

Monday, November 13, 2006

trouble sleeping

got a lot of things to be lots of thing still lots of thing to be jot down in the blog dearie too..but..i wish..i have the luxury to do sooo rite now..nway sumthing is happening to me..yup..having trouble to get a quality sleep ..why aaa...dunno how to explain..i think maybe this lyrics will do it..

it's late and i'm feeling so tired having trouble sleeping
this constant compromise, between thinking and breathing

could it be I'm suffering, because I'll never give in
wont say that I'm falling in love
(please Please) Tell me I dont seem myself,
couldn't I blame something else,
dont say I'm falling in love

some kind of therapy, is all I need (all I need)
please believe me (please believe me)
some instant remedy, that can cure me completely

could it be I'm suffering, because I'll never give in
wont say that I'm falling in love
(please Please) Tell me I dont seem myself,
couldn't I blame something else,
dont say I'm falling in love

cause I've been there before and it's not enough
so nobody say it (so nobody say it),
dont even say it (don't you even say it)
I got my eye's shut whoa no oh no,n,no

could it be I'm suffering, because I'll never give in
wont say that I'm falling in love
(please Please) Tell me I dont seem myself,
couldn't I blame something else,dont say I'm falling in love
don't say that I'm falling in love X 4

couldn't I blame something else
dont say, dont say
dont say, dont say
don't say that I'm falling in love (repeat till end)

performed by : corinne bailey rae

p/s: so..satisfied?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

puasa yg diuji

that morning..after the azan subuh..i woke up n all of sudden i'm having this feeling to fast for the day..though i did realize that the last thing i drank was just plain water n it was 8 hrs ago, still i decided to proceed..however..sumhow..for not being able to break the fast when the time had was really what my bestfren had told me.."tak lengkap ibadah puasa..bile tak berbuke pada waktunye"..sumthing happened when it was almost the time for me to break the fast..but to cut it short..bcoz of that irresponsible decision..i who had stop taking my gastrik medication for quite sumtime..that night..after reaching home at almost 9.15pm..i ate a bowl of vegetable soup and took my mum's aspirin n sleep (I should have guess that the gastric missed me too)..just a reminder to me>>maybe in case..i should stock up my gastrik medication guys or gals out there might think that it is so childish of me to complain about this in the's up to u..but for my side..i am feeling much more better now~

p/s: backdated entry nih

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

to my besfren..

special entry dedicated to my besfren Rina..

las friday after potluck at the office, i had an overnight stay at Rina's house purposely for helping her out wif her engagement and open house preparation which will be held the next day. got to meet with her cousins which was quite entertaining, n i think the only thing that i've done there was eating, the hantaran, and helping her to make-up..nway she looked very nice in her green kebaya with veil n glasses (rina please dun forget ur contact lens mase kawin nnt). the engagement ceremony was very simple, within minutes her MIL to be (aunty irene) already gave her engagement and merisik ring..then busy wif eating..laksa+roti jala+lontong..sedap2 belaka n sampai rina tq for inviting me to be part of ur important day..dun worry..nnt aku dah jumpe yg berkenan will be ur turn plak..hahaha..:p

Friday, November 03, 2006

it's impossible

fave song for the week...

Somos Novios (It's Impossible) (with Andrea Bocelli)
Written by Canache Armando Manzanero

Somos novios
Pues los dos sentimos mutuo amor profundo
Y con eso ya ganamos lo más grande
De este mundo

Nos amamos, nos besamos
Como novios
Nos deseamos y hasta a veces
Sin motivo, sin razón
Nos enojamos

Somos novios
Mantenemos un cariño limpio y puro
Como todos
Procuramos el momento más oscuro

Para hablarnos
Para darnos el más dulce de los besos
Recordar de qué color son los cerezos
Sin hacer mas comentarios
Somos novios

Ohh ooh ooh, ohh yeah

It's just impossible

Nos amamos, nos besamos
Como novios
Nos deseamos y hasta a veces
Sin motivo, sin razón

Nos enojamos

Sin motivo, sin razón

Somos novios

Mantenemos un cariño

Limpio y puro


Como todos

Como todos


El momento más oscuro

Ohh yeah

Para hablarnos
Para darnos el más dulce de los besos
Recordar de qué color son los cerezos
Sin hacer mas comentarios

Somos novios

Somos novios

Siempre novios


Somos novios

korean drama series 05

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

cast: Jang Na Ra, Ryu Shi Won, Myung Se Bin
story ^credits CindyW88+yeohweping(soompi)
the weDDing - will be aired at 8tv beginning 10th November @ 7.00pm, which means that i wont be able to watch it as now is the peak season n to be back at home by 7pm is soooo impossible..though i'm soo looking fwd to watch this korean series as i dun have the budget to buy the box set (maybe i would have to figure out the other way that would allow me to watch it fo free!!)..nway based on the comment that i'd read, most of it seems to enjoy this series..Jang Nara plays the role Se Na (세나) who has a nickname “Princess” having beautiful appearance and specializing piano. She and the role Seung Woo (승우, played by RSW), who passes foreign affairs exam to become a diplomat, have a matchmaking marriage. They and the character Yoon Soo (윤수, played by MSB) form triangle love relationship. The script writer is Oh Soo Yun (오수연) who wrote for the drama “Autumn Tale”. Jang Na Ra’s last drama was “I’m gonna fall in love”aired by MBC in the summer of 2004.Ryu shi-won will be playing a diplomat who is secretly in love with Myung Seh bin (whose work is something to do with flowers). He meets Jang nara later at a match-making. Jang nara will be playing a girl from a wealthy family who is kind of wilful (just like the roles she is famous for).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sunday, October 29, 2006

selamat hari raya..

a very long break since i've started working..finally can breathe again..spent the whole break at 1st thinking off going back to sungai bakap but then we have to consider about our cats (sporty+gucci+polo+chibi+savvy+leo+shine)soo..tak jd lee balik kg..nway i'm much more prefer to raya at my own home (can eat+watch tv+sleep the whole day)..cakap pasal makan..agak bersusun menu..from 1st day raya to the 5th raya..1st(ketupat pulut+ketupat nasi+rendang ayam), 2nd(bihun sup tulang, my fave!), 3rd(mee rebus), 4th(laksa), 5th(nasi ayam+bihun goreng) relatives plak..pandai susun hari nak dtg umah..sume mcm take turns dtg umah..hahah..nway..tahun nie buat kuih cornflakes crunchy je..for my mum, my lil sis n lil bro je..choc cake? the rest kuih tunjuk..

dikesempatan nie..tuan punye blog nak mengucapkan "salam aidilfitri & maaf zahir batin"

p/s: tadeklaa enjoy sgt..bcoz job b4 raye tak siap lagi..makanye asik terpk kan bile nak siap..

Thursday, October 26, 2006

b4 raya...

few things that happened b4 raya...

1.Buka puasa@royal selangor golf club (office)
-the same day that i bought the new hp, the food was quite nice, but the place was great.

2.Buka puasa@the hawker(lot10)
-went out for 2nd round of shopping wif dad+auntie+lil sis n bro(this time memborong at the body shop plak),as i always love eating at the food court, i would say, not bad laa (got myself a sizzling mee..yummy)

3.Buka puasa@maju junction
-got a hair job done at derek's(wash+blow+cut), bought pearl earrings, last round of shopping (mahfuz jeans n shirt onli)and ate lamb chop there (very small portion though)

4.Buka puasa@little penang cafe(klcc)
-small gath wif my uni frens, the rojak was good but the char kuew teow was a bit dry (i miss taman maju char kuew teow!)n then lepaking at the burger king chit chatting..

5. Buka puasa@Saloma Theater
-RM50 per person, the food was just nice but lack of variety, sumhow really enjoyed myself coz get to hang out wif family..:p at pasar borong selayang..
-nothing much to comment..but again..i hate to go the wet market..its crowded and i always getting hard time to decide which good or not..miahahhaa..

p/s: finally i had successfully made a kelonsong for ketupat nasi..kihkihkih

Sunday, October 08, 2006

new member to my stuff..

last friday..while waiting for my frens to pick me up at the kl sentral b4 going to our office for buka puasa function..i managed to buy a new hp for cut long story is my new baby:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

for more info: click >> w300i

Friday, September 22, 2006

lesson learnt..

what a bad day I had yesterday..sampai balik umah..i was too tired to watch my fave show "Las Vegas" and slept very early that day..let summarized what i've been through yesterday:

1. Witnessed to a ragut-tak-jadi scene..the main reason why the thief managed to snatch the notebook was lack of awareness..
Lesson learnt: Ladies n gentleman..before heading to ur car or motors..or wherever you want to go..always look around and be concious..once you reach ur destination, ie; car, straight away get into the car and lock the door.Once again..never ever leave your notebook or electronic device unattended.

2. Waited for the 21C bus for almost 1and1/2hrs (tp bile dah sampai tak naik pun sbb penuh..ended up naik feeder bus yg dah dtg 3 kali)
Lesson learnt: next time..when the feeder bus come just get on the bus..

3. Talked to a stranger (who try to flirt with u)who looks like a malay but sounded like non local(nie kes dah bosan tggu dlm bas sbb jam)
Lesson learnt: bile org tanye sepatah ..jawab sepatah je..jgn nak memanjang2kan plak..

4. In the lrt, saw ppl wearing exactly the same blouse as i am..
Lesson learnt: Always bring a cardigan or jacket or sweater..very useful bile jd that boleh pakai straight away..n nobody will realize it..

5. Break fast in the bus..
Lesson learnt: ganti posa awal2..

Monday, September 18, 2006

membeli belah di hujung minggu ~

damn tired this morning..mane taknye..last class from 9.30 am till 4.30 pm..n then from the tuition place..straight away to got a warehouse clearance sale there..only for sogocard holder jek..bought one blouse+pants+shirt+baju kurung at rm120..tapau nandos for org kecik tp makan byk kat umah was usual..n upon reached home..gile penat..makan a bit n then sleep..

pastu yesterday..went out to meet my dad+auntie(stepmom)+n adik2 tiri..from maju junction..naik monorel to bukit bintang..n sambung shopping sane..had lunch at destination..ampang point..sambung shopping lg kat situ..before we went to KLCC (fuhh...our last destination)shopping skit2 n had dinner at a& mum as usual marah2 bile kitorg sampai umah..not her fault then..but still terasa the end of the day..i got for myself > a pearl necklace+two handbags+a shoe for office+a sandal for jalan2+a blouse + jlo glow lotion..:)

Friday, September 15, 2006

korean drama series 04

My giRL - currently is aired at 8tv..the storyline lebih kurang the kim sam soon and full house..the hero hiring the heroin to be his order to fulfill his granpa's wish of seeing his grandchild..itu je leh cakap..if i continue with the rest..soo it would be a spoiler rite? overall..4 out of 5 star..lee da hae (green rose & sweet 18) looks very cute eventhough sumtimes her acting wasnt real enough in sum of the scene..the hero? hahah..agak sgt hensem gak laaa..:p try to check it out at 8tv 8.30 pm..

p/s: i'd already watched the whole series..can promise u the ending is quite good laaa..n now cant wait for Princess Hours to be aired at 8tv!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

nyamuk jahat!!

2nd day of training..pening bace byk gile standard2 yg itu bukan poin utama I made this blog entry..that evening after securing a seat in 21C bus..dah halfway the bus stopped at phileo damansara..apelagi..bas rosaklaa..seb baik ade org nak naik cab gak..soo..had to spend extra money for cab which I don’t mind at all..asalkan leh sampai umah cepat..reached home kat 8.10pm..had dinner..n while busy transferring some file from the desktop to thumbdrive..tetibe leh blackout plak..!$$%^ laaa..dgn tak iron baju n barang2 di merata..terpaksa tido awal kononnye..tak sampai ½ jam tido..dah rasa cam tak best (byk nyamuk gile2 punye + myself plak takut gelap) makanye..g bilik mak n tumpang tido kat tepi katil..hahaha..when my mum tanye why I moved from my room to her room..i told her about the nyamuk..(walhal takut gelap) :p

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

3days n 2nights

I’d made the right decision by deciding to take leave and go to UTP. First, I didn’t have to attend the kenduri, second I got to meet my frens yg sgt2 dirindui and last one, I’d managed to decide whether to keep on waiting for him or not..

Actually I’m quite reluctant to take any annual leave as I’m saving my annual leave for study leave n cuti raya but as I’m really looking forward to go back to utp sooo I just go ahead with the idea of going back on Friday. Though it was raining like cats n dogs by the time we reached Tapah, and it’s Mawar 1st time exp driving in the very2 heavy rain(pls correct me if I’m wrong), I’m grateful that we managed to arrive there safely..

That night me n Mawar jalan2 at the convosquare or should I renamed it as convoMUDsquare? Lumpur@becak was everywhere and luckily I brought along my slipper..hahah..we ate mihun sup..n pastu sightseeing (in malay “cuci mata”) then having fried ice cream (MY FAVE)..later me n rina n her bf g mencuba sup tulang plak before we started to bump into my juniors, my besfren wif her bf, the qepohians..haha..tak pasal2 kitorg wat gathering kat tgh2 convosquare yg tgh berlumpur tak hengat tu..

On Saturday, because I’m too lazy to take an early bath, I spent the whole morning chit chatting wif my frens..haha..bcoz of tooo much chit chatting sore pun dah jd serak2 basah..had our lunch at convosquare which still very muddy (eating nasi ayam golek yg tak berapa sedap)..watched paintball match with geng2 sekejap je pun..n then went back to resort 7.30 pm we were very busy helping frens to dress up for the convo dinner (make up+lilit2 tudung) (sib baik bawak makeup kit yg sgt2 jarang dipakai) while they were having their n frens having another round of mihun sup..n did some shopping at the convofair before posing sopan kat masjid baru (yg sgt cantik..) kat utp..:p

Convo day plak..rakan2 yg dah nak graduate dah selamat bersiap2 wif their robe..n me yg hanye sempat mencuci muka g menghantar diorg..after packing up hadiah2 yg comey..kami pun berangkat ke foyer chancellor hall..reached there just nice..they are about to announce the recipient of chancellor award ..and as expected…nabilah (my ex rumet) dpt bronze n avinash got gold (he deserves it : aktif + sgt skorer) after posing2 ngan rakan2 yg grad..had lunch wif berg n the dah keja..kenalaa belanje org yg masih belaja (hint!!) makan bihun sup lagi..berangkat dr utp ke kl around 5.30pm..reached home 9pm sumthing..memandangkan the next day I’d to attend a training..sooo..bayangkan tired I am pada pagi isnin tu…
-the end-

another interesting survey~

**cilok dr blog rikku@ija

The game goes like this..first put your music player on shuffle..xkisah la Winamp or WM forward for each question after u answer it and use the song title as the answer of the question..NO CHEATING please..!!

How am I feeling today?
Mariah Carey - All I’ve Ever Wanted <<>

Where will I get married?
Kings of Convinience - I’d Rather Dance With You >> is it at hotel’s ballroom?

What is my best friend's theme song (Rina, Mawar, Fidah)?
Barbra Streisand – People

What was highschool like?
Michael Buble – Fever >> hahahha..sampai demam2 sbb rindukan zaman sekolah..waaa..malas nak kejaaa..

What is the best thing about me?
Mariah Carey – Just To Hold You Once Again >> to interpret this??

How is today going to be?
Jose Gonzales – Heartbeat >> will I bump into sumone that I missed sooo much?

What is in store for this weekend?
Duncan James & Keedie – I Believe My Heart >> baru ku perasan byk sungguh lagu berunsurkan heart..haha..nway..for sure this wiken I’ll do sumthing that I enjoyed the most..

What song describes my parents?
Michael Buble – Put your Head On My Shoulder >> really sound like my mom…sayang mak~

How is my life going?
Adibah Nor – Terlalu Istimewa >> is it because I’m in love n he’s not here?

What song will they play at my funeral?
Marc Anthony – I Need To Know >> whoaaa..ade unfinished business kah?

How does the world see me?
Siti Nurhaliza – Rupanya Kita Serupa >> sooooo stereotype..

What do my friends really think of me?
Aqualung – Strange & Beautiful >> chop2..tak men tipu punye..kebetulan dpt lagu nie..soo my frens..silelaa judge sndri..

Do people secretly lust after me?
Ryan Adams – Nuclear >> ermmm..nuclear????

How can I make myself happy?
Christina Aguilera – I Turn To You >> yupp..if only he’s here..

What should I do with my life?
Lifehouse – You and Me >> hoee…apekah maksudnyaaa..

Will I ever have children?
George Benson – Turn Your Love Around >> sounds like I’ll have children..very2 cute children..;)

What is some good advice?
Hitomi – Pretty Eyes >> jaga mata anda..gunekan utk melihat benda yg baik2 dan indah saje..

What do I think my current theme song is?
Maroon 5 – This Love >> sah sgtt…aku nie dah tak betul~

What does everyone else think my current life?
Shazzy & VE – Kenapa >> puzzle?? Curious??

What type of men/women do you like?
The Adams – Konservatif >> hahahaha..( gelak sbb ade betulnyee)..sape2 pun boleh asalkan tak muda 20 thn dr my dad…

Will you get married?
S.E.S – Kiss >> huyoooo….

What should I do with my love life?
Shania Twain – Ka Ching >> lalalala..sure rina tgh gelak bace mende nie skang..

Where will you live?
Geri Halliwel – Look At Me >> ghee..does it have to figure it out urself?

What will your dying words be?
Mariah Carey – Crybaby >> plsss add ‘don’t’

When I meet a guy/lady for the first time i say..
Trademark – I’ll Be The One >> only apply when he’s the one…

When my parents are angry i say..
Damage – Forever >> no matter what you do..i’ll always love you..forever..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

an invitation

received a wedding invitation. i wish i could mention the guy's name. but sorry. nnt kecoh plak jdnye..rite? but the main issue whether i shoud go or not. small issue is it? but not for i eventually sgt2 ske kat this guy since dr primary lagi. n we eventually got to be frens when we were at secondary. tp bile die dah masuk uniten n me gi utp..sume putus camtu je..walhal we're neighbour..hurmm..once again..mmg tadek my lil sis passed the card to me..i was speechless. but try to hide the feeling..though i really2 wanted to cry but i only my heart cry..n this morning..i decided to go to utp for a convocation ceremony there..i know i have to skip class..which is quite important class..but to attend his wedding..i really cant..

Monday, August 07, 2006

love = money ?

last year i'd posted an entry pasal rotan so this time nak sambung lg skit.. when i was still kid..everytime i kena rotan (make it rotan itself or hanger or belt) selalu rase marah sgt..kinda rase cam nak revenge balik je bile dah besar nnt.. but now..bile dah grown up nie..i felt very grateful coz my parents penah rotan i.. bcoz it makes me realize that the main reason why they rotan me..bcoz they love me.. unlike other parents (bukan sume laa..beberapa org) they show their love n affection through money..but then money is not everything.. it could never replace parents is important..i know..but it is not a medium to show ur affection..parents may think when they can provide everything for their children..that shud be would never be enough..becoz money is not is just a thing that can be used to nurture maintain family educate to be..n yg belum kawin tu pk2 laa..napelaa tetibe nak diskas mende camnie ek? act. las week i'd a very interesting encounter with ex-drug addicts.. this guy told me how he involved with this drug thing..and beside blaming himself (bravo for that) he also mentioned that becoz of his parents gave him too much money ..he didnt know what to do with it n started to befriend with the wrong ppl and his parents never bother about it (bz with works n meetings) and eventually became addicted with drugs..btw his parents was damn pissed off when they got to know about it..n of course they blamed him laa..they said they gave him everything why he must returned back like it really EveryThing ??

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the routine matter what i do..n no matter how hard i life had become a routine..everyday do the same thing..woke up at 5.30..on the bus at 6.15..reach lrt at 6.45..reach tmn bahagia at 7.10..reach office and breakfast wif fren..setup laptop..waiting for instruction from the boss..n then lunch..n then continue waiting for instruction..go back home..sleep at the same time..walk the same to the same people..discuss the same topic..the least that i can change is where should i go after office..home? tuition? shopping mall? etc...aaaa..i want to go back to school....

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

wanita dlm air

the synopsis i got from .. planning to watch this next week..i'm sooo 'teruje' has been long5 time since my last visit to the cinema..(fyi..the last movie i watched was 'she's the man')

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

LaDy in The waTEr

Cleveland Heep (Paul Giamatti) has been quietly trying to disappear among the burned-out lightbulbs and broken appliances of the Cove apartment complex. But on the night that irrevocably changes his life, Cleveland finds someone else hiding in the mundane routine of the modest building – a mysterious young woman named Story (Bryce Dallas Howard), who has been living in the passageways beneath the building’s swimming pool. Cleveland discovers that Story is actually a “narf” – a nymph-like character from an epic bedtime story who is being stalked by vicious creatures determined to prevent her from making the treacherous journey from our world back to hers. Story’s unique powers of perception reveal the fates of Cleveland’s fellow tenants, whose destinies are tied directly to her own, and they must work together to decipher a series of codes that will unlock the pathway to her freedom. But the window of opportunity for Story to return home is closing rapidly, and the tenants are putting their own lives at great risk to help her. Cleveland will have to face the demons that have followed him to the Cove – and the other tenants must seize the special powers that Story has brought out in them – if they hope to succeed in their daring and dangerous quest to save her world...and ours.

Friday, July 07, 2006

how long u've been waiting for the bus?

one fine evening at the bus stop sumwhere at malaysia, there was a girl who had been patiently waiting for the bus to come. And then after few hours waiting, a gentleman came and joined her at the bus stop.

"how long u've been waiting for the bus?" asked the gentleman.

"hmm..about 2 years" the girl replied.

"Wah, it so hard to get a bus here?" the guy asked again

"Actually, there's a lot of bus here, but some of the bus, going the opposite way, few broke down halfway, some dont want to go to the same destination as i do and most of it full already by the time it reach here.How about you? I've never seen you before."

"Owh, before this i've been waiting for the bus at the wrong place and facing the same problem as you. However yesterday I finally realize my mistake so here I am."

"Owh ok. Why bus? I thought national car is very cheap nowadays"

"You know what? Actually I got a car."

The girl looked very surprise.

"But i've been watching you waiting for the bus alone all this while. but today i cant resist to allow you to wait for the bus alone anymore. I dont know where is your destination.But if you let me know, for sure we can go there together. So would you like to come along?"

They looked to each other and smile.

-hakcipta terpelihara-

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

akubi - takako matsu

i love this song..soothing n relaxing..later will try to find the translation..

Hirune ni akita gogo anata ni denuwa shiyou
Onaji sora futo miageta

Honto wa ai shiteru to tsutaereba ii noni dekinai
Minna sonna fuu ni omoi
Mayoinagara ikiteru okita bakari no nemui sono me
Sotto kosurinagara akubi chiisaku suru

Mado kara kaze o sasoi kondara soushi shite
Kizukanai tokoro ni aru gomikuzu sutete yukou

Denkyuu atarashii no attakke nan to naku zeitaku
Shizuka ni nagareru toki

Sukoshi takai tenjou todokanai toki kimi wo omou
Mou sukoshi no sono kyori
Anata ga koko ni itara motto shiawase ni nareru noni
Nandaka okashii...hon no sasai na koto

Yume kara sameta toki ni hikari o kanjiru sono shunkan
Kasuka ni hibiku itami
Ai shiteru to ietara
Ai shiteru nante ienai mama
Watashi wa mezameru akubi chiisaku shite

Saturday, July 01, 2006

kalau dah jodoh II...

nothing much to already talked about it in my previous is the picture of the wedding..(sile abaikan date kat atas photo tu..aku nie camerawoman yg pemalas..makanye malas nak adjust2 date tu)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Eyja & Azwani + 3rd june 2006 + jelebu, negri sembilan

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Masyadi & Shariza + 10th june 2006 + pj

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Miru & Ella + 24th june 2006 + bota

p/s: selamat pengantin baru..semoga berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat..

Thursday, June 01, 2006

kalau dah jodoh..

mmglaa kalau dah jodoh tu tak kemana..cthnye: minggu lepas..akhirnya ella ngan miru kawin jugak akhirnya..wpun mcm2 diorg dah lalui..alhamdulillah..diorg bertahan sampai ke jinjang pelamin..pastu sabtu nie plak..nak pegi n9..kwn sorang lg kawin..kali nie..lain plak cite die..mase kat utp..senyap je..satu ape cite pun tak penah dgr..tetibe jek..lepas grad..dgr cite dah bertunang..wah..betul2 diam2 ubi berisi..satu lg..ade sorang mamat nie..kirenye sepupu laa..rasanye umur die dah 30++..memule die kata die tanak kawin..sbb nak jaga family ngan nak tunggu sume adik2 die habis belaja n stat keja..alih2..dua bln lepas..die bawak balik 'calon'..sebulan pastu tunang..sabtu nie nikah..mmg betulaa..kalo jodoh dah dtg..rancang camne pun..akhirnya..kite kena ikut ketentuan Allah utk nadia..dah ade dilema baru..calon tadek lagi..tpnye..bile pegi mane2 pun..mesti makcik2 kesayangan tanye "bile nak kawin?"..kalo korang ade idea ape jawapan yg sesuai nadia bagi..spy makcik2 tu tak tanye lagi soklan yg sama masa kenduri minggu depan dipersilakan ajukan jaw. di tpt borak2..atau bg komen..:p

p/s:Selamat pengantin baru Miru & Ella..

the extraordinary morning..

as usual..i left my home at 6..the unsual part is i left my watch at usual i manage to get a seat in the lrt..but the unusual is i can barely sat properly becoz there's a big guy sitting beside me (pepaham jelaa)..later..when i reached tmn usual i took a cab to the office..n then the unusual part is the taxi driver had missed the junction to the office..n only after 5 minutes, he told me that he dunno the place..i'm very i'm not familiar with the place..but last we managed to find our way back..n then..the usual part is; usually he's not in..but today, he's almost everywhere..but he's not that friendly anymore..what a bad way to start the day..sumhow, i'm hoping that things will get better today..

Monday, May 22, 2006

10 reasons why i didnt update my blog. . .

1. bzzzz working n sleeping

2. my home got streamyx but not monitor..

3. i'm not the admin of my cannot simply installed anything i want..

4. my life now mainly about it interesting?

5. the c:/ of my notebook have only 50mb..

6. office got network n spy too..

7. though i have things to share..but i dun have the idea on how to share it..

8. my notebook dun have modem .. refer to reason #3 n #5

9. when i'm free, i spend the time to read other's ppl blog..

10. aku malas..

Monday, February 13, 2006


rite now..i'm at the cc..tgh bz research for company utk interview esok..n at the same time..i was very2 mad..bcoz i think sumone had hacked my frenster n started to send stupid msg from my do i know? ..there r ppl who replying to my msg with stupid answers..ermm..maybe i should change my password..n segala2 yg berkaitan..i thought i had took all the precaution measures..esp..double checking on either i had officially log out my and etc...orite dah puas marah...nak sambung research..chow~

p/s: wish me all the best for tomoro

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

memoirs of geisha

outing with the gals...rina n azhar, mawar, hasfa n nadia..mission: memoirs of geisha..mawar n her mum picked me up at my home from subang..if i knew that she was coming from her home at subang, i would rather go to klcc by myself..kesian plak..however..tadeklaa rase teruk sgt coz at the same time leh pass her convo klcc..i was very happy to meet rina there..haha..rindu seh kat my ex rumet..later on..dissatistified with the tgv booking system..we're supposed to get much more better seat rather than seating at the 4th row from the front..dahlaah tak dpt tpt duduk yg sepatutnye...we still have to pay an extra rm1 for that..baik takyah book camtu..tutup citer jap..then..guess what..tgh jejalan..leh terjumpe a fren of mine - berg..yg dah lame plan nak masing2 sgt2 sibuk..hahah..another thing that makes my day is a happy day...after watching geisha (which is kinda term of cinematography and the actor itself) we went for a lunch at nandos (still on mawar) heheh..sorilaa month kalo aku dah keja aku open table lak..ok ? after perut masing2 dah penuh..maka kami pun berangkat nak balik..but ade yg ade hala tuju lain2..but for it was the beginning day of a very long cny + awal muharam holiday..i prefer to be at home asap..n that is how i ended another month in the calendar..

Friday, January 27, 2006

mencari keja~

i had attended an assessment session at deloitte n the test actually is very challenging..hurm too many questions to be completed within the allocated times..however..upon completing the test..though i do quite bad ...i didnt feel down..but i kinda believed that i will pass the session..and indeed i'd pass the assessment and will be attending an interview with the exec sumwhere in feb..nway..for the interview with ey..i feel bad about it..ermm..though had be interviewed for almost an hour..i had a feeling that..i wont be getting the job there...hahah..too early for me to give up...lets just keep praying for the best~amin..

Thursday, January 19, 2006

SEMESTA menggamitku pulang~

after more than 5 years I left the school, finally I was back at Semesta. If not bcoz of my spm cert, I’m very sure..sampai bile2 pun..dah takan pegi sane lagi. Hurm..thanx to aris yg suke melengah2kan or yg selalu buat2 lupe bile aku mintak tolong tgkkan cert aku tu..nway..aku bukan benci sgt sekolah tu..but sumtimes teringat part2 yg tak best..rase bengang still ade lg kot..hah..:p.. went there wif fidah yg sampai tersesat jln nak gi umah aku..dr kul 9 pg..kul 11 pg br kitorg bertolak..hahah..sengal punye fidah~..reached there after school session ends (seb baik ofis tak tutup lg)..frust jugaklaa sbb ingat nak jumpe cikgu2..somehow..clerk situ cakap byk gak cikgu dah pindah..what do u expect? Dah 5 tahun lebih baru reti balik cari good point (our fave bakery) kononnye nak beli roti wif choc rice cream..but we was told that the bun had been sold out..this time..kitorg dua2 frust..:p..nak wat camne..maybe one day nnt kitorg gi sana balik…maybe~

hepi bday to ME <<

Adding a new number to my age, does make a lots of different..i’m getting older not younger..n I need to put a dot on my irresponsible acts n started to be more responsible to my family, myself n the future..future ?? put that aside first. My bday was great..especially when receiving greetings via smses, calls, email, friendster..vice versa..n also when getting cool gifts from mum n liyana...the day I spent at mid valley (again?) with shon n alia..bowling @ cosmic bowl + lunch @ kenny rogers + cheaper by the dozen 2@gsc + choc banana cake@ secret recipe (shon belanje..arigato~) seronoknyee saye ari nie~

p/s: semoga allah panjangkan umurku..limpahkan rezeki dan nikmat padaku..rahmati hidupku ..keluargaku..sahabat2ku..muslim dan muslimat..amin..


After FAAF my destination is mid valley. Watching ‘baik punya cilok’ with siti+dana+iza+mas..i give 4 star for the movie..(tak boleh lupa..each time awie berperibahasa)..terserempak with one of peter pan member..ermm..tak ingat plak name die..nway..later..i’ll upload the picture. Overnight at siti’s house. Sayonara 2005 ..welcome 2006..

Exam dtg Lagi ~

Final exam for the my conversion course started the day after the christmast holiday. Have I prepared for it ? of course laa ade 60% jelaa..still in holiday I was glad that I’d attended all the classes + try out the assignment n exercises..else..i wouldn’t be so calm like this..

1st paper – Business Law
I’d failed this paper during the interim test. Obvious reason = reading + memorizing + writing long essay..i never scored this subject since at semesta..but for this time around, I had spend most of the time to memorize the sections + case law. Questions were as what I’d been expected, not too easy or too confusing. Target – Pass !

2nd paper – Taxation
I should have revise the corporate tax exercise from A to Z. No wonder when I opened the booklet, I started to panic when I saw the corp. tax question. It was a simple question bu it seems like I failed to recall all the important aspects of it; especially – approved donation in term of stocks. Somehow, I managed to calm down and only tried out the question after finishing the other 4 question. Target – 70 – 80 marks..

3rd paper – management accounting
Standard n variance analysis have cost me about 10 marks. I couldn’t remember the formula or the relation to the calculation. Tu tak campur lagi theories on marginal costing. When move on to Quantitative Technique part, was more horrible than MA part. Haiya.. camna mau skor nie.. Target – Pass! Pass!

4th paper – Financial Accounting & auditting fundamental
Nothing much to expect when it had been moderated to be at advanced level paper. Nevertheless, I still can handled the paper except the ratio n its analysis. I could not even rite down the on earth do you expect me to analyze the financial position? Historical & trend analysis pulak tu..Dabel dem..Target – Pass! Pass! Pass!

“Kalau conversion pun dah susah camni..camnelaa nak idup for another 3 years ngan Micpa nie” – Nadiah Mohammad when was asked on the most overused sentences for the past 3 months..

Cuti2 Genting

Eventually, the trip was the 3rd time for me. wasn’t on the right time it had been raining almost everyday @ anytime + it was school break (which means pEAk season = had to pay more price) + i havent started revising any subject for the exam. But, we didn’t have any choice was the only time where everybody is available = at home. Bought two easy day package worth rm176 each..hurm.. after considering the room rates + the sumptious buffet lunch at Coffee Terrace + skyway rides n misc..agak berbaloi jugaklaa. Spent 2d1n there..most of the time we spent @ the arcade..n then eating lots of fast for those who in tight budget but still wanted to have fun @ genting – bring ur own drinks (make it minerals or soft drinks)..or get ready to pay extra for the drinks was pretty expensive (or should I put ‘damn’ )..outdoor theme park?’s raining maaa~

p/s: teringat kat #genting..korang sume dah mencapai objektif penubuhan kelab ke?