Wednesday, August 30, 2006

nyamuk jahat!!

2nd day of training..pening bace byk gile standard2 yg itu bukan poin utama I made this blog entry..that evening after securing a seat in 21C bus..dah halfway the bus stopped at phileo damansara..apelagi..bas rosaklaa..seb baik ade org nak naik cab gak..soo..had to spend extra money for cab which I don’t mind at all..asalkan leh sampai umah cepat..reached home kat 8.10pm..had dinner..n while busy transferring some file from the desktop to thumbdrive..tetibe leh blackout plak..!$$%^ laaa..dgn tak iron baju n barang2 di merata..terpaksa tido awal kononnye..tak sampai ½ jam tido..dah rasa cam tak best (byk nyamuk gile2 punye + myself plak takut gelap) makanye..g bilik mak n tumpang tido kat tepi katil..hahaha..when my mum tanye why I moved from my room to her room..i told her about the nyamuk..(walhal takut gelap) :p

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

3days n 2nights

I’d made the right decision by deciding to take leave and go to UTP. First, I didn’t have to attend the kenduri, second I got to meet my frens yg sgt2 dirindui and last one, I’d managed to decide whether to keep on waiting for him or not..

Actually I’m quite reluctant to take any annual leave as I’m saving my annual leave for study leave n cuti raya but as I’m really looking forward to go back to utp sooo I just go ahead with the idea of going back on Friday. Though it was raining like cats n dogs by the time we reached Tapah, and it’s Mawar 1st time exp driving in the very2 heavy rain(pls correct me if I’m wrong), I’m grateful that we managed to arrive there safely..

That night me n Mawar jalan2 at the convosquare or should I renamed it as convoMUDsquare? Lumpur@becak was everywhere and luckily I brought along my slipper..hahah..we ate mihun sup..n pastu sightseeing (in malay “cuci mata”) then having fried ice cream (MY FAVE)..later me n rina n her bf g mencuba sup tulang plak before we started to bump into my juniors, my besfren wif her bf, the qepohians..haha..tak pasal2 kitorg wat gathering kat tgh2 convosquare yg tgh berlumpur tak hengat tu..

On Saturday, because I’m too lazy to take an early bath, I spent the whole morning chit chatting wif my frens..haha..bcoz of tooo much chit chatting sore pun dah jd serak2 basah..had our lunch at convosquare which still very muddy (eating nasi ayam golek yg tak berapa sedap)..watched paintball match with geng2 sekejap je pun..n then went back to resort 7.30 pm we were very busy helping frens to dress up for the convo dinner (make up+lilit2 tudung) (sib baik bawak makeup kit yg sgt2 jarang dipakai) while they were having their n frens having another round of mihun sup..n did some shopping at the convofair before posing sopan kat masjid baru (yg sgt cantik..) kat utp..:p

Convo day plak..rakan2 yg dah nak graduate dah selamat bersiap2 wif their robe..n me yg hanye sempat mencuci muka g menghantar diorg..after packing up hadiah2 yg comey..kami pun berangkat ke foyer chancellor hall..reached there just nice..they are about to announce the recipient of chancellor award ..and as expected…nabilah (my ex rumet) dpt bronze n avinash got gold (he deserves it : aktif + sgt skorer) after posing2 ngan rakan2 yg grad..had lunch wif berg n the dah keja..kenalaa belanje org yg masih belaja (hint!!) makan bihun sup lagi..berangkat dr utp ke kl around 5.30pm..reached home 9pm sumthing..memandangkan the next day I’d to attend a training..sooo..bayangkan tired I am pada pagi isnin tu…
-the end-

another interesting survey~

**cilok dr blog rikku@ija

The game goes like this..first put your music player on shuffle..xkisah la Winamp or WM forward for each question after u answer it and use the song title as the answer of the question..NO CHEATING please..!!

How am I feeling today?
Mariah Carey - All I’ve Ever Wanted <<>

Where will I get married?
Kings of Convinience - I’d Rather Dance With You >> is it at hotel’s ballroom?

What is my best friend's theme song (Rina, Mawar, Fidah)?
Barbra Streisand – People

What was highschool like?
Michael Buble – Fever >> hahahha..sampai demam2 sbb rindukan zaman sekolah..waaa..malas nak kejaaa..

What is the best thing about me?
Mariah Carey – Just To Hold You Once Again >> to interpret this??

How is today going to be?
Jose Gonzales – Heartbeat >> will I bump into sumone that I missed sooo much?

What is in store for this weekend?
Duncan James & Keedie – I Believe My Heart >> baru ku perasan byk sungguh lagu berunsurkan heart..haha..nway..for sure this wiken I’ll do sumthing that I enjoyed the most..

What song describes my parents?
Michael Buble – Put your Head On My Shoulder >> really sound like my mom…sayang mak~

How is my life going?
Adibah Nor – Terlalu Istimewa >> is it because I’m in love n he’s not here?

What song will they play at my funeral?
Marc Anthony – I Need To Know >> whoaaa..ade unfinished business kah?

How does the world see me?
Siti Nurhaliza – Rupanya Kita Serupa >> sooooo stereotype..

What do my friends really think of me?
Aqualung – Strange & Beautiful >> chop2..tak men tipu punye..kebetulan dpt lagu nie..soo my frens..silelaa judge sndri..

Do people secretly lust after me?
Ryan Adams – Nuclear >> ermmm..nuclear????

How can I make myself happy?
Christina Aguilera – I Turn To You >> yupp..if only he’s here..

What should I do with my life?
Lifehouse – You and Me >> hoee…apekah maksudnyaaa..

Will I ever have children?
George Benson – Turn Your Love Around >> sounds like I’ll have children..very2 cute children..;)

What is some good advice?
Hitomi – Pretty Eyes >> jaga mata anda..gunekan utk melihat benda yg baik2 dan indah saje..

What do I think my current theme song is?
Maroon 5 – This Love >> sah sgtt…aku nie dah tak betul~

What does everyone else think my current life?
Shazzy & VE – Kenapa >> puzzle?? Curious??

What type of men/women do you like?
The Adams – Konservatif >> hahahaha..( gelak sbb ade betulnyee)..sape2 pun boleh asalkan tak muda 20 thn dr my dad…

Will you get married?
S.E.S – Kiss >> huyoooo….

What should I do with my love life?
Shania Twain – Ka Ching >> lalalala..sure rina tgh gelak bace mende nie skang..

Where will you live?
Geri Halliwel – Look At Me >> ghee..does it have to figure it out urself?

What will your dying words be?
Mariah Carey – Crybaby >> plsss add ‘don’t’

When I meet a guy/lady for the first time i say..
Trademark – I’ll Be The One >> only apply when he’s the one…

When my parents are angry i say..
Damage – Forever >> no matter what you do..i’ll always love you..forever..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

an invitation

received a wedding invitation. i wish i could mention the guy's name. but sorry. nnt kecoh plak jdnye..rite? but the main issue whether i shoud go or not. small issue is it? but not for i eventually sgt2 ske kat this guy since dr primary lagi. n we eventually got to be frens when we were at secondary. tp bile die dah masuk uniten n me gi utp..sume putus camtu je..walhal we're neighbour..hurmm..once again..mmg tadek my lil sis passed the card to me..i was speechless. but try to hide the feeling..though i really2 wanted to cry but i only my heart cry..n this morning..i decided to go to utp for a convocation ceremony there..i know i have to skip class..which is quite important class..but to attend his wedding..i really cant..

Monday, August 07, 2006

love = money ?

last year i'd posted an entry pasal rotan so this time nak sambung lg skit.. when i was still kid..everytime i kena rotan (make it rotan itself or hanger or belt) selalu rase marah sgt..kinda rase cam nak revenge balik je bile dah besar nnt.. but now..bile dah grown up nie..i felt very grateful coz my parents penah rotan i.. bcoz it makes me realize that the main reason why they rotan me..bcoz they love me.. unlike other parents (bukan sume laa..beberapa org) they show their love n affection through money..but then money is not everything.. it could never replace parents is important..i know..but it is not a medium to show ur affection..parents may think when they can provide everything for their children..that shud be would never be enough..becoz money is not is just a thing that can be used to nurture maintain family educate to be..n yg belum kawin tu pk2 laa..napelaa tetibe nak diskas mende camnie ek? act. las week i'd a very interesting encounter with ex-drug addicts.. this guy told me how he involved with this drug thing..and beside blaming himself (bravo for that) he also mentioned that becoz of his parents gave him too much money ..he didnt know what to do with it n started to befriend with the wrong ppl and his parents never bother about it (bz with works n meetings) and eventually became addicted with drugs..btw his parents was damn pissed off when they got to know about it..n of course they blamed him laa..they said they gave him everything why he must returned back like it really EveryThing ??