Tuesday, January 31, 2006

memoirs of geisha

outing with the gals...rina n azhar, mawar, hasfa n nadia..mission: memoirs of geisha..mawar n her mum picked me up at my home from subang..if i knew that she was coming from her home at subang, i would rather go to klcc by myself..kesian plak..however..tadeklaa rase teruk sgt coz at the same time leh pass her convo picture..at klcc..i was very happy to meet rina there..haha..rindu seh kat my ex rumet..later on..dissatistified with the tgv booking system..we're supposed to get much more better seat rather than seating at the 4th row from the front..dahlaah tak dpt tpt duduk yg sepatutnye...we still have to pay an extra rm1 for that..baik takyah book camtu..tutup citer jap..then..guess what..tgh jejalan..leh terjumpe a fren of mine - berg..yg dah lame plan nak dibelanje..tp masing2 sgt2 sibuk..hahah..another thing that makes my day is a happy day...after watching geisha (which is kinda good..in term of cinematography and the actor itself) we went for a lunch at nandos (still on mawar) heheh..sorilaa mawar...next month kalo aku dah keja aku open table lak..ok ? after perut masing2 dah penuh..maka kami pun berangkat nak balik..but ade yg ade hala tuju lain2..but for me..as it was the beginning day of a very long cny + awal muharam holiday..i prefer to be at home asap..n that is how i ended another month in the calendar..

Friday, January 27, 2006

mencari keja~

i had attended an assessment session at deloitte n the test actually is very challenging..hurm too many questions to be completed within the allocated times..however..upon completing the test..though i do quite bad ...i didnt feel down..but i kinda believed that i will pass the session..and indeed i'd pass the assessment and will be attending an interview with the exec sumwhere in feb..nway..for the interview with ey..i feel bad about it..ermm..though had be interviewed for almost an hour..i had a feeling that..i wont be getting the job there...hahah..too early for me to give up...lets just keep praying for the best~amin..

Thursday, January 19, 2006

SEMESTA menggamitku pulang~

after more than 5 years I left the school, finally I was back at Semesta. If not bcoz of my spm cert, I’m very sure..sampai bile2 pun..dah takan pegi sane lagi. Hurm..thanx to aris yg suke melengah2kan or yg selalu buat2 lupe bile aku mintak tolong tgkkan cert aku tu..nway..aku bukan benci sgt sekolah tu..but sumtimes teringat part2 yg tak best..rase bengang still ade lg kot..hah..:p.. went there wif fidah yg sampai tersesat jln nak gi umah aku..dr kul 9 pg..kul 11 pg br kitorg bertolak..hahah..sengal punye fidah~..reached there after school session ends (seb baik ofis tak tutup lg)..frust jugaklaa sbb ingat nak jumpe cikgu2..somehow..clerk situ cakap byk gak cikgu dah pindah..what do u expect? Dah 5 tahun lebih baru reti balik raub..later..gi cari good point (our fave bakery) kononnye nak beli roti wif choc rice cream..but we was told that the bun had been sold out..this time..kitorg dua2 frust..:p..nak wat camne..maybe one day nnt kitorg gi sana balik…maybe~

hepi bday to ME <<

Adding a new number to my age, does make a lots of different..i’m getting older not younger..n I need to put a dot on my irresponsible acts n started to be more responsible to my family, myself n the future..future ?? put that aside first. My bday was great..especially when receiving greetings via smses, calls, email, friendster..vice versa..n also when getting cool gifts from mum n liyana...the day I spent at mid valley (again?) with shon n alia..bowling @ cosmic bowl + lunch @ kenny rogers + cheaper by the dozen 2@gsc + choc banana cake@ secret recipe (shon belanje..arigato~) seronoknyee saye ari nie~

p/s: semoga allah panjangkan umurku..limpahkan rezeki dan nikmat padaku..rahmati hidupku ..keluargaku..sahabat2ku..muslim dan muslimat..amin..


After FAAF my destination is mid valley. Watching ‘baik punya cilok’ with siti+dana+iza+mas..i give 4 star for the movie..(tak boleh lupa..each time awie berperibahasa)..terserempak with one of peter pan member..ermm..tak ingat plak name die..nway..later..i’ll upload the picture. Overnight at siti’s house. Sayonara 2005 ..welcome 2006..

Exam dtg Lagi ~

Final exam for the my conversion course started the day after the christmast holiday. Have I prepared for it ? of course laa ade skit..tp 60% jelaa..still in holiday mood..plus I was glad that I’d attended all the classes + try out the assignment n exercises..else..i wouldn’t be so calm like this..

1st paper – Business Law
I’d failed this paper during the interim test. Obvious reason = reading + memorizing + writing long essay..i never scored this subject since at semesta..but for this time around, I had spend most of the time to memorize the sections + case law. Questions were as what I’d been expected, not too easy or too confusing. Target – Pass !

2nd paper – Taxation
I should have revise the corporate tax exercise from A to Z. No wonder when I opened the booklet, I started to panic when I saw the corp. tax question. It was a simple question bu it seems like I failed to recall all the important aspects of it; especially – approved donation in term of stocks. Somehow, I managed to calm down and only tried out the question after finishing the other 4 question. Target – 70 – 80 marks..

3rd paper – management accounting
Standard n variance analysis have cost me about 10 marks. I couldn’t remember the formula or the relation to the calculation. Tu tak campur lagi theories on marginal costing. When move on to Quantitative Technique part, gosh..it was more horrible than MA part. Haiya.. camna mau skor nie.. Target – Pass! Pass!

4th paper – Financial Accounting & auditting fundamental
Nothing much to expect when it had been moderated to be at advanced level paper. Nevertheless, I still can handled the paper except the ratio n its analysis. I could not even rite down the formula..how on earth do you expect me to analyze the financial position? Historical & trend analysis pulak tu..Dabel dem..Target – Pass! Pass! Pass!

“Kalau conversion pun dah susah camni..camnelaa nak idup for another 3 years ngan Micpa nie” – Nadiah Mohammad when was asked on the most overused sentences for the past 3 months..

Cuti2 Genting

Eventually, the trip was the 3rd time for me. Nway..it wasn’t on the right time though..as it had been raining almost everyday @ anytime + it was school break (which means pEAk season = had to pay more price) + i havent started revising any subject for the exam. But, we didn’t have any choice either..it was the only time where everybody is available = at home. Bought two easy day package worth rm176 each..hurm.. after considering the room rates + the sumptious buffet lunch at Coffee Terrace + skyway rides n misc..agak berbaloi jugaklaa. Spent 2d1n there..most of the time we spent @ the arcade..n then eating lots of fast food..tips for those who in tight budget but still wanted to have fun @ genting – bring ur own drinks (make it minerals or soft drinks)..or get ready to pay extra for the drinks there..it was pretty expensive (or should I put ‘damn’ )..outdoor theme park? Hurmm..it’s raining maaa~

p/s: teringat kat #genting..korang sume dah mencapai objektif penubuhan kelab ke?