Thursday, December 28, 2006

blog update

It’s been toooooo long already since the last entry..sorry gals..pepaham jelah..towards the end of the year..sume co. nak close account..n maka bersepah2 laa.auditor..keja bagai nak rak mengaudit akaun..

Eventually, recently I upgrade this blog to the blogger beta..n till today I’m still trying to adapt myself with the new system..(actually dunno how to put the shoutbox as everything now is drag n drop only) n I must admit html and other coding language had becoming like a weird terms to me..hehe..

No worries..i’ll try to find time to fix few updates on what’s happening..

p/s: refer to the respective entry plss…tq!

Monday, December 25, 2006

annual dinner

this was my 1st annual dinner…soo no wonder I’m sooo teruja..hahah..the dinner was held at Hilton kl wearing blouse with handbag or clutch sponsored by ms rina (arigato!) make up by my step mom..the dishes quite nice..but the performance not soo nice..a bit boring…nway..i didn’t stay back after the dinner ended..i’m tired..i’m bored and I feel he didn’t attend the dinner though I’d been constantly hinting him to go to the dinner..

to my colleagues ..sorry for going back early..the thing is..i tot u all already go back home..soo..i just waited for my brother at the lobby for more than an hour..but then when I saw the pix..rupenye sume still ade kat sane..haha..tetibe terasa..aku ni cam outsiders je..sengal sungguh..

p/s: tak berbaloi..

Monday, December 18, 2006

sumone got married last week

what a year..first my so called pet brother kawin..n then..the one that I care sooo much..also got married..though I thought that I’d already cleaned him up from my system..but then I could not help it..the week b4 he got married..i was having a hard time to concentrate on the constrain myself from crying…still I cant stop the tears..why it is sooo hard to love somebody…and to let him go…

Saturday, December 09, 2006

ACCA exam

Been on quite long study break..coz I’m takin ACCA maa..which paper? Beginner paper only..1.1 and 1.2..glad that I’d went to most of the class, at least, I can find sumthing to goring for the theory question..btw..sempat join the sunway student study last minute b4 exam..n finally I got to meet with kak sar..sumone that nabil had been talking about since the luncheon at chilis with mr veera..

1.1 is quite tough and I was a bit disappointed with the paper as I’d worked really hard for that paper..nevertheless I hoped that I will pass the paper..amin..

1.2 not too hard n not too easy ..okla compared to 1.1..a bit confident I’ll pass the paper..papehal pun kite tgk bulan 2 nie…J

p/s: terubat rindu di hati..