Friday, February 19, 2010

the time that is here may not be tomorrow

skali skala. . aku nak tukar angin . .skali skala aku nak layan lagu bahasa lain . .so. .skali skala aku nak letak lagu hindustan yg jadi kegemaran aku . .kalo boleh layan..sile layan . .kalo tak boleh..sile buat tatau je.. :P

Kal Ho Naa Ho

Sing A Long Lyrics
Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi
Chhaaon hai kabhi kabhi hai dhoop zindagi
Har pal yahan jeebhar jiyo
Jo hai sama kal ho naa ho

Chaahe jo tumhe poore dil se
Milta hai voh mushkil se
Aisa jo koi kahin hai
Bas vohi sab se haseen hai
Us haath ko tum thaam lo
Voh meherbaan kal ho naa ho
Har pal yahan jeebhar jiyo
Jo hai sama kal ho naa ho

Ho, palkon ke leke saaye paas koi jo aaye
Laakh sambhaalo paagal dil ko
Dil dhadke hi jaaye
Par soch lo is pal hai jo
Voh daastaan kal ho naa ho
Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi
Chhaaon hai kabhi kabhi hai dhoop zindagi
Har pal yahan jeebhar jiyo
Jo hai sama kal ho naa ho
Jo hai sama kal ho naa ho

Life changes its beauty all the time
Sometimes it's a shade, sometimes life is sunlight
Live every moment here to your heart's content
The time that is here may not be tomorrow

One who loves you whole-heartedly
It is difficult meet that person
If there is someone like that somewhere
That person is more beautiful than all
Grab onto that (person's) hand
He or she may not be so gracious tomorrow
Live every moment here to your heart's content
The time that is here may not be tomorrow

Taking the shadow of your eyelashes, when someone comes near
You try to reason with your crazy heart
Your heart just goes on beating
But think, that which is here now
That story may not be here tomorrow

Life changes its beauty all the time
Sometimes it's a shade, sometimes life is sunlight
Live every moment here to your heart's content
The time that is here may not be tomorrow
The time that is here may not be tomorrow

hye there!

Hye aunties and uncles! Kasih dah nak masuk 6 bulan. Skang ni Kasih dah leh makan baby food. Mummy bagi Kasih makan baby food Heinz. Akhir bulan Januari ari tu, Kasih telah selamat disepara botakkan oleh mami n daddy. Memula pagi tu, Kasih pelik nape sume org bangun awal. Kasih mmg dah biasa bangun awal, so tak perlu nak pelikkan Kasih. Pastu, daddy n uncle sibuk ubah2 perabot. Mummy mandikan Kasih pastu bg Kasih pakai baju gaun warna pink yg cantik. Dahlaa saye nie dah sedia comel, makin comel plak lepas pakai baju tu. Tak lame lepas tu, mama long, Tok , mama su dan keluarga Tok Ngah dtg. Rupenye, ade kenduri cukur jambul. Sepanjang kenduri tu, Kasih tak buat perangai, cume bad mood skitlaa sbb Kasih rimas, tgk ramai sgt org. Bile makcik2 potong skit rambut Kasih pun, Kasih still cool lagi. Petang tu, baru laa rambut Kasih disepara cukurkan. 

Dua minggu kemudian, mummy dan daddy nak g shopping kat Selayang Mall, sampai je kat sane, dah penuh dgn org shopping utk raya cine. Terpakse laa patah balik anta Kasih kat umah mama long kejap, takan nak berasak dgn org ramai kan? Sampai je sane, Kasih pelik je tgk muka mama long dan Tok. Terus Kasih nangis, sbb Kasih tak cam diorg. Kesian mama long, mama su dan Tok, panic pujuk Kasih. Kasih nangis kuat sgt sbb takut sampai mama long kate “ isk kasih nie, nangis cam ade org dera die plak” . Tok pun tepon mummy suruh cepatkan shopping sambil cakap “tulah, dua minggu tak dtg umah, sampai cucu tak kenal tok die sendri”. Bile Nampak mummy, Kasih senyum. Mummy plak kate “drama je Kasih nie” 
Kesinambungan dr tu, mummy dan daddy dtg tido selama 2 malam kat umah mama long. Memule Kasih cam tak bape konfiden. Tp lama2 dah rase selamat dgn Tok, mama long, mama su. Seronok betul duk umah mama long, asik ade org layan Kasih je. Mummy dan daddy suke laa, sbb leh men fb tanpa gangguan(cool kan parents Kasih), pastu dpt makan sedap2 n special hasil air tangan Tok dan mama long.:p Tak sabar nak dtg lagi minggu depan.

p/s: utk melihat lebih byk aksi comel saye, sile layari laman facebook mama long saye.. :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

ya atau tidak

ade suara sumbang sibuk berbisik:
 teruskan sajelah. cuma kawan saje. bukannye nak lebih drp itu.

ade suara yg jelas dr seorg sahabat:
  jgn .. jgn cube walau skalipun..ko tatau betapa peritnye bile diserang..

ade pula suara dr hati kecil ku bertanya:
  ape salahnye kalo lelaki yg dah kawin utk mempunyai kawan2 perempuan. skali skala keluar berjumpe.

ketika itu, akal logika pula mencelah:
  sememangnya hati manusia sukar diduga. waktu nie, rasenye sume masih dalam kawalan. bagaimana bile perasaan menjadi lain. tak perlu tggu godaan syaitan, ketahanan diri pun masih kurang kukuh, dah cukup buat keadaan jadi huru hara.

maka aku buat keputusan :
  bagi aku, tak salah utk berkawan dgn laki org. cume perlu tahu adab dan batas. cume keadaan kami bermula dr asas yg salah. mungkin kalo aku teruskan, cume akan menimbulkan kesusahan pada diri aku akhirnya. maka . .

dan tiba2 aku rasa tak keruan . .

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

simple n sweet

4 days hols had ended. back to the reality. back to the office. i'm 50% recharged. and 50% dehydrated.

1. After staying with us for almost 3 days, Kasih finally recognized us and allowed us to play with her. Yipee!

2. As I was almost broke, i had limited my outing activities during this hols. the only place that i went to was a wedding reception at setapak and gals outing at Jalan TAR with Sue. the only money that i spent during the hols was RM40.

3. My new mission every morning is to catch up the 4 coaches train at Masjid Jamek. Most of the time, the train will stop at Masjid Jamek sumwhere around 7.25 - 7.30 am. Maybe because the new coaches had this 'new and fresh' smell. LOL

4. Yesterday, i only managed to get my sleep for 4 hours. Thanx to my bro for switching off all the lights! (i cant sleep when it was too dark!)

5. Cant wait for the bbq this weekend! :P

6. Alhamdulillah, finally it's raining at KL!

7. There's nothing special happened today, but i am feeling contented while sitting in the bus listening to my jazz collection while it was drizzling outside.

8. I finally cooked my first asam pedas. (now what's left for me to learn is the Curry) Well, it was not exactly asam pedas as what had been commented by my sis. She prefer calling it as sambal ikan pari. Hahaha

9. Been looking for good quality of Bisikan Rindu.mp3 by Han. It is one of the ost of Na O Mei, a drama series for the Akasia slot at TV3. Should you find one, please let me know k?

10. I'm craving for peppermint choc ice cream. Where can i get one with lowest calories?

11. Been receiving lots of queries concerning the Korean Trip. Well dear blog readers / bloghoppers, eventually, the trips is handled by my sis MIL's travel agency. Currently, i'm still waiting for the latest package price, itineraries, and departure date. Once I got all the necessary info, I shall update it in my blog entries. And as usual, you can always forward your queries to

12. Till todate, my Korean Trip's fund had reached RM10.00 only.hahaha. still long way to go. Praying hard for Air Asia to start flying to Korea.

13. Seriously, i just couldn't understand guys. Ever since when, they can be moody and complicated? Huh!

14. Next week, i'll be working at sumwhere nearby KLCC. Nak lunch or minum petang sesame? :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

randomn rants #4

once again..there were so many things running on my mind..wished i could blogged all of it..but i was too lazy to type lengthy blog entries..due to excessive reporting that i had gone through last two weeks..

1. entering the 3rd day of the holidays, i managed to achieve one of my mission; which is to sleep, sleep and more sleep..on average i slept around 14-16 hours per day.

2. i only awake for lunch, dinner, bath n internet.

3. i think malaysia had been once again hit by the global warming crisis. it was freaking hot n dry. i still sweating though i was sleeping in an air-conditioned room.

4. it had been a while since the last time i cooked proper dinner from A-Z for the family. (a while meant 3 months ago)

3. while i thought that i could keep up the record, i had to give up when mum forced me to cook for dinner as mum had cooked for the big breakfast this morning. sigh~

4. 1 hour at kitchen made me sweat as if i had ran on the treadmill for 2 hours. maybe because of the climate? or cooking did burnt out the calories?

5. for that 1 hour, I had cooked rice, fried chicken in oyster sauce with dried chilis and cabbage n carrot in masak lemak.

6. my sis and husband n kasih slept over at our home today. did i mentioned that Kasih had started to recognize ppl and will cry whenever us try to hold her? sigh~

7. kasih is 5 months old already. she had started eating nestum. she loves to smile. she loves talking to her father. she loves to suck her finger. omg. she's just soo cute!

8. i think i had enough of sleep. so tomorrow, I'll decided to clean up my closet, clean up my Radish, and jogging.

9. today, i must be the most annoying person on FB. Why? Becoz i've been updating my status like every hour. Sorry mate. I was damn bored today.

10. received a wedding invitation today. coincidently her name is nadia too. which triggered "bile nadia nie plak nak kawin" question from mum n sis..haish..sabar jelaa

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

to all the gals. .

yesterday was the 10th time i watched Princess Diaries : Royal was not one of the box just another chic flick inspired from a novel by meg cabot..simple plot with subtle soundtrack..not to forget stunning actress and gorgeous actor..:p this was one of the ost..dedicated to all my gf..:)

Some girls are fair
Some are jolly and fit
Some have a well-bred air
or a well-honed wit

Each one's a jewel
with a singular shine
a work of art
with it's own rare design

Dear little girl,
you are terribly blessed
But it's your heart of gold
I love the best

And that will be your crowning glory
your whole life through
It'll always be your crowning glory
The most glorious part of you

[J.A.] Some boys can waltz
[R] Some guys can groove
[J.A.] Strike an elegant pose
[R] With the really hip clothes
[J.A.] Some seem to have no faults
[R] But we never like those
[J.A.] No we don't
[R] He'll praise your eyes
[J.A.] Your melodious laugh [ha ha]
[BOTH] Call you more lovely than others by half
[J.A.] The one who's right
[R] My gorgeous prince
[J.A.] Will be honest and true
[R] He'll believe in me too
[J.A.] And prize your heart of gold the way I do

He'll know that will be your crowning glory your whole life through
Your love will see that it's your crowning glory
The most glorious part of you and you
and you
and you

That will be your crowning glory
Darling when they tell your story
They'll call your heart of gold your crowning glory
The most glorious part of you

Friday, February 12, 2010

quickies . .

last two weeks mmg sgt memenatkan. byk benda aku nak cite n komen. tp for now. aku rase otak aku dah overload.

1. eversince last week, aku cume tido 2-3 jam sahaja setiap hari, sbb nak kejar dateline. kekurangan waktu tido aku tampungkan dgn tido dlm bas, lrt atau teksi. 

2. hari selase lepas, kepenatan aku yg tak cukup tido, tp byk aktiviti seharian menyebabkan otak aku jadi kurang rasional dan akhirnye aku meluahkan rase stress nie kat mr.h yg telah aku larang drpd menghubungi aku.

3. aku sms mr.h bukan sbb aku rindu. cume aku rase sure korang ade suatu ketika tu tetibe ade suatu rase yg sgt kuat nak cakap dgn that specific somebody.

4. aku bukan saje bersms, malah turut diikuti suatu pertemuan yg tak dirancang. alhamdulillah, perasaan yg membuak2 dulu dah makin dpt dikawal. aku cume nak memastikan perasaan aku saje.

5.  kerja ditangan masih berbaki 10% utk disiapkan, tp dah ade kerja baru menanti. tetibe aku rase hati aku makin jauh dari sini. mungkin aku patut ikut perancangan abah utk mencari pekerjaan dgn bantuan kawannye.

6. semalam aku tgk 'semanis kurma' . tajuk - gadai dara bukti cinta. aku ske dgn pesanan ustazah bahiyah. dlm bercinta, kite kena elak 4 P. 

7. Jgn Pandang lebih2 . nanti rase nak Pegang. pastu teringin nak Peluk. dan akhirnya jadi Perzinaan.

8. H.M Tuah pun bagi suatu pesanan yg bagus dan mmg meninggalkan kesan dihati aku.Sebelum nak bercinta, pastikan kite dah ade 5 cinta nie. cinta kepada allah. cinta kepada nabi dan rasul. cinta kepada ibu bapa. cinta kepada ilmu pengetahuan. dan akhirnya cinta pada diri sendri. dan kalo rase ade berbaki lagi rasa cinta tu. bagilaa skit pada org lain. 

9. cuti raya cina nie aku sgt free. dan aku sebolehnye nak biarkan je aku free waktu tu. sbb aku nak tido dan tido dan tido dan tido. mungkin kalo dah puas tido, aku sambung stadi dan mendobi.

10. semalam bos aku bgtau aku still diperlukan utk membantu dept  diorg. seriusli aku dah tak terkata.  dan seriusli aku nak kena cari keja tpt baru. dasar job hoppers.

11. atau mungkin aku kena konsider buat bisnes sendiri?

12. cakap pasal bisnes, salah seorang sahabat aku baru2 nie ade launch her own online shopping website. silelaa jenguk di Nia Cabin.

13. bbq pertama bersama2 rakan2 terdekat had been fixed this 20th. aku nak ajak someone, just purely sbb nak borak2 dan ajak die hangout. tp mungkin die takan percaya kot. sbb mungkin die rase die hot. so takpelah. kalo nak kuar dgn hot stuff, kenalah jadi hot stuff gak.

14. aku masih belum dpt escort utk kenduri kazen. bulan 5 dah menghampiri nie. no strings attached. commitment free. just teman aku dan berbasa-basi dgn family aku je. upah? makan chili's sudah. :P

p/s: application thru email saje..:p

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Keluar bersama berdua = Date ?

situasi 1

Mr. L : Dah lame tak jumpe, jom kite lunch same2.
Ms. T : Errr. . lunch ? (tak penah2 ajak aku lunch) Lunch utk ape ek?
Mr. L : Saje2 borak2.
Ms. T : (tak bape berminat sebenarnye, tp berbudi bahasa  je nie) Okay kot. Nnt awak setla bile. Kalo saye free boleh laa. Lunch mase weekday laa k!

Situasi 2
Ms.T : Bz gile dgn keja smp tadek mase nak catch up kan? So, ape kate kalo free mase cny kite lepak2 n catch up? (dgn intention betul2 nak lepak saje)
Mr. P : Err. .tak pasti lagi. tgkla camne

macam ade satu stigma baru plak. asalkan kalo ade opposite sex tu ajak kuar..mcm indirectly ajak nak kuar date..walhal dalam situasi kedua2 diatas..ajakan tu mmg dgn niat utk lepak2 sbb dah lame tak berjumpe..aku rase kalo dalam situasi mcm nie, the best thing to do:

1. Kalo kite comfortable dgn org tu, dan kite plak free, just jumpe jelaa, maybe leh bawak member,( ade 2 function: nak kurangkan akwardness dan boleh gunakan member tu utk escape kalo tetibe jadi berpanjangan plak aktiviti tu)

2. Kalo tak comfortable, then just say NO

3. Takyah laa nak pk lebih2. Just assume sume ajakan tu hanyelah atas name persahabatan je.

4. Kalo pastu, disusuli dgn ajakan yg lebih kerap, itu baru boleh dikatakan ade niat lain . .(aku tak percaya pompuan/laki yg boleh ade more than 1 platonic aku the most is only 1 platonic relationship)so mase tu baru made up ur mind either to proceed or to exit. .

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

celoteh ujung minggu

Akhirnya weekend yg panjang tiba lagi. Rindu sgt pada weekend yg panjang nie walaupun asalnye aku tadek ape2 perancangan pun untuk cuti 3 hari tu. Nak ajak teman seangkatan berpoya2, die join xpdc mulu. Nak ajak bff yg sorang lagi, plan dgn ehem die mmg tak dpt aku nak interframe (lgpun tak elok kaco org yg sedang hangat2 nie) So aku dgn dedikasinye mengangkut kerja2 pejabat pulang ke rumah. Hakikatnye, hanye selama 2 jam sahaja aku spend masa membelek2 keja yg dibawak pulang tu iaitu pada hari jumaat malam sabtu.

Sbbnye hari pertama, aku plan nak g gym, nak g shopping kat suria KLCC, nak g galeri petronas, tp sume tak jadi, sbb aku bangun lewat dan sehariannye aku asik tido je, aku tadek mood nak buat ape2 pun. Hari kedua, aku ajak mak n adik dan bfnye berjalan2 di Ikea. Mak nak mencari cabinet combination utk renovation dapur. Aku nak mencari deko@sampah2 baru utk ditambahkan kat dlm bilik yg dah sedia byk sampah tu. Spt biasalaa, aku cari barang yg termurah boleh aku dapat kat situ.
Paper Magazine holder 5 pcs for RM3.30
4R Picture frame 3pcs for RM5.90
Laundry basket for RM8.90
Waste basket for RM2.80
Stationery organizer for RM5.00
So, overall I spent RM25.90. :P Belanja diorg pre-lunch at the Ikea restaurant. Pas 3-4 jam round sane, kitorg check out. Plan awal nak g sambung shopping dgn bff, Rina terbantut sbb dah terkuar umah lambat dan terabis masa lame kat ikea, plus, by the time kami sampai umah, sume terus terdampar kat ruang tamu, kepenatan gile!

Malam tu, aku yg bosan sgt dan taktau nak berborak dgn sape pada malam ujung minggu, buatlaa satu projek kanak2 ribena, iaitu mencorakkan magazine holder yg sgt boring tu. Dah lame gile tak pegang brush n bermain poster colour, so hasilnye pun tak bape cantiklaa (haha, walhal aku mmg tadek bakat seni). Tp rase cam stress aku dapat disalur keluar bile aku buat aktiviti camni.
Dan hari ketiga, separuh hari diabiskan dgn melayan Coffee Prince, dr pagi sampai tengahari (dah tgk kali ke 4 pun still boleh melekat tgk)namun setelah menekadkan diri, aku pun siap2, g menyambung aktiviti shopping dgn Rina. Aktiviti shopping dimulakan dikedai2 kasut dan diselang selikan dgn tea break di The Warung dan disambung di kedai2 baju dan diakhiri dgn tapauan di Krispy Kreme dan pre dinner di Yo Sushi. (sedapnye sashimi tuna dan salmon) 

Hasilnye tiada celahan utk aku menyiapkan keja. Aku kena belajar kurangkan tido! Aku kena belajar kurangkan nafsu membeli belah ! dan paling penting aku kena belajar tinggalkan saje kerja dipejabat. Cukup2la aku buat OT tak berbayar di pejabat.

p/s: aku hanye makan sekeping donut saje!

a confession . .

Two weeks had passed. So far so good. Once in a while the memories did come back. It lingered around me for a while, before I shunned it away when it grew into pain. Weird enough, the feelings will eventually grew stronger whenever I was in the train, let it be the monorail or star LRT. There were times when I secretly wished that he’s not married, or secretly hoping for us to bump into each other. It had been expected that withdrawal process would take some time and might hurt me occasionally, but should you asked me whether I’d regretted for what had happened, I would have tell you that,

“I’m grateful to get to know him, meeting him like meeting Mr.KA for the second time, be with him made my heart beating extremely faster than usual and because of him, I smiled more. Though this might be one of his favorite past time, for me, it had teaches me very valuable lessons in relationship, never trust anybody except Allah and myself.”

p/s: :) . .one day the spring will follow me everywhere i go . .