Sunday, July 26, 2009

padah bile tak dgr cakap..

what u get when u ate mc muffin+hash brown in the morning, followed by fried mee with 1/2 cooked sunny egg for lunch, choc pretzel stix for tea and laksa asam+ mee rebus + sup tulang for dinner + buah mata kucing and marigold hl for dinner? well you got urself mc on friday , and stay at home for the whole weekend!
the food inspector might be saying "i told you so" when he read this. my trainer would say " melampau betul" my frens would say "lapa sgt ke?". hehe..but my justification was that it was a mystery why on that specific day i was having the biggest appetite ever. (this would be the last time i ate sooo many kind of food on the same was really a lesson learnt)
to cut short..the diarrhea started on friday morning which was too painful for me to bear untill i'd decided to cancel the trip to client's place n the office though i was halfway there. reached home n slept all day. my stomach in great pain and body temp was damn high. but as there was nobody at home n i didnt have the strength to walk, i just waited for mum n bro to reach home to send me to clinic and to buy something for me to eat. the next two days was recovery process which allowed me to do nothing except kuar masuk toilet, sleeping, eating porridge and watching tv. the 1st two days were very challenging, as it was very hot= fever + sore throat + headache, i loss my appetite. and alhamdulillah by sunday evening i started to feel better.
p/s: lesson learnt
1. cannot eat fast food
2. cannot eat fried food
3. cannot eat carb after 6 pm
4. listen to the trainer and the food inspector
5. never eat at mamak again

Monday, July 20, 2009

last on mr.x . .

did u noticed it? it had been quite sometimes i talked about mr.x. but at the same time..there's no other mr. appearing in my blog. yeah, finally i got the courage to send the last sms and return the ring. hurm, i know the ring is mine, but i cant keep it anymore as it reminds me of him. i cant sell the ring bcoz theoretically is not mine (would fake silver ring cost as much as pure gold ring?) so, the best thing to do is to return it back and let him give it to anybody that he think deserve to have it. my point is that ppl who did not knew how to appreciate others doesnt deserved to be loved by me. maybe i'm the one who had try / think too much. but enough is enough.

1st month without the ring. still feeling contented and glad that i'd make that decision..:)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

from the fridge. . .

For lunch today, all the raw materials were sourced out from the fridge. Japanese soba with soy souce, grilled chicken breast with cream sauce and mixed crabstick salad. So, lets check out the recipe:

Japanese soba with soy sauce


Japanese soba, Celery, Fish cake,
Soy sauce, Olive oil, Pinch of salt


Boiled water in the pot and soak soba in the boiling water with a pinch of salt. Wait until the soba become soft and cooked and then sieve the soba. pour a bit of oil in the wok. Add in the fish cake.
Add in soba and followed by the soy sauce. Finally add in the celery. ready to be served. Best served with thai chili sauce.

Grilled chicken breast with cream sauce


Chicken boneless breast, Butter, Wosterchesire sauce - chicken

Marigold hl plain milk, Cheddar cheese, butter - cream sauce


melted the butter. spread thin layer of butter on the chicken and grilled the chicken. pour in around 2-3 tbsp of wosterchesire sauce based on your preferences. grilled till both side become dark brown

Cream sauce

add in butter, milk and cheese, heat and mix under low temperature until the sauce thicken. pour onto the grilled chicken

Mixed crabstick salad

Crabsticks, Mayonnaise, Romaine, Butterhead, Lettuce, Cherry tomatoes


Boiled crabsticks and sliced thinly. Sliced cherry tomatoes. Combined all the leafs and tomatoes into big bowls. Add the crabstick and mayonnaise on top and mixed well.

Easy rite? Selamat mencuba!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

pengakuan seorg penagih pembeli belah..

The initial plan was to do cardio and followed by a shopping trip at primavera and the vincci..but then the plan took a big turn when I woke up feeling drowsy and with sore throat. As mum wasn’t at home n rest of my adik2 had already out for dating, I did the spring cleaning at the house..started with my bedroom, then the living room, kitchen and bathroom. I was feeling sick but I managed to clean up everything. And soon enough, I was feeling sooo tired that I slept thru the afternoon. Woke up feeling very2 hungry but not in the mood of cooking, so I went to selayang mall and tapau bihun tomyam and brownies at secret recipe plus the original dvd of confession of shopaholic. Lately, I had developed a new habit of purchasing dvd of movies instead of Korean drama series. Yup, I’m trying to view life and relationship at a much2 more realistic perspectives.

Overall, the movie was up to my expectation. Had mixed of everything. Isla Fisher was indeed the right person to potray the shophaholic Rebecca. I love the scene where she was seduced to buy the green scarf. It was exactly what I felt when I was in dilemma whether I should buy that thing or not. I’ll start imagining how do I look when I wear that shoes. So funny and stupid too! Next best scene was the scene where she paid the long awaited outstanding to Derek Smeath (the debt collector) in form of pennies instead of bills. That was so padan muka to the debt collector who had be constanctly harassing her in the most possible way that he could. He really sounded like Ah Long!. Hugh Dancy had he’s own persona, and I’ll be looking forward to see more of him should there be sequels for this movie. A good movie to watch if you want something less complicated and less adventure.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

sehidup dan semati

will i be able to meet someone who can really be called life partner? (but of course i dun what us to end up by having suicide)

Together in life and in death

LONDON (July 14, 2009):
It was, said their family, a very civilised way to die. Sir Edward and Lady Downes, a shared lifetime of personal and professional triumphs behind them, held hands for their final moments together before climbing on to separate beds to drink the clear liquid containing a fatal dose of barbiturates. Within 10 minutes, watched by their weeping family, they were dead.

A handout picture dated 1979, provided by the Birmingham
Post and Mail on 14 July 2009, shows British conductor Sir
Edward Downes at the Birmingham Town Hall for the first
concert in the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra's 1979
Proms, Britain.
The decision of one of Britain's greatest conductors and his wife to end their own lives in a manner, time and place of their choosing has reignited the debate over assisted suicide in Britain.

Yesterday, as their children were interviewed by Metropolitan Police officers over their role in facilitating their parents' death, the extraordinary finale to the life of Edward, 85, and Joan Downes, 74, began to emerge.

News of their suicide last Friday was released in a statement by their son Caractacus and daughter Boudicca.

It said: "After 54 happy years together, they (our parents) decided to end their own lives rather than continue to struggle with serious health problems. They died peacefully, and under circumstances of their own choosing, with the help of the Swiss organisation Dignitas in Zurich."

The reluctant choice of Britain's finest post-war conductor who worked his way up from humble beginnings to lead the world's greatest orchestras, a roll-call of achievements which included taking the baton for the first performance at the newly built Sydney Opera House - was made after his wife of 44 years was diagnosed with terminal secondary cancer in the liver and pancreas earlier this year.

In recent times she had become not only his constant companion, accompanying him to dress rehearsals at the beloved Royal Opera - where they met more than half a century ago when she was an aspiring young ballet dancer and he an emerging conductor - but also his full-time carer.

Sir Edward, although not terminally ill, had had to cope with deteriorating eyesight for many years.

By the end of his professional life, when he was well in to his eighties, he was forced to conduct only those pieces contained within his prodigious memory.

A recent decline in his general condition, following a hip replacement, and for a musician the desperate blow of losing his hearing, had made the prospect of life without Lady Joan untenable.

According to her British doctors, the couple had, at best, a few months left together, though Lady Joan might have only lived for a few more pain-racked weeks.

Medication worked intermittently and a delay could have meant she would have been too ill to travel, the family said.

Research on the internet led them to contact the controversial Dignitas clinic, where more than 117 Britons have gone to take advantage of Switzerland's liberal laws on assisted suicide.

"It was very calm and very civilised," explained Caractacus.

"It is a very good way to go and you are under control. When faced with a situation like that, having control over your end is a very important thing, and my parents were very keen on that."

He added: "So while it was shocking when I found out, it seemed a completely reasonable thing to do and we had no trouble supporting what they did. I don't understand why the legal position in this country doesn't allow it."

Son and daughter had persuaded their parents to allow Caractacus to accompany them from their home in Greenwich, south-east London, to Zurich last Tuesday.

Boudicca, 39, a UN worker based in Rome, met them there. Only a small group of close friends, one of whom is a solicitor, was privy to the decision.

"In the end, they were relieved we were there," said Downes, 41, an IT worker and part-time musician.

Sir Edward had remained active very late in life, still studying for a Russian degree to keep his brain "ticking over", but the ravages of old age were becoming intolerable.

"It was frustration upon frustration for him," explained his son.

In order to be allowed to proceed, Sir Edward and Lady Joan had to provide evidence of their conditions and persuade doctors that they were fully aware of and committed to taking their own lives.
"They both lived life to the full and considered themselves extremely lucky to have lived such rewarding lives both professionally and personally. Our parents had no religious beliefs and there will be no funeral," the couple's children said. - The Independent

if . . .

you met a man and he ..

asked for your phone number >> that's a sign he's interested in you..(but if he asked for ur fren's phone number too..might be he's a player)

didnt asked for your number >> he didnt interested in you..he's not available anymore..or he didnt have a mobile phone(which is impossible)

give you his number >> he is a dominant kind of guy or he's being stingy..or he's trying he's luck..

ever complicated a guy can be?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

can't take my eyes off you . .cover version

which cover is the best? (for my reference nie)

-Muse version-

-Lauryn Hill version-

-Vicki Carr version-

-Engelbert Humperdinck version-

-Boys Town Gang version-

-Gloria Gaynor version-

-Lady Antebellum version - ....oopppss nie lagu lain..tajuk je i like..sweet . .