Friday, February 23, 2007

Cite Lapuk..

backdated entry..cny holiday finally ends..n i'm soooo was not easy to get long break like this especially during nov - april (unless u're on MC or EL)..but then..i'd enjoyed the was fun+relaxing and costly too!!(keja mcm nak gile utk cari duit utk sgt reasonable) ..

-went back to the office for a while..n upon seeing nobody was there..soo decided to go home..
-did nothing..sleep the whole day

-went to one utama wif mawar n her frens..did some shopping there...spent almost $200..i was not on a shopping spree..i was just feeling so bored with my office attire n i felt that this is the right time to revamp my professional look..cewah..summore..baru nak merase gaji bulan 1..

-me n rina secara tiba2nye decided to go to genting..Kota Keriangan..though it had been raining since 7 am..but the urge to leave KL was so strong..sooo..dgn punyelaaaaa ramai n rina mendaki laa genting higland tu..unfortunately..the cable car gave me a creepy feeling that day..tetibe stop tgh2 jalan..n i was like.."ya allah ..semoga kami selamat sampai" all the time till we safely reached there..

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-i did my first archery at genting..which is testing my muscle strength but the same time..I was so now..I have add one more sports which I know how to..(p/s: but I will never can add 'swimming' into the list..hahaha)..decided to tryout the flying coaster..but as it was still raining..most of the outdoor theme park attraction is temporary close..soo..where else to go? Arcade...where we try out our skills to be the combat squad..ghostbuster..michael schumacher..and skiing of course..

-had our lunch at Sushi King

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-had a walk at the galleria..n posed quite a number of pix there..

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Dear all,

alhamdulillah..I'd passed my paper 1.1 and 1.2..though prizewinner yg menjadi impian tersgtlaa tak tercapai..but then..i'll try my best for paper 2.2 and 2.3 this june seating..haha..manelaa tau ade rezeki..bolehlaa terbang ke UK (desperately need a loooong vacation from office)..nway..i'd made a promise to myself..once client nie dah more tuang kelas..and will attend all the class + do all exercises in the text book..wish me all the best!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Long Holiday and Long Plan..

Insya allah...if Allah permits..finally i could breathe..taking break from this non stop audit assignment..and also break from seeing someone..hurm..i've been constantly hinting my superior to let us enjoy this cny holiday..of is almost end of February ..but till today I have yet spend my January pay (jgn jeles k..;p)what to do..i've been working extra hours almost everyday (incl.public hol+weekends)since 1st feb..soo..whenever i got free time i used it wisely by sleeping all day.... planning to do soo many things this holiday...

1. Watch movie - puaka tebing biru..want to watch mr fahrin in action~

2. Karaoke at Red Box - sunday morning till noon

3. Wash n cut my hair - still looking for a new hair style..

4. Shopping for office attire - aiming for 2 blouse+1 black jacket+1 pants+1 baju kurung

5. Sleep - ganti tido~ about u all?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Exam Result

Wahai rakan2...pembaca2 blog..silekan mendoakan semoga saye lulus peksa bulan 12 hari tu..amin~

fyi..result akan dikuarkan 19hb nie...boleh kot~

Friday, February 09, 2007

sgt bzzzzzz...ep.03

i'm still on my non stop job soon as i completed the last week assignment..straight away assigned to another very rushing job..wanna i defined whether the job is a bit or very rushing..depending on how many hrs u spend on the job daily..for instance..this job had cost me a public holiday and saturday..and last week..had cost me the whole week..ok..the blame is not 100% on the schedule..i might have contribute sumthing too..for being a bit inefficient..nway..i'm so thankful that the client there had been very trying to provide us all the required doc asap..and also..for doing ot just purposedly to accompany and help us as most of the day there, we only left the office after 10 pm..thanks a lot..nnt kitorg belanja mamak..:p

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>> rumah ke-2 ...:p

p/s: i had almost caused a conflict of interest there..but then..thank god..sumone had awake me up from the so called "sweet dream"..

super woman ~

it was thursday nite..n as usual, I left the client quite about senior sent me to the nearest lrt station..i got this feeling that there i'll be going through sumthing that i'd never do before..but is just a feeling..soo..upon reaching tmn melati..i'd try to call my frens (as she had been fetching me from the lrt to her i've been staying there for the whole week..)..but failed to get through..ok..dont panic..try to call again..still no is the time to get it was almost is not the real ghost that i scared of..but 'ghost' that are not really ghost that gave me the shivers..

then..i decided to take a cab to go back to the hp is out of batteries already..sooo..i'm sooooo risking my own tawakal jelaa..n my gut also said that there is no to worry with the cab driver..and alhamdulillah managed to reach home safely.. bro locked the gate..n he was sumwhere at uptown ..i mom n my sis were very far away in the fairyland..makanye...i decided to climb up the gate..just imagine me panjat the pagar with baju kurung...hahahahahah....tibai long i managed to get into my home and sleepp...

makanye..tamatlaa kisah superwoman hari nie..sekian terime kasih...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

extra bzzz...ep.02

still struggling to wrap up last week job..n now..starting a new assignment at KLCC! ..finally I can breathe though the job was bit rushing too..but then..what to do..peak period..all staff had to be fully utilized! working at klcc had gave me short break from waking up too early in the morning..n cut short my travel from home to client and vice versa..

the client..was very nice and cooperative..but forex..duh..(nadia: you have to master this asap..)..supposed to finish within two weeks..but then i was pulled out for another job..sooo finish other job within 4 days..n have i mentioned that..i'd just realized that my classes started already?

And bcoz of the job was having 4 days only to the end..i'd to sacrifice my i admit that being a part timer is damn hard..sooo..i'm giving my two thumbs up to those part timer who manage to get prize winner for last seating..

oh..nway..still cant finish the job..taking some first time being person in charged(never knew that there a hell of documentation need to be done)..which i think would be my last time to be person in charged too..:p

p/s: klcc..tunggu daku..tggl 2 tahun je lagi..