Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Seoul Trip @ September 2012

Me n office colleague had bought tickets to Seoul this September. From 15/9 - 21/9 (just have to take 4 days leave). So, if any of you interested to join us, please buy the ticket first n maybe we could meet up n explore Seoul together! Exclusive of flight tickets n shopping, estimated budget is RM800 - RM1,000 (RM450 for accomodation + RM130 for theme park entrance fee)

Planned itineraries:

15/9 - Explore the Palace via Seoul City Bus (Changing Guard Ceremony, Wedding)
        - N Seoul Tower & Teddy Bear Museum at nite
16/9 - Hanok Village, Itaewon, Cycle at Han River, Seoul Night Tour
17/9 - Nami Island (Winter Sonata), Coffee Prince shop 
18/9 - Everland (Halloween Festival)
19/9 - Full House location, Seoul Drum Festival (TBC), Hanseong Baekje Cultural Festival
20/9 - Shopping @ Insadong, Myeondong, Dongdaemun
21/9 - Shopping @ Namdaemun

Am considering to overnight at Busan, see how first.

being jealous

found out that mr.x will be going to seoul this june. with the officemate (single female incl.). i was a bit concern till the extend i think i have to follow him. but..first shud i be concern till that extend? i dont even know who am i to him. second, i already bought a ticket to seoul this september, so do i have to spend more just for the sake of being able to tail him around the seoul? till last friday, i think i should do that. n i ought to be concern.

but, sumthing happened last week. n it is a wake up call for me.  i learned is that. if he is not for me. nothing will change that. so, no need to spend that money for sumthing trivial like this. no need!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

An Evening At KLCC

Among the photos that was displayed at the exhibition
Its weekend. Woke up at ll am, capai tuala n mandi. Kononnye nak pegi office n klcc. Sudahnye, smp klcc je. Sbbnye byk mission nak diaccomplish harinie.

1st Mission
G galeri petronas utk tgk exhibition the Star, Capturing Malaysia through the Years — 40 Years of Press Photography. Impressed with the photos! . The picture of standard one student blew a balloon in an attempt to console his friend during the first day of the schools made me smile. N a pix of a mother teaching her son at her sugarcane stalls made my heart fluttered. They even had a photo of our PM n wife sang at a charity event, where they managed to collect rm50k. My favorites the Sudanese women in bright colorful clothes, and dr.M massaging his sore foot during a function that he attended. It's free n recommended!

2nd Mission
Shopping at Watson. Today last day for the special deal where I can get juvanex for only rm99. But ended up paying only 95 for it, rm3 off for card member. What is juvanex? It is a detox drink. Why? Well, its been a while since the last time I detoxifying myself. So as the price is considerably cheap rite now, why don't I just do it now?

3rd Mission
Explore the new isetan supermarket. My oh my. So in love with the new concept. There's plenty of Japanese n desserts bar. They even have Korean dishes. Drooling. Seriously, so hard to decide which to buy; takoyaki? Udon? Salmon tuna? Curry Katsu udon? Spicy rice cake? Jap chae? ...just took overwhelming for me. Finally, i bought kimchi salad, spicy rice cake n macaroons. Now, I had more reason to stop by at klcc, besides primavera, isetan n seafood oolio..n mr.x..

내가 미쳐가 다녔다

This love story sucked big time. I can't get over him. I refused to let him go. I strained myself for getting to know the truth. Yes, truth hurts. And yes, I'm protecting myself.

I just can't imagine myself having another emotions breakdown just like what I'd experienced 8 years ago. It just too painful, whenever I thought of it.

But I realized that the best way to made my heart give up on him is only when I see him with someone else.I believed that would be the best and the only reason for me to let him go..

Saturday, February 11, 2012

perubatan dan Rasulullah

sabtu lepas, Ustaz Fauzi Mustafa bagi ceramah bersempena Maulidur Rasul. Topik yg menarik, Perubatan Dan Rasulullah. Byk info baru / lama yg dpt direfreshkan semula.antaranya:

Makanan yg harus diamalkan selalu:
1. Buah Tin
2. Buah Zaitun
3. Habbatus saudah
4. Madu lebah
5. Cuka epal

utk senarai penuh khasiat boleh klik disini 

Cara tido yang paling bagus
Tido mengiring sebelah kanan, agar jantung yg berada disebelah kiri dpt turut berehat kerana tidak perlu bekerja keras untuk mengepam darah ke seluruh organ.

Cara makan paling bagus
Kaki kiri bersila, lutut kaki kanan ditegakkan, supaya usus berlipat dan cepat rasa kenyang, jd tak makan terlalu byk.

Dan berdoa dan memohon kepada Allah.