Monday, April 27, 2009

yummy .. .

while in the monorail heading imbi, i noticed that there was a long queue outside the berjaya times square..wonder what's happen? eventually, if i not mistaken today is the opening of 1st krispy kreme outlet at m'sia..n for the 1st customer, he/she will be getting free supply of doughnut for 1 good is that? nway, it was a good thing that i'm on a losing weight mode, or else i might be one of them..heheh..but still i'm not that a big fan of doughnut. i'm just a big fan of sweet thingy.

p/s: sorry leong, i will be trying out the krispy kreme soon. but no worries, just two of it wont make any harm right?? :P

marriage . .

We’re almost at end of April 2009. Didn’t time fly that fast rite now, did they? And till to date I’d attended like 4 weddings alr. (not incl. weddings that I had to forgo due to my appointment and weddings that I purposely skipped) first at melaka (mawar’s fren) 2nd was kimi’s (he is the cyber fren back at utp) 3rd was adam’s (a mualaf who used to be my primary classmate) and finally the recently held was yuni’s (my housemate back at utp). I didn’t want to comment on their wedding ceremony as for me all was done at their best and within their own budget. But it was what's next that made me think.

Recently me and my mom was watching a tvb drama where there is this scene showing the wife finally found out about the husband extra marital affair after they had been together for more than 25 years. The wife demanded divorce while the children and even the niece (charmaine sheh) asked her to reconsider the decision. As usual, as the audience me n my mom started to act as the series was directed by us. I was on the wife side, though I’m still single, I knew that it was so devastating to find out that the husband has another one. I kept saying ‘ Cerai jelah, melampau laki tu’ then my mum blurted out sumthing that starting quite a heated conversation (act I feel trapped with this kind of conversation; as if I opt to say nothing I’m sure mom will not satisfied, but if I continue, I might end up saying sumthing that could hurt her feeling..but I was glad that the conversation ended up well though agak tergantung)

Mum: nape mak tgk org2 skang senang2 je cakap pasal cerai. Macam perkahwinan tu tadek maksud pape. Kalau org dulu, tanak langsung cakap pasal cerai, biarlah sampai mati,

Me: orang dulu lain, org skang lain. Pompuan dulu, hidup bergantung pada lelaki. Kalo keja pun, diorg still sgt dependent kat laki, so kalo cerai, susahla idup.

Mum: tp zaman2 mak, ramai je pompuan dah keja gaji byk.

Me: mmglah zaman mak tu dah start pompuan keja. Tp still ade lagi rase kalo cerai tu susahkan diri n paling penting takut org sekeliling duk berkata2. mak tau2 jelaa waktu tu kalo org dah start cakap2 payahlaa nak idup.

Mum: abistu perkahwinan tu tadek mane laa skang?

Me: mane ade tadek makne. Maybe ade org anggap kawin tu semate2 nak halalkan ape yg haram je. Tp kalo nad, kawin tu kalo boleh nak kongsi idup nie sebaik mungkin sampai mati. Tp mak tgklaa zaman skang, bape byk sgt laki boleh harap. Kalo zaman mak tu, boleh lagilaa kalo kite tgk luar laki tu baik, percentage dalaman die pun baik tu tinggi. Tp skang nie laki mcm2 perangai; ade yg kaki kikis, ade yg baran, ade yg gay. Dahlah tu kekadang pas kawin je br nmpk perangai sebenar. Dr dok tahan bertahun2, asik tambah anak baik cerai awal dr ade anak byk2 tp tak dpt nak tanggung(atau bayar nafkah) dan last2 anak yg jd mangsa.

Mum: (senyap je, tp tadek tande tak puas hati atau terase.)

The conversation ended there.

Being married in this millennium is a big challenge. With all the no boundaries technologies that had evolved, they did make the whole thing much harder. I respected those managed to survive each other till to date, I dared those that trying to survive herself from the other to start to take some action now and I wished all the best to those who still trying to survive each other till to date.

P/s: I’m not anti marriage as I am a Muslim. I viewed marriage as a sacred relationship that requires trust, toleration, faith, sweats, love and money in order to remain it as it is. In fact, I’m seriously looking for the not so mr-right for me now. I know the search is not that easy, might hurt me a bit here n there. But I will persevere in order to fulfill this obligation.

P/s 2: sometimes it makes me wonder, why I can easily win contests that I entered, or get all the things that I want but when it comes to this love thingy it seems that all my lucky streaks had been sucked up. It is either the guy is alr with sumone else or he’s a gay or he’s just not that into me? Well, this will always keeps me wonder. . .

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

when the lights go out . .

i'm soo relieved that i had iron all the clothes for the week. so when suddenly taman wilayah went out of electricity due to the ribut kecil i was not that panic..but i dont have matching headscarf to go with the baju kurung, n luckilly there's a beige headscarf that i'd wore once and w/o any reason i decided to hang it in the closet 1st..the headscarf had saved me..though not too ideal with my blue baju kurung, kire oklaa!, i forgot to remove the contact lens b4 sleeping, so during the night, the contact lens removed itself from my eyes and that 5.30 am, i'm like a blind frantically search for it as that was the last pair i had(must buy new pairs today!) alhamdulillah, i managed to find the thing..soaked the thing in the solution and took my bath and started to siap2(1st time in the year, i went to office with very minimal make-up: baby powder only)then had another round of searching for things to be pack in my exercise bag..what a morning!

Monday, April 20, 2009

jat da da . .

Jat da da da..
Jat da da da…
Jat da da da…

Entah mengapa debar di jiwa
Terasa bagai ku telah jatuh cinta
Semakin lama
Semakin mula rasa rindu

Kini ku sedar
Ku tak berdaya
Memendam rasa
Yang sekian lama

Menginginkan mu
Mencintaimu oh sayang ku!

Jangan cuba mencipta harapan
Jika kau hanya mainkan perasaan
Yang sekian lamanya
Dambakan kehadiranmu

Jangan biarku mencintai mu
Melainkan kau merasa begitu
Kerna hati ini
Tak bisa di luka lagi

Jat da da da…
Jat da da da…
Jat da da da…

Katakan saja yang sejujurnya
Ada kau rasa apa yang ku rasa
Kau kan setia
Mengharap sinar bahagia…

Jangan cuba mencipta harapan
Jika kau hanya mainkan perasaan
Yang sekian lamanya
Dambakan kehadiranmu

Jangan biarku mencintai mu
Melainkan kau merasa begitu
Kerna hati ini
Tak bisa di luka lagi

Jat da da da…
Jat da da da…
Jat da da da…
Jat da da da…

Thursday, April 16, 2009

how easy . . .

i can fall in love into someone..and forget that someone..

i met him for the first time. what a good 1st impression n then the cupid arrow striked straight to my heart.n no matter how he treated me i had always liked him. only when i heard the news he'd married. i surrendered and learn to forget him. yes. he's totally out.

i met him for the first time at a meeting. but i just glanced at him once. he's just so ordinary person except for he is a smart and hardworking student/employee. but few years later. we went out for a few time. n then the cupid find the way to my heart again. but this time around it hurts much more than before. maybe bcoz i started to put a little bit more than before. i still learn to forget this.

i met him for the first time and i no that there's no way i would like him. he is just totally opposite of me in everything. he's a nag. he's too skinny. he's bit rude too sometimes. but unfortunately after months. i finally gave up to his gazing eyes and gentleman gesture and his humor. i've accidentally fall for him. and i desperately trying to avoid this. and i know this wont be as easy as it seems.


recently..i noticed that i started to loss hair excessively, few pimples appeared on my face (one specifically on my mole), i'm not interested in talking (exception for mr.x) or entertaining jokes, no matter how long i slept, i still dont feel refreshed (plus sleepy, i'm getting more sensitive than ever..maybe i'm under the 'stress' spell?

Thursday, April 09, 2009

stepping stone. .

Verse 1

I remember way back way back when
I said i never wanna see your face again
Cause you were loving yes you're loving somebody else
And I knew oh yes I knew I couldn't control myself
And now they bring you back into my life again
And so I put on a face just like your friend's
But I think you know oh yes you know whats going on
Cause the feelings in me oh yes in me are burning strong


But I will never be your stepping stone
Take it all or leave me alone
I will never be your stepping stone
I'm standing upright on my own

Verse 2
You used to call me up from time to time
And it would be so hard for me not to cross the line
The words of love layed on my lips just like a curse
And i knew oh yes i knew they'd only make it worse
And now you have the nerve to play along
Just like the maestro beats in a song
You got your kicks you get your kicks from playing me
And the less you give the more i want so foolishly

But I will never be your stepping stone
Take it all or leave me alone
I will never be your stepping stone
I'm standing upright on my own...

No I will never be your stepping stone
Take it all or leave me alone
I will never be your stepping stone
I'm standing upright on my own

Never be your stepping stone
Take it all or leave me alone
I will never be your stepping stone
I'm standing upright on my own

something stupid

i think it must be me who was still day dreaming..that morning suddenly i felt like eating sumthing from i reached the cafe sumwhere at 7.20 a.m, i selambe opened the door without realising the cafe was not open for customer yet. just said ok n then buat muka bodoh n jalan g ofis..

Chocolate cake

125 gram cocoa powder + 3/4 cup of water + 3/4 cup of sugar >> masak sampai nampak berkilat

2 cube of butter
3 cup of caster sugar
8 eggs
2 tsp vanilla essence
4 cup of self raising flour


1. Whipped butter and sugar
2. Add in eggs
3. Follow by vanilla essence
4. Next add in the chocolate that had been cooked
5. Finally add in the flour..and bake in oven for around 45 minutes or until u confidence enuff that the cake is ready.

Selamat mencube. Act, this is sort of family cant disclose much! but basically, if u know all the basics of baking such as; sieving the flour / add in eggs one by one, the cake will turned out nice.

p/s: i gune oven antique..soo temperature die takleh pakai..i just agak2 dr bahang luar rasenye around 200F kot..

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Apa nak jadi ?

Apa nak jadi . . bile tiap kali aku naik bas. .

- budak2 sekolah yg berebut nak duduk bile ade kerusi kosong. Bukan nak bg kat makcik2 atau org yg lebih memerlukan

- hampir ½ drp org yg duduk dlm bas sama ada bangla/indon..padahnye orang Malaysia laa kena duk berpaut pada tiang2 bas dikala bas penuh

- hampir 2/3 drp org yg duduk adelah lelaki, bile ade org turun pun, lelaki gak laa yg berebut nak duduk..tak kisah kan kakak2 or makcik2 yg kena bawak brg berlambak (beli brg utk umah gak,)

- si tukang cek tiket dah tau bas tu penuh dgn budak2 sekolah pompuan yg berdiri, lagi nak gak cek tiket..sengaja plak tu pegi depan belakang, berhimpit2 dgn budak2 sekolah tu..melampau! cubelaa pk cara yg lg sopan.

- Si konduktor bas sibuk berborak dgn ‘abg’ die pasal die menang judi ‘magnum’, i24 (betul ke?) dan segala judi apetah lg..walhalnye org islam ..astaghfirullah..mintak di jauhkan laa