Monday, June 11, 2007

Back to work !!

Eventually, I’d just got back from a long study leave. For whom who don’t have any idea at all, I just got back from the ACCA exam. I took paper 2.2 and paper 2.3. The paper turned out to be contradicting to my prediction. In paper 2.2 (law), I was very worried as when I was about to step in into the exam hall (Sunway College), I’d just completed 1 round of reading and understanding the whole set of notes. But then upon seeing the exam question, I was very2 glad as most of the question matched with the topics that I’d spotted earlier. Unlike 2.2, I already did most of the past year paper for 2.3 (taxation), but then unexpectedly, most of the question got a twist in it (simply said: the paper was hard!!). Gosh, after the end of the exam, my whole body ache (my back, stomach, neck, head) which causing me to extend my leave to 2 more days. This morning, though I’m not so keen with the going back to office thing, but at least I felt rejuvenated and refresh after the long break. All right, have to go back to work…cau cin cau..