Friday, March 18, 2011

10 fakta menarik tentang aku dan S E O U L

Seoul at night
1 - aku n 3 rakan2 aku dah ade confirmed tiket utk ke seoul awal bulan 5 nie
2 - tiket pegi balik + makan atas flight + skybus utk ke seoul hanyalah rm800++ saja (murahkan? thanx to Air Asia!)
3 - kami tidak bercadang menggunakan khidmat agen pelancongan sepenuhnya. kononnye nak backpacking la.
4 - pulau jeju adalah antara senarai tempat yang mesti dikunjungi dlm jadual perjalanan kami
5 - kami akan berada disana selama 8hari 6mlm. lame kan? lame kan? (bos aku tension je tgk borang cuti aku, tp kalo tak bagi cuti, aku resign 24 hours. kononnye la!)
6 - kami bercadang nak tido di hotel murah saja. yang kami dah survey lebih kurang dlm RM400 sorang utk 8hari 6malam tu.
7 - kami bajet dlm 2k++ utk perbelanjaan kami disana (penginapan + jalan2)
8 - aku baru menyimpan mulai bulan ini (semoga sempat. kalo tak sempat kad ade)
9 - aku hampir2 tak dpt pegi sbb big boss tak bagi cuti. katenye takut assignment skang tak siap lagi. skali lagi aku tekan kan. aku leh je resign kalo die berdegil (bajet staff in high demand laa nie)
10 - utk merakam detik2 di seoul, aku nak beli kamera nie.. Kodak Easyshare Max , tp tatau beli akan ade kat Malaysia. kalo korang dpt sebarang berite, bgtaulaa kome ye!


yesterday, while tea break me and my colleague were having a discussion (which is more to complain session) when she told me "now i know how do you feel when you lead the audit for co. XXX". Yeah, you'll never know till you experienced it. For this case, she's referring to her 1st experience as audit team leader. later on , she was complaining to me about her audit team, how one of the staff always came in late causing delays in works, and how another staff love to banter her instructions, etc. Being a good listener, i just listened.

when she's done with her complain, i gave her 2 advice:
1. if you want to cover anybody, cover at your own risk. but bear in mind, if anything happened to the assignment, it is you that will took the blame.
2. if you did anything bad to somebody, sooner or later it shall crawling back to you. (well, i said that to her because she used to do the same things to me last time)

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

me and a plate of sinful mac and cheese

i had this at secret recipe yesterday. having dinner at sr was a last minute decision,  which was mostly influenced by my bff who is currently pregnant with her 2nd craving for SR cake.

initially i ordered the thai green curry chicken, but too bad, the white rice is out of stock(acceptable as it had past 9 pm), so i changed to mac and cheese, which i thought would be just nice for me. however, i thought wrong, it turned out to be a very sinful plate of mac and cheese. (my mum would be drooling if she knew about this as she loved SR mac and cheese and most of the time, the cheese was either just nice or sometimes not satisfactory at all) but mine, it was like eating carbonara with extra sauce. yummy for cheese lover..but not so yummy for me who had a very tiring day after finalizing an audited financial statement..nevertheless, if you happened to love cheese that much, you might find mac and cheese at SR wangsa walk worth the money to try.

p/s: after few months first entry was about food?? wth?? heheh