Thursday, December 06, 2012

Big Bad Wolf Books Sale - Preview

First of all, to those who has never heard of BBW books sale, why don't u check out its website at . As, I'm writing this just to assist you with the preparation prior, during and after the BBW books sale.

As for this year, the BBWB is held at Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre (which is connected to the Mines Shopping Mall) from 7th - 23rd December. From 7/12 - 9/12, the books sale will be opened for 63 hrs (from 6.30am on 7/12 till  9.30pm on 9/12) an opportunity not to be missed. The usual operating hours is 9am-9pm.

The parking rate is cheap. Food is abundant at the mines shopping mall. Surau is nearby too.

Done with that, now let us talk about the navigating the hall.

Once you entered the hall, what you can see and search at:

Your left side - The cashiers. The biography and memoirs. Self help books. Art and Crafts. Nat Geo Photos Coffee book. Cooking book. Reference+Dictionary+Sci Fi+Travel+Puzzles book+Sudoku (besides the stairs&escalator)

Your right side - The Fictions (best sellers, romance, thriller). Books for young adults. Books for children (activity books, storybooks). Cooking book.Malay books. Magazines+Notebooks(besides the stairs and escalator). You can also find the temporary storage services nearby the magazines area.

Ok. done with that. Next is the tips!

1. No idea on what title to look for? why not google the top 100 books in ur fave genre (thriller, romance, mystery, etc) then check out the synopsis then decide whether to add in ur list or not.
2.Still have books that yet to be touched from prior years? take pictures of it and refer to it when u're in doubt whether you had already bought the book or not! 
3.Once you are ready with the list, take a photo of the list ! in case u forget to bring ur list, at least u have a copy of the list in the phone. 
4.Now, the list is ready, find urself a trolley which is crucial to reduce the unnecessary pain while carrying and searching for the books around the hall.
5.List. Checked. Trolley. Checked. Comfy footwear. Checked. Money/Credit Card. Checked. Now u're ready to go.

1. Be patient during queuing. The wolf pack is trying their best to ensure the hall is not too crowded so that everybody have a great time hunting for the books. 
2. Once you're in, if you don't have a trolley, you may request a box from the wolf pack 
3. When hunting for books, remember this:
 - return to its place if you decide not to buy
 - don't throw books
 - dont just limit urself to the list, there's so many super cheap books, why not try to read books from diff author?
4. If u feel and think that the books is too heavy for you to carry around, leave them at the temporary storage services. They have a very simple but efficient storage system. 
5. Before checking out, check your books.
6. When you're done, while or prior queuing to make payment, make an effort to arrange the book based on price as to ease the payment process.

1. After making payment, there are few activities going on at the exit hallway. 
- top secret stash (i dunno what it is about, as i was too tired to find out)
- stamp your book with BBW book stamp. i think there are around 5 designs with 5 colors.Cool stuff!
- there are also coffee stall
- do standby extra cash to grab the exclusive BBW merchandise - buttons, tote bag, shirts
2. Keep the receipt for tax deduction! :)

That's all what i can think of now. Happy hunting all! Signing out. :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

I Dont Need a Man

Let kick start the week with sumthing catchy ..

Miss A - I Dont Need A Man

English Translation:

This is for all the independent ladies
Let’s go

I can live well without a man
So if you’re not confident, don’t come to me
I don’t sell myself easily because
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man (What?)
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man (Really?)
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man (For real?)
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man
I can live well without a man

I pay my rent with my money
I buy my own food, I buy my own clothes
It may not be enough but I know how to be satisfied
That is why I love myself (hey)

I don’t want to spend my parent’s allowance as my own
I’m too old for that
Isn’t it a given to not be burdensome to them?
That is why I am proud of myself (hey)

Boy don’t say
“I’ll take care of you, I’ll cherish you” no no
Boy don’t play
If you’re not gonna come with a serious mind

I can live well without a man
So if you’re not confident, don’t come to me
I don’t sell myself easily because
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man (What?)
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man (Really?)
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man (For real?)
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man
I can live well without a man

Being cocky won’t work with me
I don’t know about anywhere else
I may not be as well off as you but
I overflow with confidence
That’s why I love myself (hey)

I want to take care of myself
The other girls may have rich parents or a rich boyfriend
And live comfortably but I’m not interested in that
That is why I am proud of myself (hey)

Boy don’t say
“I am your future, trust and lean on me” no no
Boy don’t play
If you’re not gonna respect me

I can live well without a man
So if you’re not confident, don’t come to me
I don’t sell myself easily because
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man (What?)
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man (Really?)
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man (For real?)
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man
I can live well without a man

I wake up early every morning
And I’m busy all day
I don’t even eat a proper meal
But I do this because I like it
The money may be little but it’s from my own sweat
This isn’t a ring that a boyfriend bought me
My car, my clothes – I bought it all on my own
I bought them after putting money into savings, after giving allowance to my parents
If you trust men, what will you do when they leave you?
Are you jealous of me?
If you’re jealous, you lose

I can live well without a man
So if you’re not confident, don’t come to me
I don’t sell myself easily because
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man (What?)
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man (Really?)
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man (For real?)
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man
I can live well without a man


This is for all the independent ladies
Let’s go

Naneun namja eobsi jal sara
Geureoni jasini eobseumyeon
Nae gyeote ojireul ma
Naneun hamburo nal an para
Waenyamyeon nan
I don’t need a man
I don’t need a man (what?)
I don’t need a man
I don’t need a man (jinjja)
I don’t need a man
I don’t need a man (jeongmal)
I don’t need a man
I don’t need a man
Naneun namja eobsi jal jal sara

Nae doneuro bangse da nae
Meokgo sipeun geo sa meokgo otdo sa ipgo
Chungbunhajin anchiman manjokhal jul ara
Geuraeseo nan nareul saranghae (hey)

Bumonimui yongdon nae doncheoreom
Sseugo sipji anha naiga manha
Son beolliji annneun ge dangyeonhan geo anya
Geuraeseo nan naega tteotthteotae (hey)

Boy don’t say
Naega chaenggyeojulge naega akkyeojulge no no
Boy don’t play
Jinjihage ol ge animyeon

Jallan cheneun andwae ttan deseoneun
Tonghalji mollado neomankeum nado
Jallajin anhatjiman jasingameun neomchyeo
Geuraeseo nan nareul saranghae (hey)

Nae himeuro salge ttan aecheoreom
Bumonim jal manna namja jal manna
Pyeonhage saneun geo gwansimi eobseo
Geuraeseo nan naega tteotthteotae (hey)

Boy don’t say
Naega neoui mirae nareul mitgo gidae no no
Boy don’t play
Nareul jonjunghal ge animyeon

Maeil achim iljjik ireonaseo
Haru jongil bappaseo
Bap han kki jedaero mot meogeo
Hajiman naega johaseo han iriya
Doniya jakjiman da nae ttamiya
Namja chinguga sa jun banji aniya
Nae cha nae ot naega beoreoseo san geoya
Jeokgeum neoko bumonim yongdon
Deurigo naseo san geoya
Namja mitgo nolda
Namja tteonamyeon eotteokhal geoya
Ireon naega bureowo?
Bureoumyeon jin geoya

Friday, September 28, 2012


korang tau tak perasaan bila korang susah payah setelkan sumthing. tp bila dah setelkan n bile dah ade closure. korang tanak ade closure tu. korang rasa nyesal. korang tanak ianye berakhir. ya allah. itulah yg aku rasa sekarang. tp aku sendri yg minta dan sewajarnya aku kenalah suke sbb aku dpt ape yg aku nak. aku dh pk byk kali. tp dah tadek jalan keluar mmg dah smp epilog dan aku tak boleh lah nak biarkan drama nie berpanjangan lagi. nak tak nak aku kena bagi laluan pada 'closing credit' dan wayang melabuhkan tirai. >_<

Ultimate Competition

I wonder how do others feel when someone who is at the same age is much more than successful than you are. Yes, they deserve it because of their hard work, but I bet that you will be asking yourself why you also worked hard, but at the end you are still at that place. Eventually at age of 29 going 30 soon, I had stopped trying to figure out why and what if. I just realised (hopefully it is not too late) that pursue of money, power and love is never-ending and more is never enough. I thought that if I can’t compete on that, why not I just compete for a place in Jannah? It is not ruthless, no oppression, foc, costless and comes with unlimited goodies bag kind of competition.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

keja mcm nak mati

org kate ni cuma perumpamaan. tp kalo nak mengumpamakan situasi anda dgn phrase nie pun, silela pk 100 kali, adekah situasi anda sesuai digunakan perumpaan ini. 

Perumpamaan "keja mcm nak mati" nie,  adekah sesuai digunakan bagi pekerja yg :-
- hampir 90% hari kerjanya dlm setahun tidak perlu stayback ke lewat malam
- ade waktu kerja yang tetao
- tidak perlu dtg bekerja pada hujung minggu
- yg masih ade masa utk bertwitter, update facebook, whassap segala pada waktu ofis hour
- yg benda paling berat penah diangkat pun adalah satu rim kertas A4, itu pun bukan tiap2 hari

kalo tanye aku tentula tak sesuai. dan aku tak nafikan aku pun selalu guna terms nie walhal aku pun dua kali lima gak. agaknye, mungkin sbb aku rasa kurang ikhlas masa buat keja menyebabkan lancang je mulut aku melontarkan ayat2 macam nie kekadang. Yelah kan, bile tak IKHLAS, kite akan mula BERKIRA. bila mula BERKIRA, kita akan LUPA betapa bertuahnya kita masih ade kerja, boleh beli barang yg kita suka dan mcm2 laa lagi. yg kita INGAT nape tahun nie keja lg byk, tp appreciationnye kurang dr tahun lepas.

dan aku guarantee laa 3-4 bulan lepas kita dpt token penghargaan atas kerja kita tu, mesti kita akan kembali mengomplen dan mengira2. So, daripada kite sibuk mengira, baik belajar cara  mengikhlaskan diri masa bekerja. camne? owh, korang gaji besar, mesti buah pikiran pun besar gak kan~ ;p

p/s: ikhlas mase wat collection mase bulan nak posa n raya jek..hihihi

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Seoul Trip @ September 2012

Me n office colleague had bought tickets to Seoul this September. From 15/9 - 21/9 (just have to take 4 days leave). So, if any of you interested to join us, please buy the ticket first n maybe we could meet up n explore Seoul together! Exclusive of flight tickets n shopping, estimated budget is RM800 - RM1,000 (RM450 for accomodation + RM130 for theme park entrance fee)

Planned itineraries:

15/9 - Explore the Palace via Seoul City Bus (Changing Guard Ceremony, Wedding)
        - N Seoul Tower & Teddy Bear Museum at nite
16/9 - Hanok Village, Itaewon, Cycle at Han River, Seoul Night Tour
17/9 - Nami Island (Winter Sonata), Coffee Prince shop 
18/9 - Everland (Halloween Festival)
19/9 - Full House location, Seoul Drum Festival (TBC), Hanseong Baekje Cultural Festival
20/9 - Shopping @ Insadong, Myeondong, Dongdaemun
21/9 - Shopping @ Namdaemun

Am considering to overnight at Busan, see how first.

being jealous

found out that mr.x will be going to seoul this june. with the officemate (single female incl.). i was a bit concern till the extend i think i have to follow him. but..first shud i be concern till that extend? i dont even know who am i to him. second, i already bought a ticket to seoul this september, so do i have to spend more just for the sake of being able to tail him around the seoul? till last friday, i think i should do that. n i ought to be concern.

but, sumthing happened last week. n it is a wake up call for me.  i learned is that. if he is not for me. nothing will change that. so, no need to spend that money for sumthing trivial like this. no need!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

An Evening At KLCC

Among the photos that was displayed at the exhibition
Its weekend. Woke up at ll am, capai tuala n mandi. Kononnye nak pegi office n klcc. Sudahnye, smp klcc je. Sbbnye byk mission nak diaccomplish harinie.

1st Mission
G galeri petronas utk tgk exhibition the Star, Capturing Malaysia through the Years — 40 Years of Press Photography. Impressed with the photos! . The picture of standard one student blew a balloon in an attempt to console his friend during the first day of the schools made me smile. N a pix of a mother teaching her son at her sugarcane stalls made my heart fluttered. They even had a photo of our PM n wife sang at a charity event, where they managed to collect rm50k. My favorites the Sudanese women in bright colorful clothes, and dr.M massaging his sore foot during a function that he attended. It's free n recommended!

2nd Mission
Shopping at Watson. Today last day for the special deal where I can get juvanex for only rm99. But ended up paying only 95 for it, rm3 off for card member. What is juvanex? It is a detox drink. Why? Well, its been a while since the last time I detoxifying myself. So as the price is considerably cheap rite now, why don't I just do it now?

3rd Mission
Explore the new isetan supermarket. My oh my. So in love with the new concept. There's plenty of Japanese n desserts bar. They even have Korean dishes. Drooling. Seriously, so hard to decide which to buy; takoyaki? Udon? Salmon tuna? Curry Katsu udon? Spicy rice cake? Jap chae? ...just took overwhelming for me. Finally, i bought kimchi salad, spicy rice cake n macaroons. Now, I had more reason to stop by at klcc, besides primavera, isetan n seafood oolio..n mr.x..

내가 미쳐가 다녔다

This love story sucked big time. I can't get over him. I refused to let him go. I strained myself for getting to know the truth. Yes, truth hurts. And yes, I'm protecting myself.

I just can't imagine myself having another emotions breakdown just like what I'd experienced 8 years ago. It just too painful, whenever I thought of it.

But I realized that the best way to made my heart give up on him is only when I see him with someone else.I believed that would be the best and the only reason for me to let him go..

Saturday, February 11, 2012

perubatan dan Rasulullah

sabtu lepas, Ustaz Fauzi Mustafa bagi ceramah bersempena Maulidur Rasul. Topik yg menarik, Perubatan Dan Rasulullah. Byk info baru / lama yg dpt direfreshkan semula.antaranya:

Makanan yg harus diamalkan selalu:
1. Buah Tin
2. Buah Zaitun
3. Habbatus saudah
4. Madu lebah
5. Cuka epal

utk senarai penuh khasiat boleh klik disini 

Cara tido yang paling bagus
Tido mengiring sebelah kanan, agar jantung yg berada disebelah kiri dpt turut berehat kerana tidak perlu bekerja keras untuk mengepam darah ke seluruh organ.

Cara makan paling bagus
Kaki kiri bersila, lutut kaki kanan ditegakkan, supaya usus berlipat dan cepat rasa kenyang, jd tak makan terlalu byk.

Dan berdoa dan memohon kepada Allah. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the indecisive

rase tensi bile jadi manager nie. sbb byk betul day to day decision nak kena buat. yang paling tension masa menghadapi cabaran sebenar iaitu tatkala bile big boss tanye atau mempersoalkan keputusan yang kite buat. Tak ke stress? dahla penat pk mase nak buat decision, pastu kena plak jawab nape wat decision camtu. most of the time, org akan kata, just state la basis u buat decision tu. but, circumstances sentiasa berubah2. kekadang kite sangka bos nak macam tu, tp sebenarnya die nak yang lain. haih. nape lah bos2 nie tak boleh fix kan ape yang diorg nak sebenarnya. bila tanye ape die nak, tak reti nak cakap terus terang. pastu bila kita dah try our best, still   dissapointing for them.igt aku nie mind reader? bukan mintak spoon fed, if dah ade expectation, bgtau jela, rather than buat keja 2 kali. mudah n adil bg semua pihak.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Harini kami beraya kat one utama. As usual byk kedai tutup. Tp still ok la as the main anchor still bukak. Kami makan kat seoul garden. As today is public holiday, diorg caj xtra rm 2 per pax. My 2nd time ere, not bad la. We ate for about 2++ hrs. Almaklumlaa, the whole family ade. Then, we wathed this dragon show at the atrium. Best! Sbb ade byk small2 dragon dancing n fighting. Even lil kasih enjoyed the show very much. At the end of the show, the dragon offers the viewers mandarins thru their mouth, dunno whether there is any significance behind this gestures. Then, we all window shopped for a new handbag for my sis. But we ended up only buying tako, cheap mandarins, okonomiyaki n a bday cake. But the highlight of the day was when i bumped into old fren back at deloitte. Eventually, had been having the feelings of bumping into her since last friday, would never thought it will be true. N this was not my 1st time. So happy able to meet her again, wish could have long chat, but she's wif her family. So, off to selayang. Reached home, kasih tried out the new hoodie i bought for her, she loves it, even posed as what we had instructed. So cute! We had our dinner n they all went home. Dan secara tiba-tiba, umah kembali kepada yang asal. sunyi n sepi..

Kasih with new hoodies busy playing the tab
Berebut nak amik limau dr mulut naga..IRL ade ke org nak wat camtu?
overstuffed with seoul garden buffet..nie buktinya!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Singing in the Rain

by Jamie Cullum

I’m singing in the rain
Just singin’ in the rain
What a glorious feeling
I’m happy again
I’m laughing at clouds
So dark up above
The sun’s in my heart
And I’m ready for love
Let the stormy clouds chase
Everyone from the place

Come on with the rain
I’ve a smile on my face
I walk down the lane
With a happy refrain
Just singin’, singin’ in the rain
Dancing in the rain
I’m happy again
I’m singin’ and dancing in the rain
I’m dancing and singin’ in the rain

Monday, January 09, 2012

Jiwa kacau

org kata mimpi tu mainan tido. aku pun setuju. tp aku ade gak tgk trend mimpi vs realiti. trendnye adelah ape yg aku mimpikan mmg tak jadi realiti la. aku bersyukur sgt (sbb mimpi2 mainan tido aku mmg mimpi yg kekadang adelah mengerikan)

aku jugak perasan satu benda nie, perkara terakhir yg aku pikirkan sebelum tido berkemungkinan besar juga boleh menjadi objek utama mimpi aku.Tapikan, mimpi semalam adelah menakutkan, kerana mimpi itu berkaitan dgn Mr.X. Jadi bila aku bangun, aku terasa bergenang air mata aku. Aku jadi risau dan tiba-tiba rasa kehilangan. 

Rasa macam nak hantar je sms..luahkan apa yg sebenar-benarnya dalam hati aku. Tpkan aku mmg penakut. Akhirnya aku cuma hantar satu sms yang tak bermakna.

"Ya Allah, kau yang Maha Mengetahui lagi Maha Mengasihani, jika ada jodoh antara kami, maka bukakanlah jalan kepada kami. Jika tiada, aku redha dan aku pohon padaMu agar berilah ketenangan pada jiwa hambamu ini."

. . . .

Kenapa susah sangat aku nak lupakan dia? Kenapa aku tiba-tiba jadi sgt rindu pada dia? Aku penat lah, berperang dengan perasaan...aku sgt2 penat...

Thursday, January 05, 2012

flightless bird . . .

a romantic song. boleh buat background music for wedding video.

point to ponder - TWITTER

(baru2 nie aku dalam dilema sbb tersepit antara rakan2 yg dua2 aku cherish. tanak laa sbb twitter, friendship kami berantakkan, so sbb aku tatau nak cakap camne, aku decide nak luahkan disini saje, hopefully kalo org terbabit baca benda nie, baca dgn hati terbuka n jgn cepat melatah)

3-4 bulan lepas, mase tgh musim bonus rakan2 yg kerja disyarikat mnc nie, aku jadi emo apabila terdapat segelintir rakan2 yg tak abis2 cite pasal ape nak buat dgn bonus, komplen epf skit tak cecah RM10k laa, macam2 la. kalo seharian, aku tak kisah, tumpang happy la sbb rakan2 dpt bonus. tp kalo berhari2 cite pasal bonus je, aku pun naik angin, sbbnye aku almost everyday kena stayback, kena dgr bos jerit2 n tengking n bonus tu pun belum tentu dapat. pastu baru nak gosip2 dgn gembira bersama rakan2 di twitter utk mengilangkan rase depressed dan stressed, tgk timeline penuh dgn cite pasal bonus. camne laa aku tak rasa dunia nie tak adil bile ade org dpt bonus berpuluh ribu leh seharian dok main twitter mase ofis hour cite pasal bonus tu. maybe aku je kot yg tertekan masa tu, so aku stop twitter jap utk beberapa hari smp surut cite bonus.nak unfollow, rase cam over sgt, kawan2 kot. 

so, now, if benda seumpamanya jadi lg, aku just zip/mute kan twitter  tu buat seketika. unless kalo mmg tak dpt diubati lagi, aku unfollow jela. (tp kekadang kalo over sgt aku kekadang terikut emo). frankly speaking, mmglaa tadek documented guidelines / etiquette utk bertwitter, but i think some of this, mmg patut sentiasa diobserved:

1. kalo twit tu adalah berunsurkan gosip yg tak elok, takyahlaa sebar2kan if tak betul dh jadi fitnah
2. if you think the twitter makes u feel uneasy, sakit hati, or whatsoever, it is either u tell directly to them or u mute them or you just unfollow them. easy. (i done that last year to a fren, sbb aku rase die sgt hipokrit dan annoying)
3. u are not always right. so accept that. or else jgn laa complaint asik ilang followers.

having said that, mmg laa kite ade freedom to twit just anything, tp if we constantly twitting about the house, the pay, the sacrifices, the car bukan ke at the end tu melambangkan who we are actually; which is in this case, we are that sumbody who loves ourselves too much or we are the one who loves to brag. 

so y not everytime b4 we hit the send button, please reconsider how our twit would affect other, in positive or negative way. 

n once again, we can always unfollow a twitter, as maybe to us some of the twitter is not worth to follow anymore.

pesanan penaja >>> jgn smp sbb twitter. kite gaduh2 sesama kita. sekian. terima kasih. 


- towards a peaceful TWITTER-

1 year to 30 . .

Semalam birthday aku. the day before semalam,  boss whassap n kate die dissapointed dgn aku over sumthing yg aku kena buat utk die. itu mmg sgt 'appreciative' utk aku yg dah beberapa kali tido kat ofis siapkan assignment die. ok forget it. benda dh lepas.

Semalam birthday aku. received lots of wishes thru fb, twitter and sms. received a birthday card and birthday treat from best buddy, Sue and a birthday cake from the colleague. thanx! thanx! thanx! oh, i bumped into Mukhriz Mahathir today. itu pun leh kira hadiah bday gak kan?

Semalam birthday aku. tp hari ni cam semalam tadek pape berlaku. oh its just any other day rupenye. nothing special pun. bengang with junior yg tak dgr instruction. frust dgn bos yg  ...susah nak cakap la..

that's it. officially this year bday mmg paling tak best. nevertheless aku bersyukur aku still hidup utk merasa sendri 'kenikmatan' ni.