Friday, July 07, 2006

how long u've been waiting for the bus?

one fine evening at the bus stop sumwhere at malaysia, there was a girl who had been patiently waiting for the bus to come. And then after few hours waiting, a gentleman came and joined her at the bus stop.

"how long u've been waiting for the bus?" asked the gentleman.

"hmm..about 2 years" the girl replied.

"Wah, it so hard to get a bus here?" the guy asked again

"Actually, there's a lot of bus here, but some of the bus, going the opposite way, few broke down halfway, some dont want to go to the same destination as i do and most of it full already by the time it reach here.How about you? I've never seen you before."

"Owh, before this i've been waiting for the bus at the wrong place and facing the same problem as you. However yesterday I finally realize my mistake so here I am."

"Owh ok. Why bus? I thought national car is very cheap nowadays"

"You know what? Actually I got a car."

The girl looked very surprise.

"But i've been watching you waiting for the bus alone all this while. but today i cant resist to allow you to wait for the bus alone anymore. I dont know where is your destination.But if you let me know, for sure we can go there together. So would you like to come along?"

They looked to each other and smile.

-hakcipta terpelihara-

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