Monday, December 25, 2006

annual dinner

this was my 1st annual dinner…soo no wonder I’m sooo teruja..hahah..the dinner was held at Hilton kl wearing blouse with handbag or clutch sponsored by ms rina (arigato!) make up by my step mom..the dishes quite nice..but the performance not soo nice..a bit boring…nway..i didn’t stay back after the dinner ended..i’m tired..i’m bored and I feel he didn’t attend the dinner though I’d been constantly hinting him to go to the dinner..

to my colleagues ..sorry for going back early..the thing is..i tot u all already go back home..soo..i just waited for my brother at the lobby for more than an hour..but then when I saw the pix..rupenye sume still ade kat sane..haha..tetibe terasa..aku ni cam outsiders je..sengal sungguh..

p/s: tak berbaloi..

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