Friday, January 12, 2007

the day when i am 24..

on the day itself..i woke up at 5.30pm as usual..iron my clothes as usual..n then went to work as usual..went to port klang..have some regular lunch..really didnt fel like the day is a special day except for my hp continuosly makin noise..(sms kept comin in from frens..tq frens!)

ot until 8.30pm..reached home quite late..but then..there was when i realized that the day was my special day indeed (time for bday present!!) my mum gave me a sis gave me miniature toys with big cute mug...tq!!

nothing much special happened on my bday..n plus sumone still hasnt been back from his out station..had added significant impact to my mood for that day..nevertheless..i'm so grateful to Allah..for giving me the chance to live till today..

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