Thursday, May 17, 2007

April 2007 - overworked!!

1st week of April

After settling few of the unfinished business, I’m off to new client nearby KJ. The company was big and it’s TB too. Though it was complicated to link, my friend managed to do so after all. But then, that was where the whole nightmare started. Performing the workdone is harder than I thought it would be.

2nd week of april

The workloads weren’t the only problem that I faced. I’ve been having this fever with flu and non stop coughing since Wednesday. Despite the fact that I would really love to take MC, but upon seeing the workload, it just so impossible. So, no wonder, even on weekend, i was having this very heavy flu fever..

p/s: maybe ade buat dosa kat sesape kot?.. sooo..i'm takin this opportunity nak mintak maaf kat korang..

3rd week of april

Still trying hard to recover from this flu fever thingy. I’d also had double up the speed to finish this assignment..summore i was schocked to know that i'll be pulled out to another job by next week..this is too much!! macammane nak baik betul2 nie?

4th week of april

Assigned to other job while still struggling to complete the previous job..the client place was quite far..nearby port klang..huhuh..penat travel je..though the account is simpler, but with the fact that i'm really demotivated..nothing much i can do to speed up my works with lots of cuti n training laa..i am sooo overworked!! help me!!

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