Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lesson learnt No. 4

A lesson that I’ve should have practice long2 time ago..but due to my ‘kedegilan’..i’d just ignore it..

Eventually, last April I’d been attacked by this flu+fever virus..might be due to the aircond at the client’s place..due to tight deadline of the assignment..i didn’t have the time to go to the clinic and end up just took panadols and vitamin works..after one week..all the symptoms gone. Later, just before my study leave started (in May), the same thing striked again..but this is worse than the first I was on leave..this time around, I got the chance to go to the myself tones of ‘ubat2an’..Soon...i recovered from the flu+fever..and started to forget to finish up the antibiotics..and now…I’m beginning to receive hints from my body..that the thing will strike again…hurmmm..serves me right laa kan?? Sape suh tak abiskan ubat??

Lesson learnt: Always finished up your antibiotics..

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