Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My Best Fren Wedding Part 02

This one was the bridegroom a golf club sumwhere at bangi..what had really captured my eyes was their wedding banner having their picture from the whiteroom as photographed by the candid syndrome. Hopefully the picture of the banner is still with me..yup..once again me was the pengapit..soo again..some of my fren were teasing me on my turn to be the bride will come just a myth ok..rina and azhar and the pengapit were all in blue..and the couple looked so sweet and cute..esp when azhar with their gimmick - driving the buggy till in front of the lobby..overall..this ceremony a bit quiet (bkn tak nampak tenang), the food was delicious, and the pelamin and other decor also looked simple but nice..soon after that me, mawar n nina went back..didnt want to kaco their photography session at the golf club..for more pics pls click at the newly wed couple blog ok!

p/s: congratz to kak gna..nway rina n azhar settle alr..soon will be pejai n hainey plak..

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