Saturday, March 22, 2008


If last year, people around me busy getting married, this year, it is about babies. Recently, Husna (geng beronggeng kat utp) gave birth to a very cute baby boy, Amir Zulhayr. Though, premature birth, alhamdulillah both mother and son is well. My best friend, Rina is currently 3 months pregnant. My neighbour, Farah gave birth to a baby girl sumwhere in Jan. Mmg tahun buat anak..hehehehe..nevertheless..congratz!! and good luck !!

p/s: tgh pk nak bahasakan diri sendri nie..aunty nad ok tak? heheheh


sarahtebuan said...

Aunt N la..baru glamm~ ;)

mawar said...

what about aunty ya ;)

ella said...

makcik namo la senang.