Sunday, February 12, 2012

An Evening At KLCC

Among the photos that was displayed at the exhibition
Its weekend. Woke up at ll am, capai tuala n mandi. Kononnye nak pegi office n klcc. Sudahnye, smp klcc je. Sbbnye byk mission nak diaccomplish harinie.

1st Mission
G galeri petronas utk tgk exhibition the Star, Capturing Malaysia through the Years — 40 Years of Press Photography. Impressed with the photos! . The picture of standard one student blew a balloon in an attempt to console his friend during the first day of the schools made me smile. N a pix of a mother teaching her son at her sugarcane stalls made my heart fluttered. They even had a photo of our PM n wife sang at a charity event, where they managed to collect rm50k. My favorites the Sudanese women in bright colorful clothes, and dr.M massaging his sore foot during a function that he attended. It's free n recommended!

2nd Mission
Shopping at Watson. Today last day for the special deal where I can get juvanex for only rm99. But ended up paying only 95 for it, rm3 off for card member. What is juvanex? It is a detox drink. Why? Well, its been a while since the last time I detoxifying myself. So as the price is considerably cheap rite now, why don't I just do it now?

3rd Mission
Explore the new isetan supermarket. My oh my. So in love with the new concept. There's plenty of Japanese n desserts bar. They even have Korean dishes. Drooling. Seriously, so hard to decide which to buy; takoyaki? Udon? Salmon tuna? Curry Katsu udon? Spicy rice cake? Jap chae? ...just took overwhelming for me. Finally, i bought kimchi salad, spicy rice cake n macaroons. Now, I had more reason to stop by at klcc, besides primavera, isetan n seafood oolio..n mr.x..

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