Thursday, December 06, 2012

Big Bad Wolf Books Sale - Preview

First of all, to those who has never heard of BBW books sale, why don't u check out its website at . As, I'm writing this just to assist you with the preparation prior, during and after the BBW books sale.

As for this year, the BBWB is held at Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre (which is connected to the Mines Shopping Mall) from 7th - 23rd December. From 7/12 - 9/12, the books sale will be opened for 63 hrs (from 6.30am on 7/12 till  9.30pm on 9/12) an opportunity not to be missed. The usual operating hours is 9am-9pm.

The parking rate is cheap. Food is abundant at the mines shopping mall. Surau is nearby too.

Done with that, now let us talk about the navigating the hall.

Once you entered the hall, what you can see and search at:

Your left side - The cashiers. The biography and memoirs. Self help books. Art and Crafts. Nat Geo Photos Coffee book. Cooking book. Reference+Dictionary+Sci Fi+Travel+Puzzles book+Sudoku (besides the stairs&escalator)

Your right side - The Fictions (best sellers, romance, thriller). Books for young adults. Books for children (activity books, storybooks). Cooking book.Malay books. Magazines+Notebooks(besides the stairs and escalator). You can also find the temporary storage services nearby the magazines area.

Ok. done with that. Next is the tips!

1. No idea on what title to look for? why not google the top 100 books in ur fave genre (thriller, romance, mystery, etc) then check out the synopsis then decide whether to add in ur list or not.
2.Still have books that yet to be touched from prior years? take pictures of it and refer to it when u're in doubt whether you had already bought the book or not! 
3.Once you are ready with the list, take a photo of the list ! in case u forget to bring ur list, at least u have a copy of the list in the phone. 
4.Now, the list is ready, find urself a trolley which is crucial to reduce the unnecessary pain while carrying and searching for the books around the hall.
5.List. Checked. Trolley. Checked. Comfy footwear. Checked. Money/Credit Card. Checked. Now u're ready to go.

1. Be patient during queuing. The wolf pack is trying their best to ensure the hall is not too crowded so that everybody have a great time hunting for the books. 
2. Once you're in, if you don't have a trolley, you may request a box from the wolf pack 
3. When hunting for books, remember this:
 - return to its place if you decide not to buy
 - don't throw books
 - dont just limit urself to the list, there's so many super cheap books, why not try to read books from diff author?
4. If u feel and think that the books is too heavy for you to carry around, leave them at the temporary storage services. They have a very simple but efficient storage system. 
5. Before checking out, check your books.
6. When you're done, while or prior queuing to make payment, make an effort to arrange the book based on price as to ease the payment process.

1. After making payment, there are few activities going on at the exit hallway. 
- top secret stash (i dunno what it is about, as i was too tired to find out)
- stamp your book with BBW book stamp. i think there are around 5 designs with 5 colors.Cool stuff!
- there are also coffee stall
- do standby extra cash to grab the exclusive BBW merchandise - buttons, tote bag, shirts
2. Keep the receipt for tax deduction! :)

That's all what i can think of now. Happy hunting all! Signing out. :)

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