Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the solemnization of Liyana & Syah

eventually, my sis got married on the same day as her bro's bday! will be double celebration from next year onwards..nway..woke up damn early despite the fact that i'd only managed to sleep around 3++am..long list of chores had been awaited for me..hmmm..first clean up the bathroom..checked..2nd..clean up the living room..checked..3rd..assist yana decorating the bilik hantaran? (sireh junjung+cake+strawberry wif choc) lain2 dah siap pagi2 buta 2pm..i was damn exhausted but no way i can rest..i've to check for the catering at the mosque..the groom arrived just before the Asar..n my sis arrived after asar..well just nice timing..soon..we all alr. gathered in the mosque anxiously waiting for the akad nikah..hehe..nway..the groom managed to lafaz akad nikah after the second attempt..alhamdulillah..terbine lagi satu masjid..:P next had some makan2..her mil the family praised us for the successful of the event and at the same time they're also hoping that tomorrow event will be another successful events tgk gamba..owh..tadek gamba me n our main attention here

p/s: malam tu sibuk merebus telur utk bunga pahar plak...

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