Friday, November 28, 2008


apekah itu g900??

well it is my brand new sony hpda..haha..not really a pda..but hp wif touch screen..n new g900 is maroon..ala2 my dell notebook kaler..nway..tq to rina n azhar..sbb tanpa korang..mmg tk dptlaa aku nak beli hp nie..till today..i'd explore and tried 80% of its features and function..and the features that i love:

1. it can scan a business you took a picture via the card scanner function..and will scan the picture and capture all the information and save the data into ur contact list..

2. take a lot of nice picture via the 5mp camera n then automatically generate a slide presentation with ur own theme; happy/sad/energy/romantic..this feature is known as X-Pict story..the presentation was almost damn if let say u choose the romantic really turned out to be a romantic presentation (song..the transition..the flow)

3. touch screen..need to say more?? seronok nye leh touch2..miahahah

4. notes that works like post-it notes..with a touch n then u can scribble anything on it and save..dont have to bother about bringing any paper n pen anymore..

5. adobe reader..yeah..old functions..but still ok can convert everything into pdf and upload to the phone..n read it anywhere anytime i want..

6. torch? yup..internal torchlight..soo..if let say i'm late for a movie..can always go in n switch on the torch to find seats..:P

but..there's few thing that not so good about this hp:

1. internet 3g sgt makan credit..isshhh..geram tul

2. kekadang akan hang secara tibe2..might be because of the memory?

3. lack of walkman features..sbb bukan walkman series..

4. tadek photo dj?

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noorina said...

sib baik pakai prepaid..leh la ko kontrol. jgn jadi mcm aku.. surfing guna hp time kat umah mak aku.. tau2 azhar kata bill hp aku yg selalu kurang dr rm50 tetiba jadik rm200.. hamik ko!

naTea said...

pakai prepaid pun..rase sedih pun ade..tetibe je duit dh tggl skit..pastu..kena top up lagi..