Thursday, February 19, 2009

LoVe song - Simply SunDay ft Lee Soo Young

>>will upload the song later. . .

How could it be like this?
The love reflecting in the mirror.

That would be me.
Even if I try to hold it in, laughter comes out.

You don't know do you? You probably wouldn't know.
Of the person that lingers around you.

Or that they hide like a child who might get caught
and watch you for a long time.

That's right. You've come to me now, right?
This shaking, it's love right?

When the wind blows, all I can smell is your fragrance.
and I, like a fool, just stand in that place.

Lately, there's a person that lingers around me
and hides.

When I come home and think of that person
I try to hold it in but laugther comes out.

That's right. You've come to me now right?
This shaking, it's love right?

The wind blows and everything is my own scent.
I hope that you will tell me that you love me.

That's right. I've got to tell you now.
That I'm going to protect you.

That I hope that that person would
fill the place that's been empty for so long.
That you'd recognize me.

Love makes the whole world smile.

Please tell me today.

My steps that I take to go and give my love, are
entering that person's heart.

I pray that the world will be filled with our song

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