Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Muslim Travel Package to Korea

I'm looking for anybody who interested in joining the trip to korea (either in spring 2010/autumn 2010) this trip is under muslim package and will be handled by a reliable travel agent. (my sis MIL) . the range price is around rm3900 to RM4000++ (depends on the air ticket and other costs). the muslim package is a bit pricey as the halal food at korean are a bit pricey too (as there were not so many restaurant served halal food unlike China). This is 6d 4n trip. soo anybody who want to join can start ur saving from now. nway here is the highlight of the itenary:

1st day: everland theme park/yangju theme park (jewel in the palace)
2nd day: nami island/winter sonata scene/seoul
3rd day: seoul: local attractions
4th day: shopping tour
5th day: free leisure

for more can email me at


rinhanekoma said...

hi.. this tour package is for how many days?

Anonymous said...

akak saye nk pegi bln 6 ni...mase tu ape ek??summer ea???tp die tgh cari package lg sbb x byk yg kne dgn cuti die...

naTea said...

hye..hurm..bulan 6 shud be spring lagi..kalo tak silap tulip or azalea..saye dh tanye my aunt pasal departure date..nnt saye update k~

Anonymous said...

wahh..mmg bminat nak ke korea, n mmg tgh mcari2 pakej yg kn dgn masa n bajet hehehe.. so klu da bole tau departure date, n kalau bole tau details itinerary tu, bole tak emel kat saya? tqvm..emel:
- ain -

naTea said...

rinhanekoma: hye there..there's an option of 8d6n or 5d4n..

ain: ok. saye tgh tggu info. once dh dpt saye email asap

Irdha Hakim said...

saye pun tgh mencari pakej ke korea.
muslim tour.
tp possible date tu blh ke buat early june?
time cuti sek?
sbb saye ni ngajar.
pakej ni nak pegi in group ke independent traveller?

pls emel sy if dah dpt info.

thanx in advance

Anonymous said...

already hav ticket 2 korea...
cn join or not?

hanys said...

hye..lau nk pegi next year plk cmne.for autumn or akn cari kami dlam 15 org.boleh x..anything,blh cntact sy by