Thursday, May 13, 2010

Korea Trip Anybody?

Akhirnya, my aunt released the departure date for the Korea Package. It will be 6d 4n trip..costing around RM3400++..

Departure Date:    16 - 21JU'
Flight info:             MH66   KUL/SEL       2330/0630
                             MH67   SEL/KUL       1100/1700

So, if any of you are really interested, please email me at for more info. My aunt is reliable travel agent. Dah banyak domestic and oversea trip yang diarrange esp Korea. So tunggu ape lagi? 


Permaisuri Mawar said...

tahun ni ke tuh? alahai too soon to save up hehehe :p

naTea said...

yup..nie utk org yg ade tanye pasal trip to korea tuh..

kite punye next year punye cite laa..:)