Friday, March 18, 2011


yesterday, while tea break me and my colleague were having a discussion (which is more to complain session) when she told me "now i know how do you feel when you lead the audit for co. XXX". Yeah, you'll never know till you experienced it. For this case, she's referring to her 1st experience as audit team leader. later on , she was complaining to me about her audit team, how one of the staff always came in late causing delays in works, and how another staff love to banter her instructions, etc. Being a good listener, i just listened.

when she's done with her complain, i gave her 2 advice:
1. if you want to cover anybody, cover at your own risk. but bear in mind, if anything happened to the assignment, it is you that will took the blame.
2. if you did anything bad to somebody, sooner or later it shall crawling back to you. (well, i said that to her because she used to do the same things to me last time)

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