Wednesday, March 09, 2011

me and a plate of sinful mac and cheese

i had this at secret recipe yesterday. having dinner at sr was a last minute decision,  which was mostly influenced by my bff who is currently pregnant with her 2nd craving for SR cake.

initially i ordered the thai green curry chicken, but too bad, the white rice is out of stock(acceptable as it had past 9 pm), so i changed to mac and cheese, which i thought would be just nice for me. however, i thought wrong, it turned out to be a very sinful plate of mac and cheese. (my mum would be drooling if she knew about this as she loved SR mac and cheese and most of the time, the cheese was either just nice or sometimes not satisfactory at all) but mine, it was like eating carbonara with extra sauce. yummy for cheese lover..but not so yummy for me who had a very tiring day after finalizing an audited financial statement..nevertheless, if you happened to love cheese that much, you might find mac and cheese at SR wangsa walk worth the money to try.

p/s: after few months first entry was about food?? wth?? heheh

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