Thursday, May 27, 2004

Totally Confused

today..woke up much more earlier than yesterday..hoping that i could reach the office earlier than's not bcoz of i need to submit things..but just wanna make sure that today is much more better than yesterday..though it is an obligation to reach the office before 9..somehow..nowadays..i hardly could fulfill this..malas?? ye jugak..hurmm..rasenye kebelakangan nie..aku byk termenung..daydreaming..dunno what's going on my mind..i wish that this internship period will end asap..rase cam nak explode..heheh..tambahan plak..i'll keep thinking about my best fren..him?? what the heck..hei nadia..wake up!! it's just a bad dream..u're supposed to forget it..ha ha i could do so..:P..nway..might be wondering..what had actually happen..well..all that i happened sooo fast..within the light speed..he likes this girl..his fren likes her besfren let his fren to have her..we get to know each other(n eventually..i fall for him)..then..after about 3 years, they had been together..they broke up..must be bcoz of she realized that she can't be with him anymore..n girl and my bestfren were going out together..thanx a lott...wonder how she can have everything that she wants..n i'm the one who had to do all the faking laugh when i heard this from him..this is sooo unfair!! hurm..but somehow..i managed to smile later..a really sincere smile..but my mind still confused..wondering..n will end up with this conclusion..though i love someone..doesn't mean..we'll be together..if we ever be together..that called 'jodoh'..:P..frankly speaking..i dunno whether am i that brave enough till i didn't drop even a tears..bcoz..i used to think that..only people who brave enough..will it took a lot of courage to express the emotions..n people who not cry..were actually trying to show that they're brave even they realize that they dun have the courage to express it..waaa..sooo called drama!!

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