Monday, July 26, 2004

Miss My Blog

hye's been long time..since my last entry..hurmm..sebulan lebihlaa tak apdet ini blog..hehe..the thing is..very2 bz..with my internship submission..preparation for going back to campus..with the slow internet and the most important thing..the classes had started!! should i begin..maybe i could go by week..hehe..sbb kalo by days..jenuhlaa..sooo many things happened.  

23rd - 27th June 2004

our supervisor..treats us a dinner at the renaissance..hurmm..mkn tak ingat dunia..n for the first time..mase pi buffet..i ate 80 percent of the food yg ade kat sane..huhu..biasanyee..makan benda yg sedap jek..n dah tak pandang makanan lain..hehe..dinner tu abis kul 10 lebih..n luckilly my father willing to send me home..(have i told u parents dah bercerai??) in the car..senyap i dun feel like to talk when my stepmum was la la..the rest of the days..tadek pape yg special happen..sume cam biasa jek..keja keja keja..  

28th June - 4th July 2004

cam biasa laa..last minute preparation utk presentation..padahnye..tido 3 jam aje..n bile nak present rase cam weng gile..cakap pun merapu2..hehe..but then..setel gak akhirnye..on 1st july..gie akauntan briefing kat menarik je..maybe i should join the akauntan programm..tgklaa camne..after the briefing..jejalan ngan the scholars n allowance dah masuk..i was like rambang mata for a while..dah lame gak tak shopping nie..but i end up buying a slipper from bata je..n perfume vial at SASA..else than that..siapkan weekly report yg dah bertunda for almost 3 months..:P

5th - 11th July 2004
abis jugak praktikal nie..but sementara nak abis tu..the whole week cam the busiest week i've ever had during the internship..dgn weekly report laa..n preparing other documents for proposal..sampai ade one day tu..balik umah kul 12.30 mlm..hurm..luckily my boss bg lepak jelaa kat umah doing nothing except watchin tv..somehow..i managed to complete another 16 weekly reports within one week..hahaha..i worked well under pressure..u should know that..:P..anyway..sempat gak gie lowyat..saje2 nak invest some money for my sweetheart a.k.a my pc..hurm..jln punye jln..abis about 500 utk beli benda2 nie:

1. Hdd WD 80G 8mb 7200rpm - 260
2. Cd-Rw - 99
3. Sony Optical Mouse - 45
4. Cd-R disk + Casing - 60
5. CSI Dark Motives - 15
6. RCT 2 - 5

abis jek shopping mende2 tu..aku direct ke umah kak dana..suppose ade girls day most of us bz..tinggal aku ngan rina je yg leh pi..sampai jek umah dana..mkn cheese cake yg sedap sambil tgk italin gile..coz..cite tu die project ke white screen yg besar..n sound effect pun best..pastu berenti kejap..mkn spageti..nasi goreng..lasagna..hehe..rajin tul mak kak dana masak..then tgk af2..still projected to the scrren..hurm..first time tgk af2 nie..sbb tadek astro kat umah..not bad laa..n actually..rase cam cair laak tgk cool n cute..hahaha..mase tgh tgk..sani n his kazen dtg..kitorg sambung mkn..sambil borak..later..berendam dlm jakuzi..pergghh..sedapnyee..almost tetidur dlm dana n her family..thanx a lot for everything..

12th - 18th July 2004
bz with preparation for going back to banyaklaa duit kuar minggu nie..n nasib baik my father nak anta..kalo tak..camnelaa agaknye..kalo ade bf..leh mintak tolong kalo tadek?? hehe..nie yg nak kena bf asap nie..:P..sempat gi ofis jap..cek jadual kelas..amik dokumen2 penting..n bid farewell to the staffs..then..gie mid valley..beli brg yg tak cukup agi..hehe n sempat beli a pair of shoes from marie claire..ermm..balik UTP on dad dtg ngan stepmom n stepsis..though i hate the fact that my father had i can't resist to say that my stepsis is so cute..n very talkative too..:) the next day..went to sure heboh with rina's family..hurm..memandamgkan i wont get the chance to be with my mum n my dad at the same time anymore..dpt hang out with my rumet's family pun comment?? bestlaa..dpt tgk catriona aka sephia dr dekat..hurmm..she's sweet..dimple die dlm sgt..nampak lawalaa when she smile..nway..what i bought for myself?? a notebook n a manicure set..then makan sup tulang yg sedap..ayah rina belanje..thanx !! mlm biasa..tgk af2..omg..ZAHID is soooo cooooll..feelin like fallin' in love with la la..he sang BEP..though ade org kate kalo Adam nyanyi..lagu tu lg sedap..but for me..i dun think he can do better than ZAHID..but i'm a lil bit frust laa..coz zarina kena kuar..tah pape yg vote mas nie..:P

19th - 25th July 2004

the first week of the my semester started on Tuesday..hehe..beside bz with arranging the class time was fully occupied with the final report..hehe..susah jugak nak wat report tipu nie..but somehow..lega rasenye..sbb berjaya gak siapkan benda tu on time..nway..for this sem..i plan to take 21 credit hours..too much huh? reason>>dah biasa amik subjek byk..:p..on the saturday..gie outing kat KC laa..borong bermcm2 jenis bantal..cushion..bolster..n once again..i bought another sandal..from padini la la..why simple but mahal arr?? ermm..ape lg yg aku beli?? two japanese series >> son in law 2003 n daughter in law..why in law?? tak sabar nak kawin kot..hehe..:P..n the night..tgk af2..wah..jelesnye tgk misha omar pi umah ZAHID..siap tido lg atas katil tu..this week punye af tak bape best sgt..lagu sume simple2..n tak byk improvement pun..kalo ade pun zAHID jelaa..hahahaha..tak abis2 ngan zahid...

yeah..finally..dapat gak apdet ini blog..hehe..start next week..leh laa go by day balik..chowzzz


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