Monday, August 15, 2005

Weeks of Unemployment Episode I

Week 1
The first thing that I did when I had safely arrived at my home was to unpack my cd games and others pc stuff. Barang2 lain?? Till today..still in the boxes, plastic, n bags. Hurm..the rest of the week..heh..playing pc games n watching NUMB3RS..

Week 2
Went to UTP to submit the hardbound, and also to complete the clearance form. Somehow, my SV was not in her room..aiseh..i shud have called her first before coming to utp..n now..i could not submit the claim form as I dun have a copy of thesis that had been certified by her..nway..penat gile..pagi kat selayang..tghari kat tronoh..mlm plak dah ade kat selayang balik..(I shud asked mawar to treat me a meal..hahah..penat seh layan sv kesayangan ko tu) malay novels that I had read this week : 3

Week 3
Mum went to Kulim for a week. I took over all the care of sick sister, Liyana (out of nowhere..suddenly..she got allergies for eating seafood)..whoaa..susah tul nak jaga adik2 yg dah besar..but I managed to do it (mane taknya..dpt upah sandal CR yg aku dah lame aku aim + a very cute Sachs floral handbag..:)..n then, been busy helping my sis preparing for her admission to Uitm..alhamdullilah..die dpt offer to pursue her degree in accounting..a lil bit jealous because she can do whatever she wanted to do..but me?? So called anak sulung….

p/s: indahnya hidup..bile dpt tajaan 2400 utk meneruskan tempoh pengangguran aku..

Week 4
I hate this week..i could not sleep well, think well, eat well and do things well.. takanlaa setiap tahun pun benda nie jadi?? Wake up laaa nadia..die dah dpt org yg die gile2kan on earth he will ever think about u again?? Sumhow rite on 00:00 am..i still SMSed him.. “happy bday..bla bla bla..” am I crazy or what?? U know what..he replied the message.. “ tq tq tq..anyway sape nie?” . . . . .

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