Friday, September 15, 2006

korean drama series 04

My giRL - currently is aired at 8tv..the storyline lebih kurang the kim sam soon and full house..the hero hiring the heroin to be his order to fulfill his granpa's wish of seeing his grandchild..itu je leh cakap..if i continue with the rest..soo it would be a spoiler rite? overall..4 out of 5 star..lee da hae (green rose & sweet 18) looks very cute eventhough sumtimes her acting wasnt real enough in sum of the scene..the hero? hahah..agak sgt hensem gak laaa..:p try to check it out at 8tv 8.30 pm..

p/s: i'd already watched the whole series..can promise u the ending is quite good laaa..n now cant wait for Princess Hours to be aired at 8tv!

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