Monday, September 18, 2006

membeli belah di hujung minggu ~

damn tired this morning..mane taknye..last class from 9.30 am till 4.30 pm..n then from the tuition place..straight away to got a warehouse clearance sale there..only for sogocard holder jek..bought one blouse+pants+shirt+baju kurung at rm120..tapau nandos for org kecik tp makan byk kat umah was usual..n upon reached home..gile penat..makan a bit n then sleep..

pastu yesterday..went out to meet my dad+auntie(stepmom)+n adik2 tiri..from maju junction..naik monorel to bukit bintang..n sambung shopping sane..had lunch at destination..ampang point..sambung shopping lg kat situ..before we went to KLCC (fuhh...our last destination)shopping skit2 n had dinner at a& mum as usual marah2 bile kitorg sampai umah..not her fault then..but still terasa the end of the day..i got for myself > a pearl necklace+two handbags+a shoe for office+a sandal for jalan2+a blouse + jlo glow lotion..:)

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