Friday, September 22, 2006

lesson learnt..

what a bad day I had yesterday..sampai balik umah..i was too tired to watch my fave show "Las Vegas" and slept very early that day..let summarized what i've been through yesterday:

1. Witnessed to a ragut-tak-jadi scene..the main reason why the thief managed to snatch the notebook was lack of awareness..
Lesson learnt: Ladies n gentleman..before heading to ur car or motors..or wherever you want to go..always look around and be concious..once you reach ur destination, ie; car, straight away get into the car and lock the door.Once again..never ever leave your notebook or electronic device unattended.

2. Waited for the 21C bus for almost 1and1/2hrs (tp bile dah sampai tak naik pun sbb penuh..ended up naik feeder bus yg dah dtg 3 kali)
Lesson learnt: next time..when the feeder bus come just get on the bus..

3. Talked to a stranger (who try to flirt with u)who looks like a malay but sounded like non local(nie kes dah bosan tggu dlm bas sbb jam)
Lesson learnt: bile org tanye sepatah ..jawab sepatah je..jgn nak memanjang2kan plak..

4. In the lrt, saw ppl wearing exactly the same blouse as i am..
Lesson learnt: Always bring a cardigan or jacket or sweater..very useful bile jd that boleh pakai straight away..n nobody will realize it..

5. Break fast in the bus..
Lesson learnt: ganti posa awal2..

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rina said...

No5. Ganti puasa awal2.
Sangat betul, or at least start ganti puasa 2 months b4 ramadan (bulan rejab n syaaban). then u'll not be so stressed bout it.
yehaaa, for this round of puasa aku kena ganti 5 days only..sonoknye :P