Thursday, November 16, 2006

the day when i became an org kaya sementara..

I woke up a bit late today (though i aware that today i would have to go back to the office..sigh~) A bit rushing as I’d to iron my clothes n tudung..packed up my laptop..n I’d cut down my time in the shower to 20 minutes(wondering how long it would take for me to get my shower?) sumhow, i'm still late..had a fight with my lil bro who commenting me for being so slow to get ready for work..hello my lil bro..please think carefully before u want to say sumthing bad to me..esp..when i'm in the mood $$ for you this week..i'm not that desperate either to ask you to send me to the bus stop (sesi meluahkan perasaan)

n as i'm already late..i think it should be ok if i just took a cab from my home to the office..yeah..i really need to pamper myself after I’d stressed myself badly last week..lucky there's no jam n i managed to reach office by 7.10 a.m but i've to fork out almost rm15..hahah..

as the day passed by..we had our lunch at this nasi 'ayam kampung' restaurant..nyum2..the fried 'ayam kampung' taste veryyy nice...n the price is also nice..mine is about rm6..from the client..went back to home with one of my officemate..dunno why suddenly the silent treatment started again..maybe he thinks that i'm a bored person..which means there is no interesting topic that we can chit chat on..or maybe he's too tired to talk..or maybe he try to figure out why the fed highway always jam..or maybe he was mad at me bcoz of sumthing that i've said? maybe this..maybe the time i reached the lrt cempaka station..i felt very tired already..tired becoz i'm trying so hard to figure out how could i overcome this silent treatment..

n as usual i failed to close the door properly again n this make him frown..but today i dont give a damn..i'm sooo tired..the train to sentul had just left me..have to wait for another 10 minutes..when i reached ttwangsa the bus also had left wait for another means another 15-20 minutes to be wasted..not today..i'm not in the mood to wait..soo..i took cab..pampering myself again..but this time it cost me rm10..soo..the immaterial..i'd safely reached home..n spent rm25 just for transport today (that is where org kaya sementara took place)..with that..good nite..

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