Wednesday, November 15, 2006


as i've been stuck in the silent treatment today (again?? Sounds like it had becoming a routine to us now)..i had spent the time by doing some mind talking..i’ve been probing my brain..thinking what i've done wrong till i've to live with this silent treatment (though I hate crowd..but I cant tolerate the sound of quietness) soo..slowly i rewind..was it happened when one day, i decided to change my career path..from tech girl to the acct savvy..but then..i rewind to 2001..when i decided to change my course from chemical eng. to Information system..still a not a wise decision that i've made..i'm not satisfied..rewind to 2000..if only my mum allowed me to further my study to aussies..but still..if only i became the top scorer in the spm then i could have more choices..all of this are regrettable..but then i opt not to regret what i've done or without challenge would be very boring..n without having going thru all of that..i would not got the chance to meet so many great ppl around me..soo..thats how i end up my mind talking..when i'm about to start a new ‘hot’ topic for my mind talking..i heard sumone asking me sumthin 'lagu sape nie?' n the silent treatment had stop for the day..n it will be regrettable if it happens again tmr..

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Anonymous said...

things happened got some reason for it, so dont worry be happy