Saturday, November 11, 2006

puasa yg diuji

that morning..after the azan subuh..i woke up n all of sudden i'm having this feeling to fast for the day..though i did realize that the last thing i drank was just plain water n it was 8 hrs ago, still i decided to proceed..however..sumhow..for not being able to break the fast when the time had was really what my bestfren had told me.."tak lengkap ibadah puasa..bile tak berbuke pada waktunye"..sumthing happened when it was almost the time for me to break the fast..but to cut it short..bcoz of that irresponsible decision..i who had stop taking my gastrik medication for quite sumtime..that night..after reaching home at almost 9.15pm..i ate a bowl of vegetable soup and took my mum's aspirin n sleep (I should have guess that the gastric missed me too)..just a reminder to me>>maybe in case..i should stock up my gastrik medication guys or gals out there might think that it is so childish of me to complain about this in the's up to u..but for my side..i am feeling much more better now~

p/s: backdated entry nih

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