Thursday, February 01, 2007

extra bzzz...ep.02

still struggling to wrap up last week job..n now..starting a new assignment at KLCC! ..finally I can breathe though the job was bit rushing too..but then..what to do..peak period..all staff had to be fully utilized! working at klcc had gave me short break from waking up too early in the morning..n cut short my travel from home to client and vice versa..

the client..was very nice and cooperative..but forex..duh..(nadia: you have to master this asap..)..supposed to finish within two weeks..but then i was pulled out for another job..sooo finish other job within 4 days..n have i mentioned that..i'd just realized that my classes started already?

And bcoz of the job was having 4 days only to the end..i'd to sacrifice my i admit that being a part timer is damn hard..sooo..i'm giving my two thumbs up to those part timer who manage to get prize winner for last seating..

oh..nway..still cant finish the job..taking some first time being person in charged(never knew that there a hell of documentation need to be done)..which i think would be my last time to be person in charged too..:p

p/s: klcc..tunggu daku..tggl 2 tahun je lagi..

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