Friday, February 16, 2007

Long Holiday and Long Plan..

Insya allah...if Allah permits..finally i could breathe..taking break from this non stop audit assignment..and also break from seeing someone..hurm..i've been constantly hinting my superior to let us enjoy this cny holiday..of is almost end of February ..but till today I have yet spend my January pay (jgn jeles k..;p)what to do..i've been working extra hours almost everyday (incl.public hol+weekends)since 1st feb..soo..whenever i got free time i used it wisely by sleeping all day.... planning to do soo many things this holiday...

1. Watch movie - puaka tebing biru..want to watch mr fahrin in action~

2. Karaoke at Red Box - sunday morning till noon

3. Wash n cut my hair - still looking for a new hair style..

4. Shopping for office attire - aiming for 2 blouse+1 black jacket+1 pants+1 baju kurung

5. Sleep - ganti tido~ about u all?

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