Sunday, September 09, 2007

all about cats and kittens..

till yesterday..we already have 5 kittens (tom + 4 xde name) + 5 cats(polo+sporty+gucci+fiona+shine)..and today..fiona who had just recently gave birth to 5 very adorable kittens and leave it at our neighbour's place finally brought back her lil one to our home..eventually..we were thinking off to give all the lil one to our neighbour..but unable to do so as the kittens are soooo mum suggested just let the kittens grow at our home while all of us trying our best to provide food and shelter for the cats and kittens..hehe..soo..wish us luck k!!

p/s: cute tak our lil tom ?


ella said...

comel nyer!!! miauuww~

noorina said...

datang dah peminat kucing lg sorang *sweat*