Tuesday, September 11, 2007

hepi belated bday..

- me and mawar @ cameron highland 2004 -

a quite backdated entry..but hoping it wasnt too late..to mawar malissa..hepi belated bday..semoga dipanjangkan umur+dimurahkan rezeki+dpt berjumpe ngan ur mr.right+succed in ur career..nway..jgn marah aaa..i'd purposedly gune this picture..though a bit lame..but it did reminded us of our feel good time when at UTP..


Permaisuri Mawar said...

heheh thanks! i'm flattered =) guess the camera didnt love me..tak cun pon hahaha ke ya dah meng super impose kan :p

namo said...

haha..nie aku post seadanya..gune camera 2mp jek..i thought quite ok..just baju je tak cukup fancy..heheh