Saturday, September 01, 2007

so loong..goodbye....

so..last week was the final week i'm at the firm..despite of getting bored with ppl asking me when is my last was quite relaxing week at the client's place..with nothing much to do..unless when the phone started to ring which most of the time when it was almost time to go conjuction with my (and other staff) resignation, the staff had generously held a small farewell gathering at the restoran nelayan titiwangsa..eventually it was my 2nd trip there..the first one was during the last year ALUMNI last year i was having tough time to adapt with the steambot soup, but this time around..the soup tasted much more better than the last trip..soo..really enjoyed myself that sekalung terime kasih kepada rakan2 sekalian..:)
the night before the 50th Independence Day..attended another very small farewell one utama..sang some oldies song at the karaoke..and having a feast with another dinner buffet..though the charges was doesnt really matters as all of us really enjoyed ourself that nite..
p/s: gonna miss u all..

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