Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 vs 2008

Last year, had been a great year for me. My bestfriend, Rina, finally tied the knot with Azhar. Few of my friends also had getting married. Those who had already married, get their first or second child. My mum got promotion. My sister had completed her degree in accountancy. My youngest sister had finished her school. My only brother had come into his own sense by getting himself a job. Me? Finally, I’d got the gut to resign from the company. That was a few of good things that had happened last year.

This 2008, I believed that more good things will be happening. My sister’s convocation which will be somewhere in April. Then followed by her engagement in August, and insya allah the wedding will be in December. As the STPM result will be released soon, I’m also expecting that my youngest sister will be in the University soon. Currently, I’m still looking for suitable job position, as I’m planning to work there for a long time. Now, is the time to get serious with my life! Planning to buy a car. And hopefully I can complete all Part 2 ACCA paper by the end of this year. God’s willing, if I get promotion or huge salary increment, I’m considering of buying a house.

My mother and I also are planning of having our annual trip to Langkawi or Bandung (depending on the budget). I’m also hoping for more reunion or gathering with ex-semestarian + ex-qepohian + ex-shadapian + ex-utpian. Anyway, all had been planned and with God’s willing, I hope everything can be realized this year. Amin~