Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Me, Exam & Fever

First of all, this was not an excuse but in fact two days before I sat for the exam, I had fall sick (fever+sore throat+flu) one of the reasons might be due to the late night stay up for last time review of notes in an air con room. So, on the day itself, I wasn’t really fully recovered (maybe because of the stress) and started to have the headaches. I’m sweating throughout the exam; those Acti fast panadol didn’t help at all and I can hardly focus on answering the question. Feels like everything I learnt had gone with the wind just like that. But one of my important exam tips was, though I didn’t have any idea at all, I must at least attempt the question with any possible answers (so despite of being blank, I did managed to answer all the questions, though it was a total crap!), as we never know when the crap is actually the answers the we had been looking for. Exam had ended but now I’m having this guilty feeling (towards my lecturer, Mrs Lydia) as I’d this instinct that I’d failed this paper (anyway, passing the paper with marginal marks; 55-50 marks is same as I had just failed the paper) Thus, Mrs. Lydia, I’m so sorry for disappointing you. It was not your fault as you had been a great lecturer, but it just happened that I fall sick and I’m all to be blamed for not taking care of my health before going for the exam. Somehow, the harm had been done, just wait for the results to come out.

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Permaisuri Mawar said...

takpelah ya..ada la hikmah nyer tu kot...mana tau, kot2 you might just pass with flying colors :)