Sunday, January 06, 2008

BirthDay AlerT

4th January had been the most important date in my life. It is my birthday! This time around I didn’t feel like to disclose how old I am today. But for those who closed to me, should have known about it. SMS and MMS messages had started pouring in soon after 00.01 am of 4th January 2008 (thanks to all my dear friends!) This year, my birthday falls on Friday, thus I’m hoping this year I’ll get more “keberkatan” from Him. In fact, during the evening, it had been raining heavily as ever (a sign of more keberkatan, maybe)

Presents time! My ‘mak’ bought a blouse (that I’d been aiming but couldn’t afford to buy as it was over rm100); Ana gave me a Crabtree & Evelyn body and hand set. Alia gave me a 4 in 1 teddy bear (you can sit on it or make a pillow of it or hug it or scare the cat using it) I named it “Chocolate” (taken from my favorite anime character in ‘Sugar2 Rune’) (but please pronounced it as cokeli) Dear mum and sis, terime kasih daun keladi, tahun depan bagi lg k!

On Sat, I with two married couples (Azhar+Rina and Miru+Ella) had another birthday celebration at the Red Box Karaoke. Initially, Mawar had agreed to join us, but last minute she had to cancel as suddenly she falls sick (get well soon, mate!) so I tried my luck in persuading Mr. X to join us. But as usual he’s the family first type (got a kenduri to attend), thus he had to say no to me. Nah, never mind, with or without him, the karaoke session was great! Just imagine how many songs we had sang throughout the 2 hours and 45 minutes session (please incl. Spice Girls + Kuch2 Hota Hai + Dangdut + Joget and of course our must sing song ‘Cinta’)

Soon after the karaoke+luncheon session, it’s window shopping (for me for who is penniless) and shopping (for Rina and Ella) time. This birthday outing was then ended by having tea session at Secret Recipe (thanks gals and guys for the cake)

Well, the celebration had ended, but the problem with getting one year older had just begun. Most of my cousins and even my sister are busy of getting married. And my mum had been constantly reminded me that my age (specifically this year age!) is perfect for getting married. I’m getting serabut now. There were times that I think I’m ready for all of this. But most of the time, I don’t think now is the right time. As I don’t want to marry someone for the sake of getting married before people started gossiping me around and for the fact that I’ve yet found my Mr. Right.

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Permaisuri Mawar said...

sorry dearie but demam is something I least expect...especially on your BIG day =) nhow, wishing you another great year to cherish!

p:s tgh demam jugak harini, jinx kot..demam musim perayaan...